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Le Vestiaire Des Parfums

Le vestiaire
des parfums

Embody haute couture in fragrances for everyone, inspired by iconic pieces and materials from the Yves Saint Laurent runway.

le vestiaire des parfums


Inheriting Yves Saint Laurent’s creative spirit, Le Vestiaire Des Parfums is a collection of high-end bold signature fragrances. Each inspired by one of the house’s iconic pieces, materials or addresses, turning the most precious ingredients into a sophisticated trail.

L e   V e s t i a i r e   d e s   P a r f u m s


Le Vestiaire des Parfums is a tribute Yves Saint Laurent style. Tuxedo, Trench, Lavalliere, Cuir — each unisex fragrance interpreting a centerpiece of the emblematic Yves Saint Laurent wardrobe.
A unique and luxurious olfactory wardrobe that lends its power to express identity and uniqueness. Where the quintessence of style becomes fragrance and a lasting sillage reveals a timeless attitude.

C  O  L  O  R  F  U  L     F  L  O  R  A  L  S

R  A  D  I  A  N  T     F  L  O  R  A  L  S

S  P  I  C  Y    S  E  N  S  U  A  L  S

W  A  R  M     S  E  N  S  U  A  L  S

L e   V e s t i a i r e   d e s   P a r f u m s


The Collection Rêvée summons up the imaginary journey and escaping inspirations of Monsieur Saint Laurent : the legacy of rare alchemies and influences woven together in the four corners of the orient. Embroidered arabesques and velvety suedes falling softly onto the skin evoke the couturier’s imaginative world and create sophisticated, highly contemporary sillages.

L e   V e s t i a i r e   d e s   P a r f u m s


The olfactory celebration of the iconic addresses that forever marked the history of Yves Saint Laurent couture, Le Vestiaire Des Parfums introduces Edition Couture. Highly singular scents that transcend genders and times. Deep and complex woody notes for the highest couture sillage.