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YSL Environmental Engagements

For several years we have been developing products in a way that limits their impact on the environment at each stage of the lifecycle, from the design stage through to the end of the product’s life.

This means Eco-design with no compromise on YSL Beauté’s quality and luxury standards. By reducing the environmental footprint of our product formulas by sourcing more raw materials in a responsible, sustainable way that respects biodiversity, optimizing packaging and committing to zero deforestation.

"In 2020, 93% of our products are eco-conceived as a result of many years of sustainable transformation in our product development processes.
We have a tool helping us to assess the environmental and social impacts across every aspect of the product lifecycle and tracking progress on four areas of improvement: the packaging, the footprint of the formula, the sourcing of the ingredients and the social benefit of the product."

Caroline Nègre,

Scientific Director.

We have been awarded the butterfly mark, powered by Positive Luxury , in recognition for our commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

lip applicators



Eco-design product

We reduce the environmental footprint of our product by creating eco-design packaging.
Black Opium Eau de Parfum Spray

From manufacturing to transport

We aim to continuously reduce our environmental footprint as we make our use of energy more efficient.

A full sustainable customer experience

Witness our eco-movement inside our redesigned environmentally friendly stores.



White outline illustration of a flower within a tent as a symbol for Ourika Community Gardens

Ourika gardens

Harvesting natural wonders collectively while supporting the local communities of women for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Inside our products

Ensuring your safety as our absolute priority.

Environmental engagements

Reducing our environmental footprint day by day.


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