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Cant find

Sep 8, 2017

Hi. I was always using ysl rough volupte 1 nude beige. But now I cant find anywhere. Sephora seller said they changed the color name. Can you please help about it?

The best nude for deeper complexions!

Oct 15, 2017

I first fell in love with this product from a Sephora purchase years ago. I paired it with Gloss Volupte in Nude Carat. This is my go to nude. It’s not at all ashy on my deep skin tone. Not too long lasting but I don’t mind reapplying. Please don’t discontinue Rouge Volupte Shine in shade 11, Beige Instinct!

My new obsession!

Mar 6, 2017

I am obsessed with this lipstick! It keeps my dry lips soft and smooth all day!!! I've been looking for the right one and I am glad I found this lipstick!!!

Great product; horrible online color depiction

May 30, 2017

Love the texture, but the color in person is not even close to the color online. I had to double check the name of the shade, as I assumed the wrong one was sent. I will give it another try with a different shade. For reference, I purchased "Nude Indeed". It is such a light shade, that I looked like I had zero pigment on my lips. Online, it is depicted as a darker nude/natural color. Not even close. Gave it four stars, though, because it felt very nice the one time I tried it.

High quality product like no other cosmetics

Aug 29, 2016

Glides on, nice sheen, excellent flavor and great staying power on the lips. Love all YSL products.

My new favorite lipstick

Mar 18, 2017

I had gotten a sample of this from Sephora and after 3 days of scraping for more, I knew I had to have it. Ended up buying it on the YSL site because of the free engraving. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Soft subtle color with lots of shine. Smells yummy too!

The only lipstick I will be purchasing and wearing

Aug 30, 2016

The only lipstick I will be purchasing and wearing from now on! Why you ask? Because not only are they creamy and gorgeous they also contain SPF 15 to protect my lips from sunburn. In my case, sunburn triggers blisters on my lips and so I am doubly careful about protecting my lips. I only wish that all of their lip products contained SPF 15; I would purchase even more from yves St. Laurent !

One of my favorites

Apr 10, 2017

Goes smoothly and colorful, love the texture and smell as well. Highly recommonded!

Is fantastic no perfum, easy to use

Sep 5, 2016

I both it 1 month ago, I would like to buy a nude color

Favorite everyday gloss

Feb 4, 2017

This is by far my favorite lipstick. Has the perfect amount of moisture, shine, and color. I'm obsessed!

In-love with my Initials engraving.

Aug 9, 2016

With the formulation of the lipstick itself I'm already hands-down, but adding my initial to the packaging/lipstick tube is amaaaziiing!!! I am so happy and will purchase again soon.

Never thought I would like a lipstick this much.

Feb 18, 2017

My daughter bought this lipstick for me for my birthday. I loved the wonderful feel and the color was just right. A light once-over on my lips and I could feel the moisture for a long time. When I ran out, I casually looked this lipstick up on line and my jaw dropped st the price. I gave it a few days to think about spending so much for a lipstick, and in the end I admitted to myself that this high-end lipstick was definitely worth it. It is the best lipstick I have ever worn.

Good lips

Oct 22, 2016

I brought this lipstick and the color No.5 is perfect. It's smells really good, Smooth and easy coloring. I really like that!

The ONLY lipstick I will ever buy again

Jul 30, 2017

I am VERY fair skinned, with dark eyes, dark brows, and hair that is at once blonde, brunette, and copper. It is exceedingly difficult for me to find lipstick that works for me- I am always relegated to shades that just match my lip color and for years I have searched for the right bright color to add to my wardrobe. I don't know why, but each of these shades works for me. They feel wonderful on the lips and add a perfect amount of shine, vibrance, and life to complete your look. Thank you YSL!!


Jan 16, 2017

I seriously love all of YSL's lipsticks, and own 34 in total. My favorite of their collections would definitely be the Rouge Volupté Shine Oil in Stick line, and I own 10 out of the 12 shades available (No. 41, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 51, & 52).

Firstly, the packaging. All 3 of the YSL Rouge Volupté lipstick collections are hands down the most beautiful lipstick bullets available. The ring in the middle showing the shade cloaked in the YSL logo is the perfect amount of luxury. Not over-the-top to the point of looking gaudy, but enough to hint at the quality product within.

Application feels incredible, all the oil in the product ensures that it goes on your lips without any dragging, and you can actually feel it immeadiately begin to nourish dry lips. The color is incredible, both incrediblely sheer and bright. One layer creates a tint that still manages to remain true to the lipstick shade with intensity intact. Applying more layers simply creates a more opaque version, yet it still remains bright and luminous.

If you've never purchased from this line before and are nervous about venturing into what can feel like a very bright and colorful world at first, No. 44 or No. 47 are fantastic nude shades that I feel will compliment almost every complexion. No. 41 is a glorious coral shade, No. 43 is such a unique smokey-rosey coral tinged shade, like a daytime red. No. 45 is a fantastic Red that works for both summer and winter, No. 46 is a unique shade of true poppy that I think will look good on everyone. No. 48 is this beautiful berry shade that is great for winter and spring, No. 49 is a burst of vibrant exotic Pink that instantly makes you feel like you've gained a tan, No. 51 is a gentle true pink shade, and No. 52 is a deeper, fuller true pink.

I love the collection so much! I can promise this is one purchase you will never regret!

A New Concept in Lipsticks

Aug 28, 2016

I love it! From the first day of using it, my lips have been softer, fuller, and more moisturized. I love the lovely natural shades and the shine that stays. When I am out and need a quick perk up, I dab a small amount of that pretty color onto my cheeks, touch it in for a natural fresh look.

Dose not last

Mar 2, 2017

Did not get my name monogrammed as requested, and since it wont last on my lips , I guess it doesnt matter.

Poor Quality of Engraving

Aug 10, 2016

I placed two orders recently, both are lipsticks with complimentary engraving. However, when I received the package, I found out the engraving quality of two lipsticks are totally different, one is good, the other is very poor. I attached the picture here for the poor one They were supposed to be gifts to my friends, but obviously I can't give to out any more. Despite the engraving, the lipstick itself is good

Great Color

Oct 26, 2016

Very beautiful color for daily use or dating. The color stay longtime

Weekender #49

Apr 5, 2016

This YSL lipstick is absolute perfection ! The lipstick container speaks elegance. The color is so beautiful. As I applied the lipstick it felt so luxurious. It has the perfect amount of shine with continously hydration . After wearing it the color still saturated my lips.
Its well worth the money spent and there isn't any high end department store that could ever compare.
Thank you YSL. You certainly know how to make every woman feel beautiful !