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One of the best Perfumes

Aug 6, 2016

This perfume shows although Kouros is a solid piece of rock, it is possible to extract a different accent from that enormous animality.
Body Kouros smells saline and sharp resinous like salty licorice and eucalyptus syrup on hot stove of sauna. It's not a hot perfume nor a summery cologne. It is fresh but so smoldering fresh. Clary sage is responsible for damp and faint sweaty body smell of an brunet athlete. This vibe gives the combination a serious sexy and materialistic aura. By definition, a super sexy perfume. however It has lost the strong unicity of its eucalyptic swetness, the caractheristic long lastingess and its character.

sexy, sultry, woodsy

Aug 16, 2013

My husband has been wearing this for 10 years now and it is my all-time favorite. Although there are many great colognes for men on the market, they all tend to smell or have similar notes/scents, they're either very sporty/fresh or strong and overpowering - But not this one - It is unique and leaves an impression. I definitely recommend this one!

très beaux parfum

Jul 28, 2013

Le parfum BODY KOUROS est un très beaux parfum, il est sexy de coté féminin car ma copine la bien adoré sur moi.