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It is like a real boyfriend

Apr 24, 2013

You fall in love and then he goes away only to return again.. This perfume was out years ago and I fell in love. So it seems to come in and out in the YSL live up - so stock up.... It is gorgeous men have stopped me in the street to ask me what scent I am wearing.... Its light and beautiful and femnine - you smell French. ENJOY IT

Cant get enough

May 12, 2014

I so LOVE this fragrance....and so appropriate to its name...I am IN LOVE AGAIN....
My favorite fragrance!!!!

In LOVE Again

Jul 30, 2016

Very Love the smell ,I'm so happy that I got it.i will hey the next one so soon

My great purchase

Oct 12, 2016

Im fully satisfied and happy with inlove again perfume of ysl... thanks so much