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Where has this been all of my life?

Sep 15, 2013

I purchased this on Friday, today is Monday and in 3 short days I have noticed a change in the overall evenness of my skin.
The first time I put this serum on my face I could tell this was going to be a wonderful relationship, it was so refreshing and it made my skin feel so good. It left behind a smooth matte texture perfect for applying foundation and the rest of my morning routine.
You will use such a small amount, the product will last a very long time.
Overall excellent product, terrific results - I love it.

Forever Serum

Sep 12, 2013

This product really works it's truly the best yet.

YSL skintone corrector

Mar 12, 2017

I was looking forward to using this. The eye serum has been wonderful for me;
I have dark circles under my eyes and it has reduced them noticeably. The skin tone corrector serum has not had the same effect. It's a nice product, but after one month I don't notice any difference. Perhaps with younger skin...