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Looks great

Jun 20, 2017

Like it and attractive...looks natural and not day

Beautiful red

Jan 8, 2017

Very moist! And yet, great staying power I've tried many different products and that has good staying power tends to dry my lips!! And if it's moisturizing, the color doesn't stay or shows.... Now I found a perfect one! Thank you YSL!


Feb 26, 2013

all other products i have tried are promised disasters compared to this. once you try it on no other stain will do. i found most other "bite" types of any sort wear off quickly. if not the case then; the stain looks like a cheap apply of RIT dye, normally not looking anything like a beautiful woman's lips. more like something for grade school girls. no offense just some brands aren't uniform on my lips. any color transitions in my natural lip color show through like age spots. ysl gloss hides my imperfections and doesn't stick in crevices. seems to 'float' on top of my lips. too awesome.

Vinyl Cream Lip Stain

Aug 8, 2016

I have been purchasing lip stains from YSL for several years. I love the way they stay on and it is not necessary to keep reapplying. What I don't like is the way YSL keeps discontinuing the older shades. Just when I think I have found one to replace the first one I ever bought (it was discontinued) the new color purchase is also discontinued. I decided to try the Vinyl Cream Lip Stain but when I received it the color wasn't anything like what showed on my computer screen. I was expecting a deep violet fuchsia color and instead it is an orange bright red. I returned it and the lip pencil. I will continue to look for another comparable color somewhere else.


Mar 30, 2013

It actually lasts for hours and is not drying! This product is wonderful and I highly recommend it.


Dec 5, 2012

Went to Sephora and I bought #15 (Rose Vinyl) and # 13 (Rose Tempura) and I LOVE them!!
I ordered #18 (Rose Pastelle) to wear with the Holiday Arctic collection...since the golden gloss in #56 (Polar Pink) is not available.
The Rose Tempura is a deep pink/red and looks gorgeous! Kind of like the dark pink/red that the T-Mobile girl wears in the commercials.
The Rose Vinyl is a beautiful medium pink---perfect for work.
YSL is the bomb! Gorgeous brights for the lips--- very youthful looking. I'm tired of all the nude boring lip colors that make you look washed out.
I used to use nothing but YSL a very long time ago but when they started trying to compete with the other major brands in the "nude" coloring phase, they lost my attention. The colors seemed off and not right for some reason.
They've come back! Back to their original bright, beautiful colors. Thank you YSL!

Jul 4, 2012

This Lip stain gloss is fabulous! It really stays on while I drink my morning coffee. I am so happy with this I am buying more. I would like to see a nice dark brown color.

Glossy Stain

Jul 7, 2012

What a great lipstick! It provides the right amount of color I wanted and it lasts. I ordered #8 and it is perfect. I just wish I could figure out if any of the pinks are as bright as #8 is in coral.

Check color carefully -

Mar 13, 2016

This is a wonderful product that I highly recommend, with just one reservation. I ordered off the site, after carefully comparing colors. I can only wear warm-to-neutral colors, and decided that #29 (Rose Fourreau) was perfect for me. Everything about it, including the color featured box when it arrived, suggested a neutral rose, However, it turned out to be genuinely cold in reality., I gave it to my 24-year-old daughter, whom wears cold colors, and she is delighted with it - in fact, she ordered another color, and takes one of the two everywhere. The nearest YSL counter is quite a distance from me, but I won't buy another until I see it in person.

Best Ever!

Aug 23, 2012

the best that I have tried from all the prestige and premium brands. This a great multi-tasker, to build color I layer, allowing each coat to set/dry for a min. I apply up to 3 layers for a rich full effect. I have #9 a rich coral and #11 a violet/red they are both perfect for my medium/dark skin.

The Very Best!

Jun 24, 2012

Absolutely fantastic! Like all women I am constantly in search of the perfect lipstick shade- I found it, and the perfect product as well! I use Camel Croisiere, and never would have thought this was my perfect color but it is- I keep 2 at all times, one for home and one in my purse. It is not too shiny even though it says gloss. It absorbs well and looks so natural, feels good on the lips. Doesn't last all day but I really like the applicator so it is nice to re-apply. I am blond with golden/ olive skin, and can't wear any blue undertones. This has a coral/ peach/ nude look that also serves as a persimmon/ red color- perfect for everything. The color intensifies with more applications. I cannot recommend this product enough, and I hope they never stop making it!!

extremely dissapointed

Jun 22, 2012

It doesn't give coverage and if you apply 2 or more coats it becomes sticky , plain awful also on the # 8 the color changes. Is going back to the store , I bought 3 and did not like any , I am a loyal YSL fan since it came out in the market in 1976 and this is my first return. You have to go back to the drawing board.


Sep 10, 2012

Shiny, long-wearing, stays where you put it. Once you master the technique of applying it, it is better than most of the lip glosses I've tried and I've tried a lot.

New love

Aug 17, 2012

Absolutely wonderful. Went to the store to get another YSL lipstick color and my rep told me about this. Had to try it and left the store with color #18. It's a stain, so not quite the coverage you get with a lipstick, it's also shiny and gloss-like without being quite as sticky as a gloss. It looks natural and doesn't need to be re-applied after a drink or two. Love it. Colors are beautiful, I may go back and get more.

Innovative but Not Your Typical Gloss

Apr 18, 2012

The formula is very unique. It is not your typical lip gloss, its not thick. It actually dries onto the lip leaving behind a gloss-like shine and a hint of color. If you're used to a gloss or the creamyness of pur couture, you'll need to put on at least 2 coats. It takes some getting used to because it feels barely there. But it does last all day. I bought #3 which is a good sheer coral for the summer.

Horrible product

Mar 28, 2015

I received this as a gift, and its horrible. I must question why any company would choose to put a perfume in a lip colour, it makes the product smell and taste horrible!! It also means it has an weird oily finish that provides no coverage.

One word: Exceptional

Aug 18, 2013

Can I just say this product is the most amazing lip product that will probably ever come into existence! I want every color, no joke! Its creamy and stays for hours during drinking/eating. It is also highly pigmented and feels like luxury on your lips when you rub them together..

Treat yourself....you will be so happy you did

Nov 19, 2012

There is nothing like this on the market! Long wearing and hydrating - simply divine - Excited to add more to collection. Got #10 & #17 Perfect Pink and Perfect Red

stain with staying power

Sep 30, 2012

this stain can be worn any way you want- applied in layers from sheer to highly pigmented. i've bought #8 orange de china and worn one coat for a subtle look and noticed it last though morning teas and salad lunches. although the look is understated the slight shine and hint of color are exquisite. the formula is noteworthy as well as it smells and feels great. perhaps not initially, but through the wear it becomes increasingly hydrating. must try!

Doesn't settle into lines!!!

Sep 17, 2013

If you're looking for a lip gloss with fabulous colors and that doesn't travel and settle into lip lines, this is the one to buy. I've been searching for such a gloss for years. This really is an amazing product. I've purchased 4 different colors and each one is beautiful.