Drawing on its contemporary character, force and refinement at the source of the myth, the Opium bottle symbolises a journey to an imaginary world full of fantasy.

"This will be the fragrance of the Empress of China," said Monsieur Saint Laurent when the idea came to him. This oriental inspiration was notably to take shape through the Inro bottle.

The Inr?, the precious box of Far Eastern warriors, was what inspired the bottle for the extract. To evoke Chinese lacquer, the glass is tinted with frosted bistre and conceals the fragrance in the enigmatic indistinctness of its smoky wreaths. A powerful, majestic golden circle takes pride of place in the centre, an open window that transcends the invitation to a perfumed breakaway. It is emphasised by the line of a black cord that plunges into the fragrance: a precious materialisation of the link between the woman and her perfume.

A promise of escape into ecstasy and voluptuous pleasure.