David Seidner, Paris by Yves Saint Laurent, 1983 © International Center of Photography, David Seidner Archive

A passionately Yves Saint Laurent world where too much is never enough.

Paris, a song of declarations that make the head spin.
A fragrance that evokes a lover’s stroll through a city awaiting conquest. Paris, its boulevards, its avenues and streets which names evoke one of Jacques Prévert’s inventories.

Paris, the city where we chase our dreams to make them come true.
It's a pitch, a rhythm, a way of life.
It's savoring the best, and defying boredom and melancholy.

Paris, passion, Paris to the summit of desire.

Paris in letters of fire.
Cobblestones breathing everlasting love.


A bottle wrapped in gold, pink and love.

Paris, a multifaceted fragrance as rounded as the inside of a heart. The energy of all that moves. Streets. Neighborhoods. Courtyards and mazes of feelings.

Paris, like a diamond, bearer of a memory, an image.
A stopover capital, a kaleidoscopic city, a city of dreams and wanderlust.

Paris, city of all temptations, has the haunting setting of this magic sphere held in the hand like a fetish, a talisman with endless reflections.


A bouquet of open emotions by the cosmopolitan armload,

A vibrant scent embodying love, passion and freshness all at once.

Intensely Yves Saint Laurent, at once controlled and playful, generous and refined, tender and exciting, like the woman who reveals herself then takes away, sensitive, as vibrantly alive as Paris itself, for this fragrance is its essence.

Paris, the fresh surprise of a field of roses that never ends. The pleasure of roses warmed by musk and gilded with amber. A fragrance that unfolds like a silk ribbon around a neck, with the innocence of a desire that is new yet familiar.