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A Man.

He is in the light.

But it is his dark side that gives rise to confusion.
Daring all. Giving free rein to his desires.
Defying convention. Flirting with the forbidden.
Exerting charm....

Three different men; three versions of the same man. Who will you be now?

Constantly in levitation, the liberated man defies gravity - that of the world and of people alike. Never setting foot on the ground, dreaming inordinately.
His liberty does not depend on others; he is master of his own space, and he owes his success to no-one but himself.

At night, this man shows his animal side. A seducer by nature, his pursuit is subtle, unpredictable, desirable. At night, this man sets out to be devastating.

The totally masculine man. A man made up of contrasts, who can be reassuring and bold in turn. A force of immediate attraction, with one goal in mind: the expression of man's very essence.

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