The ingeniousness of the FOREVER LIGHT CREATOR Serum is that it acts on three of the skin's light sources – relief, colour and transparency – to create the purest light for all types of complexions.

Clinical results
after 4 weeks of twice-a-day application

Relief. Structural shadows fade, the skin reflects light. Pores become less visible: -5.7%*.

Substance. The substance of the dermis is reinforced, which leads to greater resilience. Improved density: +8.1%*.

After 4 weeks, the three chromatic symptoms improved.
Result: The skin is more radiant.

FOREVER LIGHT CREATOR skintone corrector serum provides exceptional results for dark spots, uniformity, translucency and radiance.

A noticeable light-generating effect

FOREVER LIGHT CREATOR literally illuminates the skin from within.

The FOREVER LIGHT CREATOR Serum delivers unprecedented results**. Immediately, the skin looks fresher (76%) and smoother (92%). After 7 days, the skin looks more transparent, the structure is firmer (75%) and shadows are less visible (68%). After 1 month, age spots and red areas seem to fade (63%). The skin looks more luminous (80%). After 2 months, the darkest spots lighten (74%), the complexion looks more uniform (92%). More than 8 out of 10 women find their skin looks more beautiful.

Luminous, flawless skin quality: sheer, smooth, consistent.

*Clinical test on 41 women (ages 42 to 65) – Clinical scoring. **Percentage of satisfied women – Multi-ethnic study – Self-assessment of 100 women phototypes I to VI.