YSL Beauty collaborated with ArtLeadHer to curate and create three exclusive pieces by artists who live by their own rules and dare to be exactly who they are.


Melissa Koby is a Tampa based digital illustrator specializing in creating illustrations that emphasize social justice, inclusion, and positivity with women.

“The idea of freedom is what made me illustrate this fiery haired woman of color, out in the desert, unencumbered by her surroundings.”


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Amani Lewis is an artist based in Baltimore, Maryland who aims to challenge perceptions and ask questions to reveal a missing element in most conversations: the people

“This was inspired by my beautiful, artistic friend, Murjoni Merriweather... Her light and ambition has always been something that has intrigued me, she symbolizes freedom.”


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Uzo Njoku's art practice is not simplified only in terms of her racial identity, but who she is, how she is perceived, and how she experiences the world.

“The Libre bottle inspired me to reference a giraffe I saw on a vogue magazine while growing up.  A giraffe symbolizes grace, peace, individuality, protection, and communication. Which a woman with a giraffe could embody beautifully.”


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Mashonda Tifrere is the founder of ArtLeadHer, a platform dedicated to celebrating women and balancing gender inequity in the art world globally.

“As a woman of color in the art space, my focus has always been to consciously make connections and establish relationships that can be used to promote the advancement of women in art. It’s an honor to collaborate with YSL on the LIBRE campaign…Freedom is truly the ultimate luxury, and these pieces exude that sentiment.”