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Yves Saint Laurent feeds his imagination with his travels and pictures of far-flung places that open up all of his creative potential.

He is a true visionary who beautifies women without ever imposing himself on them. He is attentive to every life story and reveals beauty in all its rich diversity, like a discreet ambassador of grace and sensuality.

  • 1936

    Yves Mathieu Saint Laurent is born in Oran, in Algeria, on August 1st.

  • 1957

    On November 15, Yves Mathieu Saint Laurent is named Chief Designer of the Dior House. He becomes the youngest designer in the world (21 years old).

  • 1961

    In July, Yves Saint Laurent decides to open his own Haute Couture house, in association with Mr. Pierre Bergé. Mr. Pierre Bergé had been introduced to Mr. Saint Laurent in 1958, after his first collection at Dior. The official opening of the Yves Saint Laurent house is on December 4. The atelier is located in Paris on rue Spontini. One of France's greatest painters Aldophe Mouron, called Cassandre, designs the famous interlocking YSL logo of the Couture house. On January 29th next year, Yves Saint Laurent presents his first Haute Couture collection under his own name. Life magazine calls his designs “The best suits since Chanel”.

  • 1964

    Mr. Yves Saint Laurent launches his first women's fragrance Y in January. This launch marks the first step in the diversification of the brand's activities.

  • 1965

    Mr. Yves Saint Laurent's Fall/Winter Haute Couture collection features the “Mondrian” dresses. The New York Times calls this show “The best Collection”, and the American newspaper Women's Wear Daily calls Mr. Yves Saint Laurent “the King of Paris”.

  • 1966

    The Fall/Winter Collection features Mr. Yves Saint Laurent's first Le Smoking (tuxedo pantsuit) for women. This model that Mr. Yves Saint Laurent calls “his trademark” will afterwards appear in every collection. The “nude look” and the first pantsuit (with pants and jacket) are also featured.In September, Mr. Yves Saint Laurent launches a women's ready-to-wear line, called Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. Rive Gauche means the left bank of Paris and is closely linked to the location of the first Rive Gauche shop on 21 rue de Tournon, outside the walls of fashion.

  • 1968

    The Spring/Summer collection features the first safari jacket, the jumpsuit, and the see-through blouses. On September 26, the first Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche boutique opens on Madison Avenue, in New York, far away from the luxury specialty stores and boutiques. Commenting on the event, Time magazine says: “Yves' name is magic”. (Time, September 27, 1968). In October, opening of the Parisian Faubourg Saint-Honoré boutique.

  • 1971

    The fragrance for women RIVE GAUCHE is launched: it's a state of mind, an attitude, a lifestyle. The bravado of Parisian chic! The fragrance for men POUR HOMME is launched. Mr. Saint Laurent poses nude for the famous photographer Jeanloup Sieff for the ad campaign.

  • 1976

    The “Haute Russian” Collection creates an international sensation, being featured on the front page of The New York Times as a “revolutionary” collection “that will change the course of fashion around the world” (Bernardine Morris). Commenting on his collection, Yves Saint Laurent says: “I don't know if this is my best collection. But it is my most beautiful collection”.

  • 1977

    The fragrance for women OPIUM is launched, as a window onto an imaginary world.

  • 1978

    A women's make-up line is launched with the following tag line: “Yves Saint Laurent gives a face to the woman he dresses”.

  • 1981

    The fragrance for men, KOUROS is being launched. The fragrance of triumphant masculinity, a divine, conquering fragrance.

  • 1983

    Launching of YSL PARIS, fragrance for women: Yves Saint Laurent's tribute to the city and to women in love. Yves Saint Laurent is crowned in a retrospective “Yves Saint Laurent, 25 Years of Design” at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. Curated by Diana Vreeland, the late Vogue editor in chief, it was the first time an exhibit was dedicated to a living fashion designer.

  • 1992

    Launching of TOUCHE ÉCLAT.

  • 1993

    A new fragrance for women is being launched: its name is so audacious it is banned. In 1996, it will be renamed Yvresse.

  • 1994

    Launching of FARD A LÈVRES ROUGE PUR.

  • 1995

    OPIUM POUR HOMME a fragrance for men is being launched: a window on to other places. Mystery and sensuality male style.

  • 1998

    The 40 Years of Creation of Yves Saint Laurent are celebrated with a show featuring 300 models by Mr. Yves Saint Laurent during the World Cup Soccer Championship finals at the Stade de France.

  • 2000

    Launching of MASCARA VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS. Launching of TEMPS MAJEUR skincare.

  • 2002

    Launching of M7, the new men's fragrance: the expression of a new vision of male sensuality.

  • 2004

    In March, Stefano Pilati is appointed Yves Saint Laurent Creative Director. Launching of a new women's fragrance: CINEMA, a seductive fragrance that brings out the star in every woman.

  • 2006

    L'HOMME YVES SAINT LAURENT, fragrance for men, is launched : the power of attraction of a man with a unique, sensual, magnetic style. Val Garland is appointed artistic adviser for Yves Saint Laurent makeup.

  • 2007

    The new fragrance for women, elle, is launched. Unpredictable and unique, elle is the very essence of Yves Saint Laurent femininity.

  • 2008

    On June 1st, death of Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent in Paris.