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YSL Paris Eau De Toilette Spray

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Romantic, ultra feminine, exquisitely refined, the parfum of YSL Paris… in the lighter Eau de Toilette form. In creating the original parfum, Yves Saint Laurent gave to the world the glamour and allure of the city he loved above all. A rose accord blooms at fragrance’s heart, highlighted by violet with hints of bergamot. Light powdery accents of may rose and iris meet in the middle, set free by a base of sandalwood, vetiver and vanilla. In a tempered crystal flacon.



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YSL Paris Eau De Toilette Spray
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Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Store asked: Why did you choose this?
terri w: love the smell May 27, 2015
Mickey T: I love the fragrance!! May 12, 2015
Arthur D: Mothers day May 6, 2015
lynda s: this is my signature fragrance for the last 30 years and very hard to find///when I worked could find at Nordstrom, they do not carry????? the best fragrance ever made,,do not know why all stores do not carry this,,,,always get compliments when I wear (even men)) love this,,,i do wear Tressor when I cannot find this... Apr 27, 2015
Gabriela H: Love this fragrance. Very soft and elegant. Get lots of compliments! Apr 20, 2015
OLA P: I've used Paris for years. It's no longer sold in department stores. I love the fragrance. Apr 1, 2015
Pam L: I have used this Perfume for years And every time I wear it some one compliments me on how wonderful it smells and they always ask what is the name of the perfume you wearing it is such a light clean beautiful aroma ,and where did you find it ?I always share with then the name and place I used to buy it but no one carries it any more so I found it on line .this is my first purchase on line but not the last. Mar 13, 2015
Paris G: I love it Mar 12, 2015
CaTrina N: I like it as a spring fragrance Mar 10, 2015
James Wm. T: This is her second choice Mar 9, 2015
Katherine M: It is easy for travel. Mar 2, 2015
ROSEMARIE Y: Used this fragrance for 26 years. There is nothing else like it. Feb 17, 2015
Algute V: I like this fragrance and I get compliments all the time. It must suit my body chemistry. Feb 10, 2015
hope m: Love it Jan 3, 2015
Margrit M: always use this Dec 18, 2014
Sonja S: I have used it for years. It never fails me. I always get compliments on it. It is not a flash in the pan. I wear it all the time and nothing else. It goes anywhere - even golf. Dec 17, 2014
Juliet A: This has been my favorite perfume for the past 6 years and can't go out without it. Love it, love it,love it. Dec 16, 2014
Linda V: I adore this scent...it is my signature scent for many years. Dec 14, 2014
Sue P: Habit. I've worn Paris since the 1980's and never tire of it. Dec 12, 2014
Robert G: gift for my wife Dec 10, 2014
Brandy B: A classic fragrance. Dec 8, 2014
charles p: wife perfume for Christmas Dec 6, 2014
Kenneth L. L: Because it goes soooooooooooooooooooo very well on my fiance, nuff said! Dec 5, 2014
Pamela P: "I love it. I've been wearing both the body cream and perfume for over 20 years Nov 30, 2014
Kisha M: I will always love Paris! I've worn this scent on and off for over 20 years. Nov 30, 2014
Sybil C: It's awesome used this for over 10 years Nov 20, 2014
virginia c: It is my very favorite fragrance and have enjoyed it for more than 20 years. Nov 6, 2014
Ireti O: Paris is sensual! Sensational!! Just for a lady!!! Oct 19, 2014
Cynthia S: Have worn Paris for close to 30 years. Love it! Oct 19, 2014
Marisol R: i love this perfume
i wish they could have it ibn the store like before
Oct 14, 2014
Grace L: Love he fragrance Sep 18, 2014
Mellisa M: soft light and everyone loves the smell Sep 2, 2014
julia n: I have used this item for over 20 years. The fragrance gives a very FRESH scent. Not over powering. light ...fresh and airy
so happy I could find online...not in stores I shop
Aug 30, 2014
Carol C: It has a beautiful fragrance that lasts. Jun 20, 2014
Marilyn N: I have worn this fragrance for years and it is no longer available at the department stores in our area. Jun 19, 2014
Adrienne G: This is my signature perfume - Everyone always remarks how beautiful the scent is on me. Jun 19, 2014
Tina M: Mother loves this perfume! Her lifelong favorite! May 21, 2014
Pearleen R: Favorite scent May 5, 2014
Alice A: Light and feminine. Apr 23, 2014
Kristy S: My mother's favorite perfume ever - she is 79 and always smells wonderful. Apr 1, 2014
ERICA S: My favorite perfume ever! Mar 24, 2014
Erin W: Smells wonderful Mar 11, 2014
Cherie M: My favorite scent, been using it for years, and still love it Feb 28, 2014
Katrina E: This is my favorite fragrance of all time. It is sweet, yet so soft. I first smelled this fragrance when I was stationed in Australia and I purchased it from the mall in Sydney back in 1986. I have been in love with it every since. Feb 1, 2014
Patricia P: I absolutely love this spray, I have used it for many years and keep it in my collection always! Jan 30, 2014
Cynthia L: I ordered the small size Eau De Toilette Spray to replenish my travel bag. Jan 1, 2014
Mary W: I have used this product for the last 3 years. I receive many compliments on it. I couldn't find it in stock at Macy's or Sephora, so I decided to try online ordering. Very easy, but I couldn't enter my code for my 2 free samples... Dec 27, 2013
Jonathan B: Only thing wife will use & can't find it localy Dec 10, 2013
brenda a: My sister gave me a sample of this. It was several years old but kept its scent.
I find this scent wonderful so had to look it up and buy more!
Thanks, Brenda
Dec 10, 2013
Colleen S: Mom's favorite and she has been wearing it for years. Dec 9, 2013
Lara M: Gift for my mother, it's her favorite Perfume. Dec 5, 2013
Olga M: I love Paris perfume, I have been using it for at least 35 years. It is just perfect.
I get stopped a lot by people, asking me what I am wearing. I have tried other perfumes and nothing works like Paris. I love it for ever.
Dec 4, 2013
Kevin L: This is my wife's favorite perfume. It's my favorite when she's wearing it! Dec 3, 2013
Magdalena M: my mom love this fragrance Dec 2, 2013
Gail G: Beautiful scent that mixes exquisitely with my body chemistry and always, always elicits a complement, not to strong or overwhelming...it is intimate, when you get close to me or I pass by it is a sweet lingering scent that is all mine. Nov 30, 2013
LILIAM H: One of the best Nov 29, 2013
Andrea K: I've worn this perfume for 30 years; it is my favorite and everyone around me loves it too. Nov 16, 2013
Cheryl M: I've been using it for years and the subtle scent works well with my skin and does not affect my allergies. Aug 22, 2013
Cheryl B: I have worn this for years and always receive compliments such as "What is that wonderful fragrance you are wearing?" Aug 20, 2013
Susan L: I love this fragrance and wear it every day! Jul 31, 2013
Rick M: My wife has always enjoyed this fragrance. I will continue to order it. Jul 29, 2013
Amy C: I have worn this scent daily for the last 30 years, and never tire of it - it is wonderful!! Jul 24, 2013
Pauline E: I'v e had this before and it was just wonderful on me and again, many compliments Jul 19, 2013
Mary D: I get more compliments beyond any other fragrance that I wear. However stores are no longer carrying this product in Milwaukee. Unbelievable!! Jul 18, 2013
Claudette V: YSL Paris is the only fragrance that I use and have been using for as long as I can remember. I normally order it from Macy's, but I got a much better deal with you today. Thank you. Jun 30, 2013
Robert S: same Jun 20, 2013
Cynthia B: I use this fragrance regularly and was out. Jun 9, 2013
Heinz K: My wifes favorite May 5, 2013
Kathy R: My moms favorite perfume. May 1, 2013
Laureen B: Because I love it and cannot purchase it at Macys. Apr 26, 2013
Tricia L: One of the best perfumes I have ever worn, great scent Apr 19, 2013
Noelle C: My mother wanted it as a birthday gift Mar 25, 2013
Venetia R: Beautiful Mar 23, 2013
Barbara L: Love it-for the past twenty years...have tried others-but alway come back to my Paris by YSL Mar 23, 2013
Cari D W: It is my favorite cologne. It is soft and clean fragance. I've used it for several years. Feb 25, 2013
Joseph B: Because it's the only fragrance that my wife will wear! Feb 24, 2013
Janice L: Great Product. I wish they would carry this in the Dept. Stores.
There isn't anything perfume that compares to it. Wear it and people will be stopping you and asking you, "What are you wearing"?
Feb 21, 2013
Marge B: My sister and I love this. Our birthday is coming up soon..Happy Birthday to us Feb 20, 2013
Margarita G: I have been using this for ever and won't use anything else, Love it!!! Jan 22, 2013
margarita v: I have being using this product since 1988, please never discontinue this perfume Dec 28, 2012
virginia c: Have enjoyed this fragrance for more than 40 years. Dec 3, 2012
Debbie J: favorite cologne and haven't been able to find in stores Nov 30, 2012
Lorraine F: Paris is my ultimate favorite scent - I have been wearing it for years and I always get compliments. I have not been able to find something I like better than YSL Paris! Nov 20, 2012
Kathleen V: We purchased this fragrance while in Paris. I have enjoyed it over the years and have received compliments on it. Nov 20, 2012
Marcia K: because it is my favorite fragrance and cannot purchase it locally Nov 18, 2012
Marcia K: because it is my favorite fragrance and I cannot purchase it locally Nov 18, 2012
Krystal P: Because it is my Mother's favorite perfume and she has not been able to find it in the stores for some time now so I decided to purchase it online for her as one of her Christmas gifts. Nov 16, 2012
Karen P: Have been using this scent for years. LOVE IT. Nov 10, 2012
Pauline K: I love the scent. You do not have to use much. It stays with your body all day long and into the night. I have been using Paris since I was introduced to it in the year 2000. Nov 5, 2012
Elizabeth Q: es el perfume preferido de mi madre y toda mi familia Nov 4, 2012
Roxanne K: I have been using this perfume for 23 years and I love it!!! Nov 4, 2012
Diane G: My favorite fragrance...it's getting harder to find...people always stop me and ask what fragrance I am wearing because it smells so good. Light, not too flowery, but stays with you. Oct 30, 2012
Allison B: It's a birthday present for my aunt. It's the only fragrance she wears :) Oct 24, 2012
ANNETTE T: It is a light fragrance. Not overwhelming. I get compliments from friends and strangers on the scent. It is a classic! Oct 17, 2012
Nancy S: my favorite and it stays on and on -- really works with my body chemistry-- It is an alluring and soft fragrance that I never grow tired of-- a true classic Sep 28, 2012
Brenda M: A friend wears it and I wanted to see how it smelled on me. Sep 17, 2012
Doris M: I've ONLY worn this perfume for 30 years!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and so does everyone that gets near me!
Sep 13, 2012
Carrie B: I have worn this perfume since 1986 and I can no longer find in in stores! Very Disappointing! Aug 31, 2012
Cathy S: my favorite perfume! Can't find in stores! Aug 22, 2012
sonia c: I have been using this fragrance for 20years or more. Sometimes people stop me and ask me about the fragance. They said smell fresh and it is very neat. I have been buying it for a long time and I am not going to change it It is part of my personality. Jul 31, 2012
Laima A: My mother loves this and shipping it to Lithuania Jul 18, 2012
Ruth J: i have always used it and I can't get along without it. It is good . Jul 1, 2012
Kimberly R: All time favorite perfume used in the 80's. Can't find it anymore so I took a chance online and found it! :-) Jun 27, 2012
Sue C: I have worn this cologne for about 30 years and never grow tired of its subtle fragrance. Jun 23, 2012
Gerard G: My wife loves this fragerance:) Very subtle...I also love the smell Jun 20, 2012
Fannie T: Because I like "Paris" better than any other perfume--or any other city!. Jun 5, 2012
Dianne B: Because it is MY fragrance; I left my bottle of cologne in New Orleans, and HAD to replace it! May 29, 2012
Brandon H: It's my Mom's favorite. May 23, 2012
marysol d: Because I loved and is my best Eau de Toilette, I was very sad when your company retired from the stores, and I do not understand why. I was very upset for this. Why was the reason? this is the best Eau de Toilette than I ever used. The olor I loved, please never take this fragance fron your company. Thanks to YSL. for this. May 4, 2012
marysol d: because I loved May 4, 2012
ann p: Wonderful fragrance and very difficult to find. May 3, 2012
Lillian T: The best fragrance for me Apr 27, 2012
Regina M T: I only like Paris of any kind! Apr 15, 2012
Barbara C: It's my 'signature' fragrance...for outdoors, everywhere the wind blows. Apr 13, 2012
mercedes m m: It is my favorite EDT .I wear it all year around. The best fragance in the world. Mar 24, 2012
zoila l: Ive loved this fragrance since i was 11 years old I am now 31 and its still my favorite Mar 19, 2012
Renate K: It was given to me as a gift by my husband many years ago and I have loved it ever since. I love the spicy scent of it and the scent stays all day. Mar 11, 2012
A shopper asked: Has the formula for the original Paris fragrance changed? Mar 23, 2013
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hello lovelies: Probably, I haven't smelled if Paris has changed that radically that I would stop buying it but my opium (by YSL) and clinique have already changed. Probably due to EU restrictions from IFRA on certain ingrediencts. Unfortunately this means that my favorite fragrances are no longer the same although the company does not say this and keeps the original name hoping that customers wont be able to tell. My nose definitely knows. I am off to smell Paris before I drop$90 dollars on it now that you reminded me. Feb 18, 2015
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Barbara C: I cannot say because I have no part in the manufacture of the fragrance. However, I have been using it for some years and I thought I noticed a slight difference in the last bottle I bought. Maybe because of this, I have eased off using it so regularly and have begun using Belle d'Opium and Opium , also by YSL, more often. I am sorry I cannot be more definitive with my answer. Mar 24, 2013
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Kirsten O: No it has not changed at all. It is still my signature fragrance I have worn since 1989. It is a powdery rose scent, but not heavy or overpowering. I get a compliments all the time on it!! It is the best perfume!!!!!!!!!!!! Mar 23, 2013
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Randel H: I would like to know the same thing. I am also wondering if the formula for the Paris Body Cream has changed. Thank you for asking. Mar 24, 2013
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Patricia C: I have loved this scent for twenty years. It seems to me that it is as beautiful as ever. I will buy it again. Mar 24, 2013
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sharon j: No, the formula/scent has not changed. Mar 24, 2013
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Jane W: I have not noticed a difference Mar 24, 2013
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R K S: I am not sure about your formula. There is a firm in China which sells your product at reduced prices, and I am not sure whether it is legitimately connected with you. Someone who purchases from that firm may detect a difference in the fragrance if you have not produced it..

I appreciate this fragrance (Paris) and will be calling soon to order more.

Many thanks!
Mar 24, 2013
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Adriana H asked: I get Paris Eau de toilette at the Atlanta Airport and dosent smell the same, did YSL change the formula? I was using Paris for 14 years!!!!! and the eau de toilette is not the same!!!!!!!!1 Oct 4, 2012
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Annette T: I haven't noticed a difference. It could be that the Eau de toilette that you bought at the Airport was old. I have noticed with other perfumes, etc. that that is the case. I love this scent, and if they ever changed it I would be so disappointed. It is the only scent I have worn for many years, and I get so many compliments. Oct 4, 2012
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Anita R: I have also noticed a change, I have been wearing this sent for 25 years or more using body creme and lotions and recently I am very dissappointed in body creme scent. Ii used to come in a jar with deep orange cover and thenthey started making it with a lighter pink cover, now it comes in with a gold covered jar and scent is the not the same, it is so upsetting because this has been my signature scent and I won't be using it as much. It will be very difficult for me to find a new scent I like this much. I just would love to know where I purchase can old body creme. Nov 3, 2013
Karen T: I've been wearing the body cream for years, and just opened my new jar..NOT THE SAME!!!! I'm extremely disappointed. I might add, it's very expensive, and you let customers know if you have changed the compositon. The ROSES seem to be missing! Apr 30, 2015
Diane M: I can't answer this question. I buy Paris for my sister and she has never said it didn't smell the same. If the formula has changed, I think that is a question for YSL. Oct 4, 2012
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Janice L: Yes, I agree, it's not the same as years ago. I buy the Paris perfume instead of Paris Eau De Toilette Spray. It lasts alot longer and is the real fragrance. Oct 6, 2012
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Zenobia R: I admit that the smell is just a bit different, but is still a good fragrance. Oct 9, 2012
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Rick M: Adriana H:

My wife loves YSL Paris Cologne and I buy it off the Yvess website. I cannot attest to what you brought at the airport, but I would suggest you purchase another smaller size off the website and try that. Every purchase I have made from the website, my wife has been pleased.
Rick M.
Oct 4, 2012
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A shopper asked: Is this the perfume comes on pink box with gold letters? Trying to find it for my
May 29, 2012
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Barbara C: Yes, it comes in a "deep" pink colored box that has YSL in yellow-gold lettering with PARIS in gold lined with black lettering across the YSL. 4.2 oz size. Lots of upper-end department stores carry it and you can get it on line easily. It's very nice for daytime use....actually anytime. Really nice for older women like me. Two other of YSL fragrances that I am enamored with are Belle D'Opium and Opium. Opium is especially nice for evenings. May 29, 2012
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sharon j: Unfortunately I do not still have the box -- just the bottle of toilette spray. However, if you are purchasing this item from this site, it should be what you are looking for -- it was exactly what I expected it to be. Jun 5, 2012
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Diane M: Yes, this is the one in the pink box. I've ordered it for my sister the past two Christmases. May 31, 2012
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David B: Yes ... that is one of them. This is a personal favorite of mine. May 29, 2012
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Gena K: Yes, it is - best to purchase online or maybe at Macy's May 29, 2012
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Annette T: Yes, it is a pink/salmon color with gold lettering. May 29, 2012
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A shopper asked: where is the oz located on the bottle? Mar 6, 2012
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Annette E: Dear Shopper:

I think the "oz" is located "underneath," or the bottom of the bottle. Surely it's on the box.
Mar 6, 2012
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Barbara C: The oz (ounces) is located on the flat bottom of the bottle where it sits on the table or shelf. Mar 6, 2012
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Annette T: It is on the bottom of the bottle on a small clear sticker. Mar 12, 2012
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Laurie H: You can usually find it on the bottom of the bottle Mar 7, 2012
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Zenobia R: The oz is located on the bottom of the bottle. Mar 6, 2012
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Kalina asked: I've bought the fragrance from the Paris airport in 2004, and the bottle was PINK.It was accompanied with a small one - 0,5 oz, and I want to be advised - IS IT THE SAME AROMA , because the bottle here is YELLOW? Jul 29, 2013
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karen b: I'm not sure if I ever bought a bottle that was pink but the top was all pink. I've been using this perfume for over 10yrs so it's hard to remember everything. This bottle in this picture is not yellow, it's clear. It should have the same aroma as long as it was YSL Paris. The bottle being pink might have been some promotion they had going on at that time. Now there is another perfume called Paris named for Paris Hilton. But it's not put out by YSL. Hope this is of some help to you. Jul 29, 2013
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Susan L: Kalina, I buy Paris all of the time and adore the fragrance. This is actually a clear bottle. The eau de toilette is actually a pale yellow color which gives the impression that the bottle is yellow. I am sure if it is not the same fragrance you purchased from Paris, France the company will have some kind of refund process. In fact I am very low on my bottle so I am going to place another order right now! Jul 31, 2013
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Ruth J: I have used this fragrance for more than 20 years and I have never bought it in a pink bottle. The bottles I have had are clear glass and the liquid has always been yellowish. Maybe the product bought in Paris is sold in a different color bottle than those sold in USA. I do not know if the fragrance is different. Jul 29, 2013
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Regina M T: Check to make sure the perfume at the airport was Paris, and not Baby Doll perfume by YSL. THe Paris perfume that is yellow, is the Eau de Parfum, and the clearer bottle may be the Eau de toilette. THe Baby Doll I purchased had a pink hue Jul 29, 2013
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A shopper asked: How do you tell a vintage bottle of edt from the current ones? Mar 22, 2012
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mercedes m m: YSL Paris EDT the best frangance in the world. Is my favorite for over 36 years. At the bottom of the bottle there is a clear sticker indicated the EDT and a serial number. That is the original signature. Mar 24, 2012
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Damon L asked: Is KOUROS eau de toilette natural spray for men still available anywhere.?

What fragrance for men is the same or similar to
KOUROS eau de toilette natural spray?
Aug 10, 2012
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YSL Paris Eau De Toilette Spray

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I cannot get enough of this timeless, intoxicating, floral sent. You will not be disappointed!!!XO!

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