Volupté Sheer Candy

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Volupté Sheer Candy

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Volupté Sheer Candy


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Lips are dressed in a sheer veil of brilliant color. Boosted with fruit extract rich in vitamins and antioxidants, lips become deliciously sensual.  The ultra-light, sensual texture leaves lips feeling soft and hydrated for up to 8 hours and is ideal for year round use: the juicy, sheer color is perfect for summer while the soothing, moisturizing texture feels sublime in the dry winter months.


  • - Hyaluronic acid: moisturizing action.
  • - Pomegranate, Rosmarin extracts and Gamma Oryzanol: antioxidant action.
  • - Mineral pigments and lakes: bright sheer color.
  • - Emollients: softening action.

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Questions and Answers

Volupté Sheer Candy
Already Asked: 17 Questions, 234 Answers
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Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Store asked: Why did you choose this?
xuanxuan g: it is cute Jun 22, 2015
ritu b: love love it Jun 22, 2015
Min L: seems good Jun 21, 2015
xixi F: Nice color Jun 20, 2015
Jessica K: saw this on a website and color swatch Jun 20, 2015
Xin Z: I have this in three other shades, they're very moisturizing. Love the scent also. Jun 19, 2015
Weitao Z: My friend suggest Jun 19, 2015
Pindan H: Friends recommendation Jun 17, 2015
christine r: It is a creamy, dreamy feel on your lips...not the dry, matte look of some expensive lipsticks! Looks Devine... Jun 16, 2015
catherine s: Perfect shade of pink Jun 16, 2015
Cynthia H: I have been wearing this brand and shade for around 4 years or so and I am in love with it! It is sheer, but with ample pigment. This shade is so sexy - I love it with my skin tone! Jun 14, 2015
Janice e: Love it it is the best! Jun 7, 2015
JodyAnn B: I love it, I buy it every year.

You guys should reward me, because I only use you on my lips.
May 27, 2015
melissa f: I just love the way it looks, and the packing is super cute as well. But i recently watched a youtube video on monthly favorites and the girl doing the video had YSL lip stick on and i loved the look it gave her lips. so I'm dying to try it. Apr 23, 2015
Jingchen L: I like the color. Apr 16, 2015
Lindsay B: I've been lusting after these forever. Finally took the plunge. Apr 9, 2015
Wandi Y: looking good when donot wear makeup Apr 8, 2015
Mike G: This is very moisturizing lipstick. I wish the label would last longer so I could
remember what my favorite color is. It glides on nicely, therefore, for the price,
it does not last very long.
Mar 27, 2015
Li tzu T: I try the color on store , but they sold out . I really like the color Mar 27, 2015
Ann L B: New product to try! Mar 27, 2015
Wendy B: Totally addicted to Sheer Candy. Magic to wear! Mar 24, 2015
Maria R: I love a moisturizing but sheer wash of color sometimes and I love the tiny oil so these might work for me as well Mar 24, 2015
Yuchen S: moisture also sexy Mar 20, 2015
Atsuko O: I tried this at a shopping mall and liked it. Mar 19, 2015
Nancy B: I saw a person on the internet modeling lipstick colors for various complexions. This color was used on the one I liked. I could not find it in a store. Mar 15, 2015
Theresa P: Soft, great smell Mar 8, 2015
Sheree K: No smell, taste, sheer color Mar 7, 2015
Lauren A: My friend had me try hers the other day and I loved it! Feb 22, 2015
dianne c: Love the color, a unique peachy pink, and the sheer, moisturizing texture Feb 21, 2015
maria jinky J: Great lipstick. It slides on your lips. Awesome product! I will be buying more. Feb 19, 2015
Gabriela B: Best red sheer lipstick i've come across Feb 10, 2015
Shawniqua H: Beautiful wash of sheer color that nicely complements a range of skin tones. Feb 9, 2015
Liza L: I really liked the deep reds that they had as colors. Feb 1, 2015
Whitney P: It is perfect for my olive skin tone, goes on smoothly, has the perfect amount of tint, doesn't show when I get a bit outside of my lip line--so I don't need a mirror for application--and it moisturizers. Jan 26, 2015
won h: very smooth to lip Jan 23, 2015
Brandie V: Pretty tube. Light nude skin toned color matches my complextion. And i hear it smells great! Jan 23, 2015
JuanJuan W: it's a very nature color and comfortable lipstick. Jan 23, 2015
Thao P: I love this color Jan 14, 2015
Janice J: I've ordered this before and I like the color. Jan 11, 2015
Francine J: I've used this many times before and have never found another product to even come close to the quality of this lip gloss. Very soft and lasts. Jan 9, 2015
Jessica Z: make-up artist referred the shade for my wedding. Jan 8, 2015
phoebe g: Beautiful shade Jan 3, 2015
Cynthia R: I have read rave reviews about these--looking forward to trying them out. Dec 30, 2014
Jo-Ying Y: Gift for my grandmother Dec 17, 2014
Lall S: I'm buying this for my girlfriend and i saw that there was already a good review on it, and the color looks great Dec 13, 2014
Susan M: Needed a nice "my lips but better" lip gloss/ stain Dec 11, 2014
Kate C: Sheer, beautiful color, luscious look and feel! Dec 10, 2014
CHENGCHENG Y: cute, lovely Dec 8, 2014
Hong X: I love this style, I want everyone of this style. Dec 8, 2014
Susan M: Love a good lip stick Dec 8, 2014
Khai Ying T: Saw raving review on beauty look book (blog) and I do love this formula! Dec 7, 2014
Heidi S: Love the formula! Dec 7, 2014
Rashanda H: Elegant, moisturizing sheer wash of color Dec 7, 2014
Xiamen l: I like Dec 7, 2014
Donna G: Recommended by a friend. Dec 6, 2014
Sara T: Saw on website for best pinks for fair skin Dec 3, 2014
Ziwei Z: GOOD Dec 2, 2014
Jiajia C: good Dec 2, 2014
Sandra K: I already have the lip gloss and really love it! Dec 1, 2014
PANYUWEN S: I LIKE Nov 30, 2014
Anne H: Smooth and moisturizing Nov 28, 2014
Ning L: like the color. Nov 27, 2014
juan L: nice Nov 27, 2014
Diana O: My absolute favorite! Beautiful color and smells divine! Nov 26, 2014
Jingjing G: Color wonderful Nov 25, 2014
Meiling z: I like it Nov 24, 2014
Yue L: I just love love love this line!!!! It's so moist and the color are simply great!!!!! it's not so dramatic but it just make you seem really healthy and energetic!! Nov 24, 2014
Zhaoxi W: try Nov 22, 2014
Yuemin Z: Others recommended this. Nov 21, 2014
Eugene C: I really need this because I have so sensitive lips Nov 21, 2014
Cynthia Y: my mom likes it Nov 21, 2014
ZHIDONG L: my friend promote it to me Nov 21, 2014
Tiffany D: like the color Nov 20, 2014
LeeAnn E: I bought this item before and love the color and feel on my lips Nov 18, 2014
tara f: like it Nov 11, 2014
Xiaokun L: It is cute Nov 11, 2014
Teresa C: Keeps my lips hydrated with a beautiful color. Nov 11, 2014
Leslie A: Color Nov 4, 2014
Penelope K: Had it previously Oct 26, 2014
J E: I like it has vitamins to moisturize my lips in the winter Oct 24, 2014
Rosie S O: I just purchased one of these last week, and it feels amazing on my lips. It really does not add much color at all, which is great for me. I just needed a top quality lip moisturizer. This is an elegant treat! Sep 29, 2014
Carol L: It moisturizes for hours!! Sep 15, 2014
Casey D: The sheer gloss look with a light color Sep 15, 2014
Jennifer S: Wonderfully sheer with a perfect color that keeps my lips moist. LOVE. Aug 27, 2014
USEx h: The price Jul 31, 2014
Carol H: Beautiful lipstick that stays with you and makes your lips look and feel beautiful!!!!!!!! Jul 29, 2014
Karen P: Buttery smooth Jul 27, 2014
Amina V: It feels and looks great on me and accentuates my lips, which I very much appreciate. Jul 7, 2014
Ruby C: i love the smell and the moisture Jun 30, 2014
YUJIA Z: want something daily to use Jun 29, 2014
Zongyuan L: I love it. Jun 29, 2014
Mengwei l: Famous friends recommended ! Like this brand other product! Jun 24, 2014
Ashlynn C: I have this shade, but I'm purchasing another one as a gift for a friend! Jun 24, 2014
Dolores M: I love the color and I think it will look good on my lips Jun 23, 2014
JUNG MIN Y: my friend recommended Jun 23, 2014
Jooyoung L: My best lipstick forever Jun 22, 2014
Gayle H: Love this formula. Feels great on the lips. A real pleasure to apply. Jun 21, 2014
joana c: Seems to bring out lips Jun 19, 2014
Kathleen R: I liked the elegant look of the case and the pretty color of the lipstick! Jun 16, 2014
alison s: great summer lipstick Jun 5, 2014
Eileen S: My girlfriend had this lipstick, I tried it and had to have it. It is so light, smooth, and just a touch of color for the summer. It's going to be a staple in my bag this summer. May 30, 2014
Yunxia Q: It is my first time to try YSL lipstick. I prefer a summer and natural look for my summer makeup. I think this is a perfect choice to me. Hope I love it. May 17, 2014
Doris C: This is so lush and moisturizing. The color is gorgeous and subtle Apr 4, 2014
sheryl s: color Apr 3, 2014
Edwin E: I heard great reviews on it. Heard it was very hydrating to the lips and smells great making lips smell so good almost makes you want to eat them. Mar 8, 2014
Lee T: I purchased before....I love it. Feb 11, 2014
Renata R: Beautiful Color. Feb 10, 2014
Lisa K: the most moisturizing sheer lipstick ever Feb 5, 2014
Wenxin C: My friend suggest it. Feb 3, 2014
Tingting R: online comments Jan 24, 2014
YUAN F: the color is beautiful and girly Jan 20, 2014
Terri S: I have a sample and I love it! It is sheer, shiny, and smooth! Jan 5, 2014
Jerrie H: Had it before and liked it Dec 31, 2013
Lynn B: Excellent reviews and moisturizing for dry lips Dec 12, 2013
Nicole L: I just like the color, I'll say more after trying it this is my first buying this product. Dec 12, 2013
shuyan Z: one of my friend ask me to send this as a gift to her Dec 5, 2013
Jing C: Color is beautiful, and keeps lips moisturized. Very like it! Dec 4, 2013
Judith S: trying something new Dec 4, 2013
Bingjie C: Like this color Dec 2, 2013
ying h: very moisture Nov 26, 2013
YAN Z: Natural colour&sweetness . Nov 26, 2013
YUXI X: Love the color and texture. Nov 23, 2013
Nanette M: The best lipstick I've ever had and now I want to give it to a few friends for christmas Nov 18, 2013
Marie-Claude F: Fresh and brilliant color. Easy to apply. Nov 3, 2013
Emma M: I tried it in the store and absolutely loved it!! Sep 9, 2013
Marie D: My friend owns & let me try it. I love the color and texture Sep 8, 2013
Alethea B: I have (at least) one of every other YSL lip product, and I had to complete my collection! This color appealed to me the most. Sep 4, 2013
Josephine F: Best moisturizing lipstick ever! Aug 25, 2013
Susan W: I initially purchased this item in La Jolla and immediately fell in love with it and the compliments that followed. However, I ran out of it, and every store in Dallas was out of it. It's wonderful to be able to go directly to the source where it was no problem to solve the problem. Thank you!!! Aug 22, 2013
christina g: Smooth glide on color! Pretty pink Aug 20, 2013
jessica h: love tinted balm Aug 13, 2013
marsha c: Great for sheer color and taste is great! Bought 3!!! Aug 5, 2013
Christine C: Love this product! Jul 21, 2013
KANDACE H: Recently, I purchased Sheer Candy, No. 12, I absolutely love it. I am more of an "outdoorsy" girl so don't used much makeup except for special occasions. This lipstick is light and creamy to wear. It fits my lifestyle so I bought three more colors . . . just in case YSL decides to discontinue this lipstick style. Jul 18, 2013
Carissa B: Beautiful sheer color for everyday. Makes your lips feel wonderful! Jul 5, 2013
Elizabeth V: featured in Jean Godfrey June's column of Lucky Magazine Jul 3, 2013
Aaron G: these are my favorite addiction. Jul 2, 2013
Diana T: Color Jun 30, 2013
Sheila H: Have 4 others & love them.My lips are big & sometimes lipstick makes me feel like a clown.These are sheer,so I feel very comfortable wearing them. Jun 21, 2013
Qiongqiong P: it's pretty Jun 21, 2013
Sung Yon U: I heard of very nice review about this line and loved the color. Jun 20, 2013
Martina M: Favorite Product
Love the way they go on
Jun 20, 2013
ohuan Y: my friends bought this and it's very nice Jun 3, 2013
Suzanne W: saw it in a magazine! May 23, 2013
Patricia M: recommended by my lovely daughter, and one is a gift for a friend May 16, 2013
Mary C: Lucky Magazine May 14, 2013
Maria Gabriela S: I think this brand is great and the color I chose looks amazing! May 1, 2013
Aurora A: soft, moist, very natural look Apr 26, 2013
Kay P: Saw this lipstick as a must have in Brand Holley's, editor of Lucky Magazine make-up bag. Apr 19, 2013
Nancy F: The color (08) is perfect for me, and I love its smoothness. Apr 14, 2013
Lynn H: sheer and great color Apr 5, 2013
Susan L: I learned about it from Emily Maynard, the bachelorette. Apr 2, 2013
Jinhan S: I like this color Mar 18, 2013
taylor c: because i loved the color Mar 17, 2013
Jingdan N: online recommendation Feb 28, 2013
Shanshan P: Recommend by my friends Feb 23, 2013
Xiaoxuan L: I love it Feb 20, 2013
Elizabeth B: I have been using this for awhile and can't purchase it around here. Feb 17, 2013
Michelle B: It just gives a hint of color and feels wonderful on my lips! Feb 6, 2013
Susan H: Will be my first experience with Sheer Candy. I read all the reviews and it sounds like a winner. Until now I've been a "Smashbox" and Clinique user. Jan 5, 2013
Lou M: Beautiful packaging, light pleasant taste, very sheer and subtle color. One of the only lip items I've used up completely. Dec 16, 2012
wei z: i really love this color Dec 15, 2012
Caie Q: beautiful color Dec 15, 2012
Caie Q: beautiful color Dec 15, 2012
Caie Q: beautiful color Dec 15, 2012
Noriko A: I saw this on magazine and looks great color! Dec 7, 2012
bonnie l: love it, smooth and hydrating. Dec 5, 2012
Christine P: Saw it in a magazine. Dec 3, 2012
shunran q: I like the color of facade~ Nov 29, 2012
Chong S: friend recommend this lip balm! Nov 29, 2012
Feng-Tzann W: colorless Nov 27, 2012
tianxin z: i used one, it is good Nov 26, 2012
Yang J: used it before, like it Nov 26, 2012
Rose R: QUALITY, COLOR PAYOFF Nov 26, 2012
XIAOKE H: cheer candy 04 is sold out, so I decided to try this. Nov 26, 2012
Arianna I: Great color payoff with moisture, feels lightweight, beautiful finish. Nov 26, 2012
Kevin T: My girlfriend love this lipstick... Nov 25, 2012
Chia-Yin H: Just like it!! Nov 24, 2012
susan e: beautiful color, perfect amount of sheerness Nov 23, 2012
Meng C: my friend like this colour Nov 22, 2012
Yunhan W: beautiful color Nov 21, 2012
Lynne C: beautiful color Nov 21, 2012
alla m: want to try it Nov 19, 2012
Nicole Z: i like YSL Nov 19, 2012
XI C: TRY Nov 18, 2012
Shan H: I tried it and it was lovely. Nov 18, 2012
Diane L: I really love the way this feels on my lips. It goes on like silk and lasts for a long while. I love that it doesn't shout color but only gives a hint of it. It is my favorite lip gloss. Nov 18, 2012
Narith T: It was a safe gift for my cousin. Nov 11, 2012
Toni G: Just the right amount of color, smell delicious! Nov 3, 2012
zhenyuan y: friends recommendation Oct 26, 2012
kathryn w: I love this lipstick. Oct 26, 2012
Diane L: I love this anytime and can apply it anywhere in an instant. It feels great on my lips, makes them feel soft and lasts a long time. Oct 19, 2012
Beth S: I saw it on my daughter in law. Sep 22, 2012
ana c w: because I prefer lipsticks to gloss sticks in pot. Sep 18, 2012
xiaojuan f: I like it. Aug 16, 2012
Rosemary W: Looks like a beautiful color. Aug 14, 2012
Rosalind T: I have bought two of these before. I like the sheer color and my lips are dry. Aug 13, 2012
Siqi T: I love the texture of this lip balm. Jun 24, 2012
Vanessa Y: wanted a natural looking pink red Jun 21, 2012
QIAN TING T: SO SHINE Jun 16, 2012
Peggy G: My daughter bought some and let me try it. Love it!! May 30, 2012
Margaret W: It was recommended in Lucky magazine. However, I would definitely buy it again. May 29, 2012
Tara W: magazine May 23, 2012
Karla H: saw in magazine May 23, 2012
Heather C: Heard good reviews and it was advertised in Glamour magazine, which caught my attention. May 13, 2012
Rita D: I think my daughter will like this for her birthday. May 11, 2012
Melissa G: Love how this feels on my lips! Glides well leaving no feathering and a nice sheen of color. And, the packaging is absolutely beautiful!! :) May 4, 2012
Meixian Q: I love this color May 4, 2012
XIANG N: I like its color and long lasting! May 2, 2012
Songming H: I saw it on youtube and in sephora, it looks so pretty! Apr 27, 2012
Ho Suet P: I love the hydration feeling. I use to have tons of slightly colored lipbalm, when I try on this Sheer Candy today, I fell in love with it. But it was out of stock in store, that's why I purchased it online. Mar 17, 2012
Lisa P: I like this......and loved it! :) Feb 16, 2012
A shopper asked: where can I find the ingredient list? Dec 8, 2012
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A shopper asked: Hello~ Does it has UV protection? Oct 10, 2012
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Diane R: It does not. It has moisturizing properties, but no SPF ingredients that I am aware of. This might be a good topper to use over a more substantial lipstick that does offer UV protection if that is important to you. Oct 10, 2012
Reply to Diane Good answer? Yes (2) No (0)
Lin L: I don't think so. Oct 10, 2012
Reply to Lin Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Ellen D: No, it does not. Oct 10, 2012
Reply to Ellen Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Bonnie C: Hello shopper, I do not know if this has ..UV protection or not. I think that YSL would know the answer. Maybe, some how you could contact them to find your answer. Or, you could find a store and call them to ask about it. I do know that I really love the YSL COSMETICS! I have worn this color many times, and I do really like it! I have other colors of theirs, that I love too! Good luck in finding your answer to your question, in the meantime enjoy wearing it. Oct 10, 2012
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A shopper asked: How sheer is this product? Jun 17, 2013
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Donna D: VERY sheer! Beautiful color, but as sheer as any lipstick I've tried. Have to reapply frequently, but it feels so good! (And smells awesome!) Jun 17, 2013
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Rebecca R: Slightly sheer but still has a nice gloss and lipstick feel to it! I love this lipstick and will be buying more in the future! Jun 17, 2013
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Nikki G: I love this product so much! It manages to have vibrant color, but at the same time is sheer and lightweight. Jun 17, 2013
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A shopper asked: I live in Naperville, IL could I buy this local? Jul 17, 2012
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Margaret W: Dear Naperville,
Since Naperville is the fifth largest city in Illinois next to Chicago,I would think you could buy Volupte Sheer Candy in one of your shopping centers. Perhaps a high end department store or Sephora, or Ulta. I know you can get it on Amazon. I buy Yves St. Laurent from there all the time. You will love Volupte, all Yves products are magnifique!
Organic Fashionista
Jul 29, 2012
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jessica j: I have found these at Sephora and Dillard's. Hopefully you can find locally--- they're great! Jul 17, 2012
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Ellen D: The nearest department store or Sephora should have it! Jul 17, 2012
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Ronnie P asked: Do you think color No10 would look good on tan/olive skin? May 8, 2012
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Margaret W: Dear Ronnie P.,
I did not get this color, though it looks fabulous. If it has a golden base it probably would look lovely on you. If you have never tried Volupte' Sheer Candy before, I must tell you that it is dreamy rich and smells wonderful. It is fantastic, you feel like you could eat it! I think I will try this color. I am light olive with undertones of gold and blue. Wow, I sound like an alien.
Good luck, with Volupte Sheer Candy I don't think you could go wrong with any color.
Margaret (Organic Fashionista)
May 29, 2012
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Kristen P: Yes May 8, 2012
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Debra R asked: Do you have a color hot pink? Feb 5, 2015
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Janice J: Volupte' is not a hot pink color. It has a lot more red in it than pink. Hope this helps. Feb 8, 2015
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A shopper asked: What's the weight of this lipstick in pounds? Jul 8, 2014
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Christine P: Its light as a feather. Probably about 2 ounces. Jul 8, 2014
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A shopper asked: Which color would look good on asians? Oct 14, 2012
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Yuan S: I have No. 4,5,6,7, and they all look good on me. I am Asian, and my skin tone is medium. Oct 15, 2012
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A shopper asked: Should I try this? Feb 23, 2012
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Ray R: Yes.... Feb 23, 2012
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A shopper asked: Where can I buy the mint-coloured lipstick? Apr 7, 2014
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A shopper asked: Is this product gluten free? Sep 11, 2012
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Julie C asked: I loved pure shine #26 and they discontinued it. is this color very nude or does it have a hint of other color in it? Jul 27, 2012
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Nicole O asked: Is these glossy balm in permanent line or limited edition ? May 27, 2012
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Amit K asked: is it okay? Mar 7, 2012
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A shopper asked: Is it worth? Feb 23, 2012
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Ray R: I think so.... Feb 23, 2012
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Rasyiqah h asked: Is it waterproof? Apr 22, 2013
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Customer Reviews

Volupté Sheer Candy

Overall rating

A wonderful product! It is very sheer so you can easily control the amount of color. It goes on like a lipstick, but shows like a colored/tinted balm, not very high sheen like traditional glosses, but that's part of what I like about it. It is moisturizing, but I think as with any lipcolor it can at some point not be as moisturizing as a lip treatment, so I would suggest a light balm underneath. The smell in the tube is very appealing also and I'm not heavy on smells because I get migraines; even with the scent, its not one that lingers on your lips so that's an added benefit and you don't feel like a kid walking around with scented lips. The color I have is mouthwatering berry. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I would like them to add 1 additional color-something like a black berry/ black honey color that has a bit less red in it and possibly more of a plum or even brown to it, otherwise, this is an awesome and well worth the purchase product. I'm very well pleased with this and will purchase again in the future-all year round. This has become my new staple lip product.

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 216 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

Sheer and lightweight. My favorite thing about this product is it has no odor or flavor. If you want a little more color wear it over a lip liner. It's basically a gloss without the sticky feeling and the case is beautiful.

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 209 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

All I can say is YUUUUUUMMY! Its smells like candy! I love the packaging! Its very sheer almost like a balm but its so moisturizing!

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 192 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

I have these in 2(dewy papaya) and 3(juicy grapefruit). I bought these two specifically because I wanted to make sure I like the textures since they are pretty sheer and clear. It was love at first swipe. I can't wait to get my hands on a few more (sheer colored one)!!

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 204 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

This is my absolutely favorite lip gloss. It tastes delicious, and the color is just amazing. I have mouthwatering berry, and although it looks dark in the tube, it's a nice color on. So moisturizing!

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 187 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

This sheer candy balm & the pure chromatic eyeshadows are my favorite! I absolutely adore, love, & worship this product. Love the way it feels & the color. I Long time wear, nourishing, smooth, great color payoff. I am naturally tan (constantly asked if I'm from India) & the fact that I can wear these colors & have look amazing is absolutely wonderful. BUY IT! I've been working for YSL for one month, & this is the lip product I love most.

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 184 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

Very good product. Moisturizes very well. I accidentally bought a lighter color than I planned, but it is still great. Makes my lips feel moisturized and light. I highly recommend it. Hope even more colors will become available soon.

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 190 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

I love the color, and very nice fruit scent. I love it!

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 181 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

I love this product!! It's so comfortable to wear and lasts a lot longer than most lipsticks/glosses of it's kind. Goes on so smooth, definitely hydrates and just feels wonderful. Only problem is the limited amount of shades, YSL Please add more ASAP!!!!!

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 177 people find this review useful. Problem with this review