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The Colors of Passion. The Colors of Desire. The Colors of Pleasure.

I needed to put a face to the woman I dress

The Yves Saint Laurent Style.

For Yves Saint Laurent, each woman’s beauty is unique. And there are many ways to interpret it in order to express the eternal woman reinvented.

By turns mysterious, flamboyant, romantic, an ingénue and a seductress, the Yves Saint Laurent woman has a thousand faces and a thousand smiles. She is a modern-day heroine, liberated, daring and surprising. With her innate elegance, she adapts to every moment in her life, and this is what makes the Yves Saint Laurent woman so desirable.

What is make-up? A celebration? A ritual? A mystery?

The Revealer of Individuality

Far from corrective make-up that standardizes a woman’s appearance, Yves Saint Laurent reveals her inner radiance. The ultimate touch of elegance that identifies and glorifies a very personal style. Going hand in hand with fashion, it coordinates with clothes and highlights the lines of her face. Her complexion is pure and glowing. Her eyes are adorned with precious materials, and her lips and nails are draped in luminous satiny lipstick shades and brilliant lacquers.

The ME Rule

The theater of all desires, all emotions, La Beauté Yves Saint Laurent invites you on an adventure, the discovery of the true you, the elegance of make-up that brings out your unique beauty, and the pursuit of transcending seduction.

There is only one rule: let yourself be guided by your femininity and desire to attract.

Give your complexion its own special radiance, use color to shape eyes and lips that speak volumes about you. Say goodbye to the dull colors of self-effacing women. Opt for colors equal to your intentions, emotions, passions, desires and pleasures.

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