Souffle D'Eclat

Loose Powder that gives a flawless velvety finish.

Souffle D'Eclat

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Souffle D'Eclat


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From the first application, skin’s beauty is highlighted in a luminous veil that ensures a fresh feeling throughout the day. Micro Mother of Pearl particles enhance complexion’s natural radiance, while the airy powder hugs the skin, sets and perfects make-up, delivering a reliably flawless finish. For all skin types, even sensitive and dry skin.

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Souffle D'Eclat
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Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Anh L: I love YSY since long time before and I keep buying YST at Nordtrom store . And I know just only YSL can make my skin to perfectly . Apr 25, 2015
Beth S: I am down to fumes and needed a refill for this gorgeous powder. It is one of the only loose powders I have found that looks soft and silky on my aging skin. It doesn't crease, and it doesn't fade or change color. Apr 15, 2015
Darlene R: Love sheerness Apr 12, 2015
Marilyn S: Easy to use, looking very natural when applied. Dec 19, 2014
Chien-Hio B: Recommended by YSL lady at Nordstrom. Dec 2, 2014
Charlene R: This is my first purchase of this powder. Up to now I've been using T.Clerc and I thought I'd try it as I like all the other YSL products I use. Nov 27, 2014
lisa s: something new Nov 26, 2014
Monique B: I have used Poudre Sur Mesure for years and I am guessing this is the new version? I hope I got the color right. I have used the lightest and the medium in the past. Nov 26, 2014
Lisa S: Recommend Nov 22, 2014
Azra T: I am in need for a new setting powder and decided to try something new since I was not "trilled" with the one I was using. YSL is a leader in the industry and honestly, I just wanted to pamper myself: I just hope I chose the right shade! Nov 20, 2014
Yixiao C: Recommended by some Chinese blogger online. They have similar skin tone and expectations of a product with me. Oct 24, 2014
Margaret E: I'm hoping this will work well with current foundation Jul 13, 2014
elizabeth m: Have mature fair sun-damaged skin and I have problems with powders making my skin look older than it has to- this is so highly recommended by bloggers online. The swatches look great so I decided to try it- I adore YSL cosmetics as it is. This powder must be excellent- I shall find out!! May 20, 2014
Jane F: Hoping it would be like the powder that was didcontinued. Apr 27, 2014
Jenny T: Product is new and needed a powder to set my foundation. The product sounds really nice that I must own one. Apr 3, 2014
A shopper asked: I need powder for fair/light skin, but without anything pink. My skin is fair but with neutral/ yellow ton. So what color would be better for me, #1( looks pinkish?) or #2? Please help me!!! May 20, 2014
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A shopper asked: Is there a shade comparable to the now discontinued semi-loose powder (poudre sur mesure) in No. 3 (Amber)? Apr 9, 2014
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rovelle b asked: what is the darkest shade in the new soufflé d'eclat ? Apr 7, 2014
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Alice asked: I was wondering if this will suit my oily skin? Aug 2, 2014
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elizabeth m: This powder has, it seems, very special qualities- it is a beautiful formulation. I personally have quite dry skin, so I do not feel qualified to answer your question. I would say it probably does a wonderful job on all skin types. I hope you get to try it out in person, because it is staggeringly gorgeous. xo Beth in Pgh Aug 2, 2014
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maria j: Yes it will, it neutralize the oly looking of your skin, and the best for me is that is very light,looks natural and still cover imperfections, you should use a base thoug Aug 3, 2014
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Margaret E: Yes I have drier skin and I found this to be to much of a matte finish for myself. I think it would work better for oily skin had a pretty finish Aug 2, 2014
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pharavee j asked: Which color will suit by asain NC20-25 skin tone best? Thanks! May 22, 2014
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A shopper asked: How do I remove the plastic protector cover? May 9, 2014
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gigiclaudia asked: I wear a 2.5 in Touche Eclat which I like to match my skin, I go from a 20 to 30 in foundations, depending on time of year. Any tips? May 26, 2014
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Niala A: I wear 1.5 in the éclat pen and my complexion is pretty versatile and I could probably use a 2 or 2.5 as well, depending. I bought this powder in the 02 shade and it works perfectly for me as a setting powder with a light hand. I could use the 03 shade as well. For reference I'm like a nc20-25 in mac terms which is what a lot of people understand. Hope that helps. Also this powder is gorgeous and silky and doesn't cake. May 26, 2014
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Rita K asked: When is the best time to use facial soufflie yes ? Aug 14, 2014
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Stacey F asked: How is this compared to the other powder .. I am huge fan of that formula , but was very disappointed to find that my local store did not carry it any longer .. Is the measure powder bring discontinued. It is such an amazing formula? Jun 17, 2014
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A shopper asked: is there a trick to removing the plastic cover? Feb 4, 2015
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Carla V. H: Dear Frustrated Shopper,
I would not take the hard plastic cover off the Jar of Souffle D'Eclat. There should have been a thin plastic cover over the holes in the hard plastic cover that could be peeled off and the powder could be accessed. If their were no holes or a thin cover which could be peeled back, the jar was defective and should be send back. It should not have been that much thought concerning opening the jar of Souffle D"Eclat. This is a great product and I hope you enjoy it.
Carla V. H.
A Fellow user of the Souffle D'Eclat
Feb 8, 2015
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Margaret E: You leave the cover on. To get the product out you turn it upside down with lid on and shake it, tap it then the powder will fill the top. I don't think it's made to come off. Feb 5, 2015
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HENRIETTA O: Tweezers may be helpful to lift the plastic cover , if you find it difficult to using your fingers. I hope this helps..
I absolutely love my Souffle D'Eclat!
Feb 5, 2015
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pascaline y: Use an exacto knife, or really thin blade and go around the plastic top slowly wedging and lifting the sifter Feb 5, 2015
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Ingrid P: No I had no problem and I love the product Feb 5, 2015
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Zoe007 asked: Which way is the best way to apply this powder? I have been using a flat top kabuki brush and a powder brush and feel the formula is so matte. Way different than how it's described. Any thoughts? I feel like it's very drying? Jun 11, 2014
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elizabeth m: You don't describe your skin type. I am 59 with dry, fair and freckled mature skin: what is lovely about this beautiful powder formulation is how finely milled it is and how it blurs my imperfections when I apply it with the puff/applicator and then gently buff over with either a big powder (without product) brush or a kabuki.

It sets my makeup and blurs my lines - it does seem to produce a matte finish. I do not find it to be drying on my skin. It is the nicest powder I have encountered. I hope this helps.
Jun 11, 2014
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Margaret E: Rather than apply with kabuki brush use the sponge provided and press on to skin then take your kabuki brush and brush off all the excess powder. I found powder brushes to work best at blending and removing access powder once it's already applied. If you use a brush to apply powder it will look cakey and you will have to much product on your face Aug 2, 2014
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Tracey W asked: I wear touche eclat foundation in colour BD40. What colour would i need in this powder? Thanks Jan 10, 2015
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elizabeth m: First suggestion would be a counter consultation, naturally, but failing that, I am tissue-paper fair with cool undertones - I am NC 15 and I have purchased Soufflé 2. It is perfection for me. Beyond this, I wouldn't hazard to suggest a shade to you. This formulation of powder is utterly exquisite. I hope I was able to be of some help. Jan 10, 2015
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Irene H asked: I'm a BD 50 Warm Honey for Fusion Ink and wanted to know which veil powder is best, #2 or #3? Nov 10, 2014
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elizabeth m: I really couldn't say. I am NC 15 or so and I purchased #2- it's perfect for me. If I were you, I would try #3. It is completely lovely powder. I hope this helps you. XO Nov 10, 2014
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Irene H: TY Elizabeth! Yes, I ordered #3 this morning and so cannot wait to try it. Hope this will be my HG finishing curl powder. :) Nov 10, 2014

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