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Luxurious shower gel formula adds to her bathing ritual a beautiful way to experience the overt sensuality of Opium. Lather-rich formula gently cleans while moisturizing and scenting skin.


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Opium Luscious Shower Gel
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A shopper asked: I use and love all the Opiumproducts, but am very disapointed
that the soapbar is not for sale anymore and that that was not anounced upfront so i could have bought a few of them at the time.
Other then that i am always happy with the products who are off the
best quality.
Is there anywhere still Opiumsoap for sale?
I use the showergel but prefer the soap.
Aug 10, 2012
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Renee T asked: Hi- Will YSL will create a gift box (for the 2012 holidays) that will include Opium soap (bar)? My Mom LOVES the bar soap and it appears to no longer be made. She's willing to try the shower gel ~ but really loves the soaps. Thank you. Jul 5, 2012
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melissa w: Hi, to answer your question is a little difficult because the soap gel choice is really a personal preference. I did use the soap for a short time along with the after bath oil. I was really disappointed when they discontinued the oil. That is until I tried the bath gel, and I love it, it makes your skin feel sooo silkey and baby soft, and people are always saying how good you smell. I use the soap whenever I get some in gift boxes, but I really prefer the gel. I have worn Opium for at least twenty years and will until they stop making it . I hope that is never!!! Respectfully Melissa Wrightson Jul 7, 2012
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Kay Irene K: Hi Renee!

I'm an Opium "addict" myself. Hope this helps you decide -- since the Opium bar is no longer available for your mother, I'd highly reccommend the shower gel, which I prefer and use daily. Personally, I use an exfoliating glove along with an Opium gel daub, usually about the size of a dime or nickle, for my whole shower. To me, it is a scathingly brilliant product in concept and execution, very silky, lathers beautifully and with just enough heady fragrance to make me feel utterly pampered. Opium shower gel, truthfully, is "the" secret decadent indulgence that I look forward to the most (Dove dark chocolate with almond bits is a close second). :-) And, too, I love the way Opium shower gel scent lingers and leaves my large bathroom smelling. Can you tell i'm addicted? :-)

Totally hooked and loving it,
Kate K.
Jul 10, 2012
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Judith M: I think the shower gel is absolutely terrific - I always use it, and although I remember the soap, I think the shower gel is at least as good or even better. Plus the body moisturizing lotion is fabulous - I usually wear that in place of the perfume. I should add, though, that I use the shower gel more in the bathtub for a hot bath than in the shower, and the fragrance lingers in the room. Don't get quite the same results in the shower. Jul 5, 2012
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Sandra S: Hi Renee T;

I used to use the bar soap, but once I started using the shower gel, I fell in love with it. I bought the bottle in Feb. 2012 and still have over half a bottle. It doesn't take much and it is soooooo much smoother on the skin. Keeps the skin soft and smelling nice all day. Love it!!!!!!

Sandra S.
Jul 5, 2012
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Sandy C: I was a loyal user to the Opium Soap as well as Opium is the only perfume I have ever used. The Shower Gel is pretty similar to the soap and I have found it to work well. I would go ahead and buy it for her.
Thanks, Sandy
Jul 5, 2012
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Megan K: My mom also loved the bar soap but switched to the shower gel and is happy. The shower gel can sometimes be hard to find in department stores so I have been ordering directly from YSL for holiday presents. Jul 5, 2012
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Elaine J: Elaine: I love the shower gel. I also add some to my bath water creating a bubble bath. The smell lingers in the air while I soak away the stress of the day. Jul 5, 2012
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Cindy F: Just to let you know, I LOVE the shower gel!! Its a little expensive but its wonderful. It is very moisturizing and smells heavenly... Jul 5, 2012
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Dana B: I order the Opium Luscious Shower Gel for MY mom. She loves it!!! She uses the lotion also. Try the gel for your mom! Jul 5, 2012
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Pamela C: It is a wonderful product!!! It smells so good and I Love it. I would recommend it to anyone!!! Jul 6, 2012
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teri m asked: what happened to the opium bar soap? Jul 5, 2012
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GAIL R: Teri M.....................I have never used the opium bar soap as we don't use bar soap we are all liquid soap users. My husband a clear big name one that starts with N........................I have always used Opium Shower Gel, get it for gifts, buy several at a time when I can, because it smells good and feels wonderful. I should always mention I use nothing but Opium lotion, body cream and perfume. I love OPIUM! Hope that helps you, Gail Jul 5, 2012
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Betty L: I used the shower gel twice but did not get the scent I was looking for ... I would prefer to use the opium bar soap, which I wanted to purchase. I will continue to use the shower gel but will not reorder it. All other opium products purchased by me are FANTASTIC ... just not a fan of the gel. Jul 10, 2012
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Linda M. asked: Are these new bottles of Opium Shower Gel? Nov 11, 2013
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Megan K: Yes the Shower gel was new in a sealed box. This is wonderful product and often sold out in the department stores. It was to be able to order and have it shipped directly to me. Nov 18, 2013
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Patricia J: The last few bottles that I have purchased have been in this type of bottle other than the travel size. A very favorite of mine for years!!! Nov 12, 2013
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Lacy E H: Yes. I buy them a few times a year for my wife. Nov 11, 2013
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Janet G: I don't think so. Looks the same to me. Nov 12, 2013
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Sandy B: No, HaVe Ordered Several. Nov 24, 2013
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Joan C: yes! Nov 12, 2013
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Jeannette P: Yes Nov 12, 2013
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gwen b asked: so you still have the opium oil? Dec 31, 2012
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Sandy C: I'm not sure about the oil but the shower gel is fantastic! I use it all the time. I have been wearing opium since it first came out and it is the ONLY fragrance I use. I use all of their opium products! Jan 1, 2013
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ELIZABETH C: Sandy, I have been using opium for over forty years. love it. wished they still had

the small travel shaker box of powder.

Elizabeth. Aug 17, 2014
antonia s: No. I have finished the bottle. Jan 1, 2013
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A shopper asked: Has YSL discontinued making the Opium soap? Oct 15, 2015
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Diane D asked: One year they were selling a lighter scent of opium. They were selling it during the spring and summer months but I can't seem to find it anymore. Do you plan to start selling it again? Mar 12, 2014
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d f asked: sorry for original spelling. it should be is the opium spray oil available? Jan 29, 2013
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d f asked: Is the opim spray oil available? i am not able to find it in any stores or online. Jan 29, 2013
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