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The silky smooth formula delicately veils skin in replenishing moisture, leaving it comforted and scented with the intoxicating perfume of overtly sensual Opium.


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Opium Body Moisturizer
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Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Nancy Lee H: My favorate body lotion, unable to purchase in local stores. May 18, 2015
Joyce M: OMG,the scent is out of ths world I can't wait to wear it .It is perfect for me it is not loud it will turn heads. May 14, 2015
trina r: bought for mom last year and she loved it!! May 6, 2015
Dorothea S: Because I wanted to Apr 25, 2015
Frederick B: Fragrance and feel of moisturizer Apr 13, 2015
Margaret M C: To see if it was as good as the YSL Opium body creme Apr 13, 2015
sally c: i have been using it for many years Mar 30, 2015
Vivian M: I have been wearing Opium for many years. This is one of my favorite body moisturizers to use. Mar 22, 2015
Toie M: I love to where this with patchouli oil:) Mar 17, 2015
Rita B: I have used this fragrance for many years. It is one of my favorites Mar 7, 2015
Elaine P: I am almost out of the one I currently have. Feb 22, 2015
christine g: I have been using it for 20 years, the entire Opium line, its my signature scent Feb 2, 2015
Furio C: My Wife obsessed me for one year trying to find the product on the markets on line. Finally we decided to go to the source. Thanks and best Regards. Furio Corsi Jan 4, 2015
Nancy P: Love this!! Smells so good! Dec 21, 2014
Nancy S: Been wearing it since I was 17yrs. old and that's a lot of years! Dec 14, 2014
michael e: wife uses the shower gel regularly. Wanted to add this product as a christmas gift because of her interest in the shower gel. Dec 8, 2014
Rod H: My wife's favorite for many years. I love this fragrance!! Dec 4, 2014
Linda S: I bought this as a gift for my mother who has loved Opium Moisturizer for years. I also bought her the Opium Holiday Gift Set 2. I thought she could use the smaller moisturizer that comes in it for traveling. Dec 2, 2014
linda c: it's a great product for dry skin and my mother and i have used this product for many years Dec 1, 2014
Jean-Paul R: I like the fragrance Dec 1, 2014
Deborah P: My favorite scent. It is luxurious and beautiful all at once. Nov 30, 2014
Jo Lynn C: Best way to have your fragrans=ce last is to layer the products. This is a great complement to Opium/ Nov 27, 2014
Kim B: I've been using Opium Body Moisturizer for years, and absolutely LOVE the scent! Nov 24, 2014
Paula S: I chose Opium because it is the most beautiful fragrance I have ever used and since I started using it about 20 years ago, I have never worn another fragrance. It is heavenly! Nov 22, 2014
James L: my wifes favorite gift Nov 21, 2014
Caroline B: Opium is the only scent I wear. Nov 10, 2014
Barbara O: Goes beautifully with the shower get and parfum. The fragrance lasts all day. Nov 7, 2014
Anne H: The scent is closer to the original perfume Oct 27, 2014
Carla K: I LOVE THEM. Oct 14, 2014
alice n: Decided to try a new moisturizer Oct 1, 2014
jean h: have used this product for years. my favorite. I use it as a fragrance. strong perfumes not my style. Sep 21, 2014
EMMA H: I have had it before and I just love the way it makes my skin feels! Aug 11, 2014
attalie D: This is the most wonderfully silky lightly scented deep penetrating lotion I have ever found! Aug 11, 2014
Linda A: Very silky going on and smells wonderful! Aug 10, 2014
Teri H: Absolutely my favorite fragrance for 25 years! Like the lotion better than cologne or parfum as it is possible to control how much scent I wear. A little of this goes a LONG way! Love it. Jun 30, 2014
Regina G: gift for my mother Jun 25, 2014
judith k: A bit lighter cream for summer months will keep skin moisturizer. Jun 19, 2014
Dawn B: It's my signature scent and i love it! May 15, 2014
Kathleen S: My favorite scent for 20 years...a classic. The body lotion is not as powerful as the perfume and, as I use only a dab, doesn't seem to bother those with allergies. May 3, 2014
Linda L: Opium has been MY chosen favorite since it first came out. May 2, 2014
margaret f: supply I have is gone...need more Apr 27, 2014
Susan C: it makes my skin feel soft and my husband loves the smell. Apr 25, 2014
Marilyn W: I love Opium and the body moisture is wonderful to put on after a shower, or any time of day or night! Apr 21, 2014
Catherine D: This really helps with dry skin in the summer in Florida. Apr 12, 2014
Joy H: Refreshes me during a work day. Not over whelming, the scent. Works well with my body chemistry. Mar 20, 2014
Jim N: Body lotion has a softer, longer-lasting fragrance than parfume or ODT on my wife. Feb 3, 2014
Rebecca R: Smooth and lovely ! Jan 26, 2014
Margarita C: Because I love the smell, and the feel. Jan 25, 2014
Kim H: I used the fragrance 25 years ago--not sure why I stopped. I've been searching for a replacement ever since...I hope going back will not disappoint. Jan 4, 2014
Marguerite M: Lovely fragrance Jan 2, 2014
James K: My wife loves the product. Dec 21, 2013
Nancy T P: Easy to use moisturizer and smells great. Dec 11, 2013
Lois M: I've used it before and loved it. Dec 8, 2013
Karen D: Opium is my scent - I use no other. I love pampering myself with the Opium Body Moisturizer. Dec 7, 2013
Richard Y: wife likes it Dec 7, 2013
Mildred R: My favorite fragrance for many years!! Dec 6, 2013
Suzanne P: Because my Mom loves it. This is a present for her Dec 2, 2013
MA A: Have been wearing Opium for almost 20 years. I have chemical sensitivity and it is one of the only scents I am able to use. It has become my signature scent. Dec 1, 2013
linda m: I have enjoyed the fragrance for 30yrs plus, stays a long time Nov 30, 2013
Patricia H: I have used Opium fragrance products for more than 30 years and still get compliments. Nov 29, 2013
WILLIAM L: I LIKE IT Nov 21, 2013
Julie T: I love this parfum. Thank you! Nov 13, 2013
M A: Love the smell. Its all me. Nov 4, 2013
dorothy V: Customer has used this for quite some time, this is the only thing she wears and loves the odor Sep 30, 2013
Margaret M: I am trying this ffor the first time. I have always used the body cream, but the last 3 times I purchased the cream, the scent of opium was less and did not linger on my skin the way it used to. Sep 15, 2013
robin r: love item Sep 6, 2013
RoseEllen A: Her mother loves it Sep 5, 2013
Messeret S: For my Mother's Birthday. Aug 29, 2013
Barbare P: I have been using this for 43 years, although I love the cologne spray, I think it smells best layered with the cleansing product, then the body powder and finish up with the moisturizer-wonderful Aug 19, 2013
Ann B: Love the way it makes me feel! Jul 31, 2013
Charlene W: I like using the moisturizer in the morning after my shower. Jul 23, 2013
Camille H: I have worn this fragrance for too many years to remember, and folks still ask me "what do you have on?" . Jul 3, 2013
Gina d: Like the moisturizer rather than the perfume. More subtle. Jun 17, 2013
Malinda M: I love all the Original Opium product scents so I'm hoping this is
one of them!.
May 14, 2013
Joyce S: Have been using it for years and love it, but haven't been able to find the body moisturizer in the store May 13, 2013
BRENDA C: The fragrance is devine. It is not heavy, but lingers. May 13, 2013
Aurora A: Love opium since i was 14 years old( I'm 45 ) ... a classic Apr 26, 2013
Deanna G: I have extremely dry skin and have used body creme for many years so I am hoping this will work well with the body creme. Apr 25, 2013
Dana B: I buy this product for my mother. She loves it! Apr 24, 2013
Paula T: I have adored this lotion for many years...beautiful fragrance! Apr 14, 2013
Mary H: I love the scent and it makes my skin feel like silk. Apr 12, 2013
Teresa M: I've used this for many years. I buy it online because it is sometimes difficult to find in stores. Apr 3, 2013
Sheryl L: Love this scent. Has been my signature scent for more than 30 years. Mar 30, 2013
Charla B: The entire Opium Collection is a Classic scent I never tire of. Mar 28, 2013
Helene B: For the light fragrance. Mar 28, 2013
Sal L: Wife asked. Mar 22, 2013
Deborah K: Moisturizer absorbs easily and has wonderful fragrance. Mar 16, 2013
Jean M: Same reason for ordering above items Feb 17, 2013
Katherine H: When the Body Creme is not available I will fall back on the Body Moisturizer -- it has the same subtle scent as the body creme but not the same texture. Jan 28, 2013
kimberly j: I have been a fan of Opium for many years. It is my signature scent. Jan 28, 2013
Sam B: Because my wife love's it and had been using it for years. I can't find just the lotion in local stores. Ulta used to have it but not anymore according to the clerk.
Glad it's still available some where.
Jan 23, 2013
Alexis-Magnon M: This is the only body moisterizer that I use . I love the fragrance and the feel of it and it last a long time on my body. I also use Opium perfume because most perfumes tend to get too strong or change smells on me and Opium dosen't. Thank you for making and carrying this fragrance. Jan 16, 2013
Joyce F: My sister's favorite and hard to find in department stores Jan 10, 2013
JOYCE S: I bought these products as a gift. This fragrance is the recipient's favorite. Dec 30, 2012
Mary G: I ordered this because Opium Perfume is out of stock. Dec 23, 2012
Ernest H P: My Wife likes this product. Dec 19, 2012
Brandon S: My lady loves it and smells so intoxicating wearing it. Dec 17, 2012
Dawn R: This is a Christimas gift for my mother and the only place you can find these items is online. Dec 17, 2012
Delores R: Great scent. Layered application after using the body wash lasted all day. Dec 14, 2012
A Dean L: Opium has bee her "scent" for many years and the moisturizer is a daily "must!" Dec 13, 2012
Amber H: Christmas gift Dec 12, 2012
Christopher N: My wife likes it Dec 9, 2012
Jill W: Love Opium been wearing for a very long time! Dec 8, 2012
Lynda B: I've used this scent for several years and always get a lot of compliments on it. I love it! Dec 8, 2012
John H: It is my wife's favorite. Dec 8, 2012
Eileen L: I have used this fragrance for years and have always received complements form everyone, including men especially! Men want to know what I am wearing so they can buy it for their lady. Dec 7, 2012
Vicki V: As must be obvious, I love Opium. It is a wonderful fragrance and it lasts a long time. Dec 6, 2012
L E C: Ever since I discovered Opium many many years ago, I have found no equal. Layering the gel and the moisturizer guarantees a lasting essence for a long day or night. This fragrance is subtle, sexy and sophisticated and when I wear it, I get many many compliments. Dec 6, 2012
S. E. H: gift for mother Dec 5, 2012
S. E. H: Gift for mother Dec 5, 2012
John H: My wife likes it Nov 30, 2012
Dotti A: I have been using Opium for almost 20 years. It is very difficult to find now. Very excited and I will continue to shop your site!
Thank You!
Nov 30, 2012
Becky H: Opium Body Moisturizer lives up to it name, it moisturizers and leaves the wonderful Opium scent. Nov 30, 2012
Betsy A: It is my mom's Christmas gift! Nov 28, 2012
Wanda C: Have always enjoyed this item for many years Nov 23, 2012
Jo K: Wonderful fragrance, silky feel, softens skin beautifully. Nov 21, 2012
Janine Y: Love Opium! Scent lasts at least two days! Nov 18, 2012
Linnette N: It keeps my skin smooth and smelling delicious any time I want. Nov 15, 2012
Patricia O: Opium is my favorite fragrance, especially for fall & winter. Love it! Nov 2, 2012
Debra K: Same reason, just because I LOVE the scent of Opium, I've worn it for years and I'll still keep wearing it. Oct 29, 2012
Barbara W: I love the spicy, clean fragrance of Opium as opposed to the cloying sweetness of many products on the market today. Oct 24, 2012
Sal L: My wife asked for it. Sep 27, 2012
Louise Z: I have worn Opium for over 40 years - I don't wear anything else. I LOVE this perfume!!!!! Sep 22, 2012
Elizbeth C: I love the fragrance and need the lotion for softening my skin after the shower and help the perfume continue it's job. Sep 21, 2012
Mary R: I wear the body moisturizer every day. I have received more complements when I use this lotion than any other I have used in the pass. I first bought this in Germany in 1987 and I've been using it ever since. I have a very hard time finding this in department stores. Sep 10, 2012
VIRGINIA N: This is my favorite moisturizer Sep 2, 2012
VIRGINIA N: Opium Body Moisturizer is my favorite moisturizer Sep 2, 2012
DEBORAH H: Love the Body Moisturizer on warmer days for layering! Aug 23, 2012
Louise F: I will turn 78 this month and have been using this moisturizer since I was in my thirties. I don't feel complete without it. It's a good moisturizer with a heavenly scent. It always reminds me of the orange blossoms that used to blanket So. California and never offends anyone who has allergies. Aug 18, 2012
Joanna P: This has been a favorite of mine for many years. I have tried many of the new fragrances and a few have become staples, but the classics never go out of style, so I am getting back to basics! Aug 10, 2012
richard b: its creamier than the other stuff Aug 8, 2012
Maryalice K: Smells wonderful. I have worn this for 33 years. There is no perfume smell to offend those who are allergic to perfumes. Aug 7, 2012
Edley F: It is a long lasting cream with a scent that gently lingers all day. Aug 4, 2012
Teresa P: Used it when I was younger and I always enjoyed wearing it and everyone around me that smelled always enjoyed having me wear it. Always got alot of compliments. Jul 29, 2012
Dawn K: it compliments the shower gel without adding a heavy fragrance. I use it after a bubble bath with the Opium shower gel on those nights I want to kick back and get in to my jammies early and watch a girly movie. Jul 25, 2012
Debra F: I got a gift set for Mothers Day this year and the lotion in the Gift set just wasn't large enough I have used it up. I have been using Opium since my mom died in 1987. She had some and I fell in love with the scent. My favorite is the lotion because it lasts so long. Jul 18, 2012
Mindi O: Been using it for 30 years - an old classic that very few people wear. Jul 12, 2012
Donald R: Wife love's it Jun 26, 2012
Sal L: my wife Jun 17, 2012
Elizabeth B: I love Opium products, I have worn them for years and my Mom started wearing it a couple of years ago as well. Jun 4, 2012
Denise C: Gift for mom Jun 3, 2012
Breeon H: "I love to layer my product. The shower gel, lotion and powder makes the fragrance last longer." May 30, 2012
Frank P: Love it when my wife applies the moisturizer right after a shower. May 27, 2012
Larissa N: Mom wanted it. May 21, 2012
Jay S: Gift May 7, 2012
Elena C: This is my everyday Body Moisturizer and I love how the skin feels and smells after using it." Apr 26, 2012
Beth K: I love this product just as much as the creme and use this when I want something a little lighter especially in the summer months then the creme. Apr 19, 2012
Maggie M: I love the way it smells! Apr 15, 2012
Robert H: My wife loves this product and only wears Opium Apr 6, 2012
Darlene S: It is the most sensuous scent in the world. I absolutely feel so special when I have it on. It was a splurge for me, but I did it anyway! Apr 2, 2012
lavena m: love it smells great and feel great Mar 18, 2012
Jill R: It's practically the only scent I wear. Rich, exotic, spicy and not floral at all. Different from everything else out there. It leaves my skin feeling silky and plump with moisture. Mar 1, 2012
Diana L: I've been using the Opium Body Moisturizer for years; I just love it! Feb 26, 2012
A shopper asked: What happened to the BODY OIL? I used it for years & absolutely loved it. I wish YSL would bring it back. This moisturizer is not as good. Nov 9, 2013
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Sara S: I have used Opium for years and continue to use it as everyone I come in contact with raves about the fragrance on me! I use the lotion and then the perfume as a layering effect and this is my signature scent, love, love it!!! Just a final note just recently on a cruise and tried to get some duty free but was late as this sells out fast so there are many of you out there using this!!! I have never used the body oil so do not have a point of reference in regard to that but I am very satisfied with the moisturizer, please keep on making it!!! Nov 9, 2013
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VIRGINIA N: I have used Opium Body Moisturizer for a long time and I would not trade it for any other moisturizer. It does the job for me. Nov 9, 2013
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Neshia B: I never used the oil, but I do love this moisturizer. Nov 9, 2013
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Mickie f asked: I need this produce (Opium moisturizer) with a pump. Can i get it on this site? Sep 2, 2012
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Katherine H: Actually I've never seen the body moisturizer in a pump-type container. This is the only type container I have ever seen, even when it was carried in Macy's and Nordstrom. Sorry. Sep 2, 2012
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Dawn M: Yes, I bought this product on this site. I received it right away. I love the Opium moisterizer and I will purchase it again from this site. Sep 2, 2012
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VIRGINIA N: This is the site where I get Opium Body Moisturizer, but mine comes without a pump. Hope this helps.

Sep 2, 2012
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Carol D: I have been using this daily for years. It is a squeeze bottle. You could transfer the contents to a pump bottle. Sep 2, 2012
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Marylou S: Yes, I purchased this body moisturizer. The only difference is it does not have a pump. Just squeeze the bottle. Sep 2, 2012
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Linda I: I really dont know Sep 3, 2012
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joseph k: no Sep 2, 2012
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ja s asked: I've used the satin body oil and love it, but cannot find it anymore. So guess I'll try the lotion, but rather use the oil . where can I purchase it ? Apr 24, 2013
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JANE M: I like the cream even better than the moisturizer but use both. Bought them from ysl web site. May 3, 2013
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VIRGINIA N: I really like the Opium Body Moisturizer!!. I can't find it in stores anymore, so I
call my order in to this phone number: 866-725-6791. The moisturizer costs
$51.00.Hope this information helps you
Apr 24, 2013
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Elizbeth C: I just use the lotion. Like you, I can't get the oil. I ordered the lotion from this website. Apr 24, 2013
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Linda I: Online through this website and it is wonderful! Apr 24, 2013
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Sylvia H: satin body oil NO MORE May 2, 2013
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gwen b asked: are there any places to but opium body oil????? Jan 18, 2013
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George S: I use Opium Body Moisturizer on my arms upper body, thighs, and legs after my shower., Jan 18, 2013
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gwen b: my question was ...is there anywhere i can buy opium body oil NOT moisturizer... there should be some place that still carries it or has some bottles left... if anyone knows of a place still carrying oil, please let me know and i would like to buy a few bottles... thank you... gwen Jan 19, 2013
JANE M: Never heard of the oil, sorry, but the lotion and the creme are great! Jan 20, 2013
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Penny T asked: I have recently seen something called "opium deodorant spray"...what is this? Is this the body oil or a lotion? Dec 13, 2012
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Susan D: I never heard of the opium deoderant spray. The picture I see posted here is the body moisurizing lotion. I have been using it for years and love it! It makes your skin soft and smells wonderful! I've gotten many compliments! Hope this helps! Dec 13, 2012
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JANE M: I have never heard of the deodorant spray but I love the moisturizers and the powder. Would like to hear more about it too..... Dec 16, 2012
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A shopper asked: I am looking for the body oil in the spray? Aug 17, 2012
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Elena C: This is not a body oil. It's a body cream moisturizer. It's a milky, white cream that makes your skin smooth and the Opium fragrance from it lasts for hours on your shin. I totally love it. Aug 18, 2012
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Louise F: I would think the makers of this product would be able to tell you what body oil is used. Whatever it is, it's wonderful! I discovered this moisturizer years ago and prefer it on a daily basis to the cologne or perfume. The scent lingers on my skin an entire day and quite often when someone gives me a hug or if I just pass by them, they say, "Oh! You smell so good! " or "What a lovely scent!" I always hope this product will be available and never taken off the market. Aug 18, 2012
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Penny T: I am also looking for the body oil. I heard that it was taken off the market, PLEASE PUT IT BACK ON THE MARKET!! Dec 13, 2012
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A shopper asked: inhaltsstoffe von opium moisturizer ? Jan 18, 2015
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Opium Body Moisturizer

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Fabulous. The first time I used this cream and attended a dinner party, two male friends of ours came up to ask what I was wearing that smelled so nice. Each wanted to get it for his wife. That happens frequently. Just last week at a meeting, a rather formal gentleman was discussing a proposal with me when he asked if he might know what scent I was wearing because it was lovely. And most importantly, my husband loves it. So I'm sticking with it!

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