Rouge Volupté Perle

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I don't like a lot of color on my lips and tried this Volupte Perle in Milky Pink. Glad I did---it's gorgeous on the lips! Can't describe its exact color because while it does look pink it also has a golden/pearly sheen to it. Finally, a pretty pink that's super wearable. I love it! So much that I've purchased 12 of these to keep in storage as back-ups. It does hydrate the lips when you first apply but throughout the day it has a tendancy to dry out and almost make the lips look parched...but at the same time it leaves a faint wash of color. Kind of like the parched pearly look it leaves behind. No worries, I re-apply after lunch and I'm good to go for another 5-hrs. Was lucky enough to also get the vinyl candy eye palette that was launched with this color (avail through SAKS) and the two look amazing together. LOVE YSL!!

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I really enjoy the 107 impetuous beige it comes on a light pinkish beige colour which I really enjoy, it also smells great. The only problem is you have to keep reapplying to your lip for the color to be visible since it's such a light nude colour, but besides that i really recommend this product!

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