Never In A Million Years...

Sep 1, 2015

would I think to use a bronzer that is a crème but goes on your skin like a powder. At first I was skeptical, I will say that. When it arrived I was ready to return it. I was afraid it would feel heavy on my skin. But I did give it a chance and I'm glad I did. This product is awesome!! It is a crème but by some miracle, feels like powder when it's on your skin. It's so light and looks amazing and blends beautifully. I can't say enough good things about this product. Ladies, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy! You'll be very pleased!

Best powder on the market

Aug 15, 2016

The texture is perfect. the color is perfect. And the way it smells is perfect!! LOVE this product and I'll buy it forever!

Not the best but not the worst

Nov 15, 2016

It doesn't have a lot of coverage at all. It is very sheer. It does have a nice color but if your skin is dry don't go for this.