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Best lipgloss

Jan 23, 2017

I am in love with this product. First of all it smells amazing! It lasts for a long time and I love how it feels on my lips and the color is gorgeous!

Best luxury Gloss ever #3, 19 and 30

Nov 20, 2014

Application delivery is easy and smooth. This gloss texture feels luxurious and not that sticky MAC type feeling. For those who love glosses with that touch of fine glitter, this is outstanding and is very moisturizing. I enjoy reapplying this gloss wherever and whenever especially, because the packaging and product speak quality. I am thinking of getting Rose Jersey next which does not have glitter. However, the Nude Carat is gorgeous especially for those who love nudes. I love, love, love only YSL lippies because my lips never peel. I use the YSL lip balm in Pomegranate to sleep and wake up with a hint of rosy lips and it's moisturized. All lip products in this YSL lineup work well with each other.

My first purchase definitely.. not my last!

Dec 5, 2016

Love the texture..doesn't clump never sticky or tacky.. worth every penny!


Dec 14, 2013

I placed an order during the F&F sale, and I was excited to see these as I really loved rouge pur gloss, but this does not compare. The only one that was pigmented was fauvre, but the taste, which I ususally don't mind, was overwhelming. I couldn't stand to wear it for more than a few minutes.. Sad to have to return this.

love it!

Jun 28, 2014

I am new to YSL and just purchased this product. It is awesome. It smells incredible and feels great on. After the gloss wears off, it leaves a light stain. I was shocked that it doesn't have a higher rating, so I decided to leave a review.

best lip gloss ever

Feb 14, 2015

I purchased four of these last Fall, and I love them. I went back and purchased a backup for the LE color. The applicator allows you to put this on with a mirror, if need be. Creamy, not tacky, long lasting, love them!!!!

Beautiful lip gloss!

Jan 16, 2017

I gave 4 of these as Christmas gifts! They were engraved beautifully. What a fabulous gift, you should even buy it for yourself!