Overall rating


by 2 people

Worth the money!

Jan 7, 2014

amazingly worth it. It is great for both dry and oily skin. It is moisturizing but still very good for oily skin. Personally I have very oily skin with acne scars and this just makes my skin evenly smooth with four pumps. To sum it up:

*It is medium to full coverage
*Satin finish that looks like real hydrated skin
*Covers large pores and smooths out scarring
*Gives a healthy glow after a couple hours. (Must use setting spray or VERY light setting powder)

Use primer and/or setting spray to really maximize this product.

Best Foundation I have used

Aug 3, 2016

I have been using this foundation for over a year and LOVE it!!!! During the summer I get a shade darker and my shade BD 50 is out of stock.