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My go-to foundation

Jul 27, 2017

Super disappointed that Sephora stopped carrying this.

the most natural, buildable cocerage

Jun 21, 2017

A little goes a long way. The coverage is amazing and natural looking. It's a great foundation for those with oily skin

Fusion Fan and not a liquid foundation person

Nov 17, 2016

Because of oily skin, I've been a mineral powder foundation user. I tried this on a whim. It's the only liquid foundation I've found that melts into your skin with zero greasiness or stickiness. It covers just enough to make my flaws and pores disappear. Yet it still lets your skin show through. No color change. I've tried other brands, but nothing compares to the wonderful silky weightless formula. The applicator can be a bit messy, but I prefer the spackle to a dropper. To me it's easier to apply it directly on areas of face. I use more than a few drops, but it's not cakey. I usually brush my t zone with powder foundation to set. Love the variety of shades that I can vary when I'm getting more sun.

All star Product!! Favorite foundation

May 28, 2017

This is my second bottle of the same product. It is fantastic! It is very suitable for girls like me who wants to spend least time on the make up routine but still wants to look good all day. It wears like a feather. And it is fine just to put with your hand. However it does not last 24 hours on me. But it is still good for 8 hours. The reason I am giving 4 star instead of 5 is that the expiration on the bottle I receive is only only 9 months from the the deliver date. For something that can be stores 12 months after opening. It is a bit too close

Terrible compared to the Youth Liberator

Apr 2, 2017

I tried this foundation three years ago and it wasn't great but I had faith in YSL and tried the Youth Liberator Foundation. After switching to YL, I had a foundation crisis and had to pick up more and didn't have time to wait for the shipping time for the YL (they don't carry it at Sephora) and so went to the mall and grabbed this one. After using the YL, this looked terrible on me. It was SO heavy, didn't look like real skin, looked too orangey, and broke me out.

I immediately returned this and purchased the Youth Liberator again and was extatic to have that one back. Will never order this one again and I have to save I'm EXTREMELY disappointed that YSL is discontinuing the Youth Liberator Serum Foundation. In my opinion, this one should be the one to be discontinued.

I guess YSL just lost my business. :/


Jan 25, 2017

Wow!!!! This is amazing foundation! I am so glad I ran across this, I'm 53 and have searched for a holy grail foundation and I have finally found it! I will never use any other foundation again! This foundation goes on pretty oily but sets to a beautiful matte and makes your skin feel so soft, also it does not settle into my lines and does not transfer onto anything, lasts for 24 hours and that's no lie! YSL you have me for life!!

Best foundation I've ever purchased

Sep 14, 2016

My skin tone is light and I find it hard to find matching foundation. This one not only matches,but has an amazing finish, perfect coverage, is not caky! And touching your face after putting this foundation feels like toucking silk. Only few little drops is enough. And it smells amazing.

Love this foundation!!

Aug 17, 2014

I am extremely picky about foundations. Tried a sample recently and purchased it today. It is a unique foundation...soft matte yet hydrating, not heavy yet covers and does stay on fairly well. I will not purchase foundations that provide all day coverage. I feel as though my skin can't breathe and they clog my pores. Although I have combo normal/oily skin, this foundation has not made my face break out.

Best Foundation Ever

Apr 19, 2017

I am so happy I tried this foundation a recommendation from my daughter will not use anything else!!!!

The Best

Mar 15, 2016

I got turned on to this after the other one I used was discontinued from my consultant at NM in Dallas, Texas North Park Mall. It is the best, and my skin looks great when I apply it!!!

Amazing light-weight foundation!! My skin looks FLAWLESS but real. Get it!!!!!!!

Sep 13, 2014

I can't explain how amazing my skin looks with this foundation on. It covers fantastically, but it also gives a filling and blurring effect to the skin, so even where my skin is textured and my pores are larger, when I wear this it looks like I have been photo-shopped in real life. It also really does wear ALL DAY. It doesn't disappear mid-day like most foundations. No need to re-apply! The color range is great too. I have olive-y skin and the shade BD50 was perfect for me.

I also like that is is 'soft matte'. Its kind of a cross between a matte and a satin. It isn't flat and looks very realistic and skin-like. When I wear it I get compliments on my skin all day long, especially when I pair it with my Touche Eclat pen! Thank you YSL for making such an amazing foundation. Im telling all my friends about it.

Note: The directions above say to use your fingers to blend, which totally works, but I have been buffing this on with a synthetic fluffy brush and I find that I get more pigmentation with even LESS product. I highly recommend using a fluffier brush and really whipping it around on the skin so the pigments overlap. The coverage and smooth texture it creates really can't be matched by any other foundation on the market!


Dec 12, 2016

My skin a little dry now can only be used in the summer

Great product !!

Dec 11, 2016

I love how this foundation gave me a medium - full coverage and made me skin feel like silk. However, I would not recommend this product to people who have oily, or combination to oily skin because throughout the day, the oil on the face would seperate the foundation and make it looks very bumpy.

Date of manufacture: July 2014???!!! :(

Nov 27, 2016

I bought it several days ago and then found the date of manufacture is TWO YEARS AGO???!!! Excuse me??

Super disappointed :(

Love love love this foundation!!!

Dec 19, 2016

It truly stays on all day! It's lightweight and touchable .

Return purchase

Dec 6, 2016

So silky smooth and easily blended. Has just enough moisturizer

The best foundation I ever tried.

Sep 15, 2016

I've tried many brands but this one is absolutely wonderful!
I deeply recommend.

Great Foundation

Mar 26, 2015

Fusion Ink Foundation wears like a second skin and creates a flawless all day look. I wear it with the Youth Liberator Serum and my skin looks perfect and feels great.


Feb 13, 2015

BR20 works perfectly for those of us who wore BR10. It lasts a good 12 hours, I love this new formula, and yes, I would purchase again. A little goes a long way. I have found using my fingertips is the best way to apply, then buff it our lightly with a buffing brush. When I get the slightly oil slick on my nose after about 6 hours of wear, I just lightly use my fingertips and blend and it looks perfect again. No additional product is added. I have tried and own many foundations. This is one of the best! Especially in the warm weather. But I also have no issues in the cold weather season.


Oct 22, 2016

Best makeup base I have ever used it goes on so smooth and stays on all day.