Hydra Feel

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I know, I am going to sound like a ridiculous advertisement, but I can't help it, this product is truly amazing! (And sorry, if my English is not truly perfect...) I have dry, sensitive skin. In winter, it gets virtually unmanageable. Everything I have tried until now was just making it more or less bearable, but nothing helped, from very high end products to very natural ones like olive oil and even medicinal products. And it was visible, lately, a nice shop assistant wouldn't let me go until I had bought a pot of Hydra Feel Water Gel Moisturizer. "Your skin is so dry and flaked, you can't leave it like that!", she said. Well, I thought, it's going to be as usual - or make it worse, but I'll give it a try. She seemed so convinced. And then I applied it and then... Incredible! I felt something was working on my skin. But it didn't get red, it felt very fresh and very relaxing and it got sooo smooth, virtually instantly. And now, way after 24 hours, it still feels the same. And it looks great! I touch it all the time and think: This must be magic! It can't be true! No flakes, totally smooth skin, fine wrinkles gone, tone much more even. I look in the mirror and think every time: Wow! Is this really my skin? It hasn't looked this good for a very long time! I can't tell anything about long term use though, I've just started to use it. But I am really thrilled so far. Thank you for this product!

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