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Words Cannot Express...

Aug 29, 2011

What a great product! Smooth, thick formula lightens, brightens, firms and without a doubt the best eye cream I've ever used.

I'm a believer

Sep 7, 2012

I am super skeptical about beauty products and most of the time I notice little to no difference of a supermarket brand vs. a high end one. I may be delusional but I swear this is the ONLY eye cream where I feel it actually is better than any other I've tried. I am 38 and for years I started to notice tiny fine lines & I thought it was just downhill from there. I started using this product (after several others seemed to do nothing) and the lines started feeling less an less noticeable. I've been using it for at least 5 years now & my lines don't seem to have gotten worse which I think is saying something. Anyway, it's not cheap so I hope I'm not just imagining how great this is! ; ) The upside is that one tub lasts me at least 6 months.