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The most beautiful rose scent in the world

Sep 11, 2016

I love the smell of roses and YSL Paris is the most delicious rose scent of all. I have used it for a few years and I regret not havinging found it earlier. Not too sweet or cloying. It does not overwhelm but gives enough to make you feel luxuriant.


Aug 11, 2016

I have worn this perfume for many years. I have had people run after me on the street to ask what scent I am wearing. It is always delightful, and I hope they never stop making it. I prefer to purchase it from YSL to avoid knock offs. Love the scent!

The best fragrance of all time.

Jan 7, 2012

I absolutely LOVE this fragrance! I use this all the time because it even smells great to me ALL day long! I get the most compliments from this one. People have told me they "want to walk behind me all day because I smell so good".

Best Perfume ever

Jul 25, 2013

this is the best perfume I have ever worn. I have been wearing Paris perfume for over 25 years and its still the best perfume I have ever used.
the main fragrance smells like a dozen roses; I just love it. also, I bought it direct from YSL because I wanted the 1.6 oz eau de parfum and it was the only way to get that size. Another reason to buy direct is that you know you will get the actual real perfume and not a knock off.
I recommend Paris and I recommend YSL direct.

YSL Paris Eau De Parfum Spray

Aug 25, 2011

Is one of the best perfume's that I have ever smelled. It makes you think of a walk in a garden with the scent of roses all around you. I would recommend this perfume to anyone who loves floral scents.

Paris perfume, forever

Jun 30, 2013

I have been wearing Paris since I was 16. I am addicted. I am now 41. I recently was told by a man in his 30's that it smelled like 'Granny' perfume. Nearly broke my heart;) But, overall, I get many compliments and it is my signature scent.