Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre

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I have tried other YSL lipsticks but this by far has to be one of my favorites! The colours are amazing and the fact that it also moisterizes is a big plus for any season. I absolutely LOVE the shimmering aspect. Gives the colours a sort of 3D effect without looking like you're wearing your teenagers glitter gloss! Thak you YSL for another great product!

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has similar pigmentation to the original Rouge Pur Couture but the consistency is very different. The flecks of gold are really beautiful and give lips a fuller appearance but are not grainy at all like Dior lipsticks that have shimmer. The color selection is excellent but do not expect a full coverage lipstick. Golden Lustre provides a nice veil of strong color but medium coverage is a stretch. For a variation on a YSL lipstick this is a welcome addition. It still provides a stain and the packaging is distinguished by a gold "buffer" on the tube (as opposed to black) so if you own multiple colors of Rouge Pur Couture you can pick the Golden Lustre out quickly. Overall it looses one star because of the wear time, my only complaint. It will stay bright for a few hours as opposed to five but still definitely worth the investment.

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Amazing. I liken this lipstick to a high end lip balm, but it has a gorgeous wash of color which is infused with gold specks. During these cold winter months I usually need to supplement lipstick with many balms, etc. but this lipstick is phenomenal in that it does double duty to keep your lips moist and never chapped. I have quite literally abandoned all over my other go-to lipsticks since I discovered this new golden lustre line, and it's all that I want to wear anymore.

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