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More than a highlighter for brown skin...

Oct 10, 2016

I love the Touch Eclat #6 (Luminous Amber) so much I purchased two. I use this as an all over just to deal with some redness I have in spots...that occurs for no reason and not always in the same place (LOL); or as a way to deal with the discoloration around my eyes- which is darker than the rest of my complexion. I've tried other popular brands but the reason I LOVE this is the way it matches my skin tone once blended. It is very challenging to find products to match black skin tones. I have found only one other (L.A. colors concealer in Dark) but they no longer make it. Usually I have to custom mix to get the right match and even that can be sketchy :) Since I don't have pics- think O. Winfrey, Gabrielle Union, Angela Bassett- skin tones (when not overlit in their photos). I hopt YSL will make a light coverage foundation of the same color- it's so important however to keep the formulation used in the Touche Eclat b/c often times a new product introduction goes awry by loosing what makes the original so amazing. In this case, the creaminess, blendability, buildability, and moderate coverage for a light feeling on the face. Also- my face is terribly sensitive- I can't even use some so-called organic products because they irritate. I've never had any issues with this product- which makes me very merry! I'll probably subscribe....Love TE #6- Thanks YSL!!!!

They Aren't Kidding!

Oct 14, 2012

They aren’t kidding when they say it’s like 8 hours of sleep in the click of a pen! I thought I had coined the phrase myself but found I was tardy to the stupendous job this product really does. I’ve been using it for about 2-3 years now… as soon as it came out. It’s truly amazing and does exactly what it says it will do. I’m a man and I use this product to completely banish the dark circles I have had under my eyes ever since I can remember. It erases the dark circles and brightens your whole face as it works under your eyes. I understand there are many uses of this product as a “highlighter” but I can only speak to the terrific job it does under my eyes. You’ll look bright, well rested and ready to tackle the day with what looks like a full and good night’s sleep – even when you only caught a few hours on the plane on the way home from business. The bottom line is… it works, it does what it says it will do and it does it darn good! You won’t be disappointed with Touche Eclat!

Does it all

Aug 29, 2011

Touche Eclat and it truly does it all.I have worked for every major cosmetic company either as a makeup artist or trainer and have never used a product that does so much and so well.I always tell women if you can only afford one splurge this is it. Thank you YSL!

Aug 25, 2011

can use as both highlight and concealer.Highly recommend it.

Aug 25, 2011

super! I love the way it brightens my skin and it is now one of my favorite products. Definitely worth the price.

Wonderful Concealer

Aug 25, 2011

Product goes on easily and is light, but covers evenly and completely.

Holy Grail

Jun 21, 2012

This is by far the best highlighter, eye-brightener, luminizer that I have ever seen. I also use it in the creases around my mouth (I used to smoke, such a nasty habit) and they seriously disappear. Gerat product and would recommend to anyone.

Concealer & Highlighter

Aug 28, 2011

I've heard and read lots of positive reviews on magazines and decided to give it a try. Fall in love with it. Use it under eyes to cover up dark circle and on T-zone to create a luminous look. Silky texture makes it really easy to blend! It doesn't dry out your skin like most concealers do. 14 different shades available so you can easily find the perfect one for you.

Nice Smooth Finish

Mar 11, 2015

I am very pale and have some freckles. I don't like wearing a heavy base and use this to help hilight my face some. It also works nicely to dull out some of the darker freckles. I love how smooth a finish it leaves, as if it isn't even there.

Perfect !!!

Aug 25, 2011

I don't know why it has taken me this long to try this concealer? I am so glad I finally did, because this truly is the holy grail of all concealers. Not only does it give you an instant, luminous "wide awake" appearance when you're trying to conceal dark circles, but this gem does not settle into fine lines/creases. A little goes a VERY long way, so please don't let the cost dissuade you from trying this concealer. It also layers beautifully for a more full coverage effect, yet maintaining a "natural" appearance that we're all trying to achieve. I ordered this product in the color #8; FINALLY a company that TRULY makes a product with yelllow-undertones that does not at all appear too yellow or peachy or orange-y in color. I cannot rave enough about this concealer. It now makes me want to try out other YSL products

Can't live without

Aug 25, 2011

Love it!
Brightens and cover My undereye circles.
Used it for over 10 years.

my best beauty secret

Aug 25, 2011

this product is a life saver. I wanted a product that worked well and felt natural. As soon as I used it I noticed the difference and it boosted my confidence, plus, my hubby complimented me on how radiant my skin looked...so now I can't live without it.

Best concealer

May 30, 2012

The one thing I can't live without. Always keep one in the wings so I don't have to worry.about running out although it does last a long time It only came in one color when I started using it so that should tell you how long I've been a devotee

Great product!!:)

Aug 25, 2011

Love this product!!:) already on my second one!
Light coverage and doesn't cake :D


Aug 25, 2011

This product is all that you have stated and more.This is a product you don't want to be without.This is a cosmetic bag essential.

Awesome product!

Jul 23, 2014

This is awesome product, will buy it one more time!!!!

The best product ever!!

Jul 11, 2011

great for touch ups, overall looks! You just can not go wrong!

Touche 'Eclat

Jun 21, 2012

This is a Multi Task Product which is a 'Must Have'.
While subtle on application it is unique in the many facets of perfection attained

makes you shine

Aug 27, 2011

I use this product from 10 years. It gives you every morning a luminous appearance without underline those little lines across the eye. It's perfect as eye shadow primer and makes it last all day. I always keep it in my bag!.