Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Waterproof

Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Waterproof

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Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Waterproof


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MASCARA VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS WATERPROOF for a dramatic false lash effect now available in a waterproof formula. The unique brush is designed to work specifically with the new formula for to maximize lash volume and 24-hour hold.

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Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Waterproof
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Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Linda L: Great product May 20, 2015
Kay B: Was recommended by customer. Apr 24, 2015
Jeanneth G: someone told me it was good. Apr 24, 2015
jackie q: my favorite mascara of all time!! Apr 22, 2015
Beth R: I am replacing this Mascara that I bought when travelling to NYC and like it very much. I have reddish blond hair and live in a rural setting. The color is natural looking for this more conservative environment and I wanted waterproof mascara so as to prevent smudging. I am hoping that if I use the mascara more often and replensh it , it will not dry out. It is a joy to use when new. Mar 26, 2015
Jody D: Best waterproof mascara and color is perfect Mar 23, 2015
Paula O: I have used this mascara and find it's the best on the market!!! Love it so much, I even have my niece using it!! Mar 13, 2015
Dena H: I'm looking for a great waterproof mascara for vacation Mar 11, 2015
Amanda C: because I get the most compliments regarding my eyelashes when I wear the YSL faux effects mascara. I like the waterproof better than the regular....I live in a humid climate. The waterproof does better than non-waterproof. Mar 5, 2015
Danielle B: This is amazing! Highly recommended!! Feb 27, 2015
Lucy W: I am thoroughly pleased and satified with YSL waterproof mascra!!!! I have reached the mature mark and have tried, probably 15 + types of mascras (both premium and "standard" ) and nothing but YSL complements MY TYPE OF EYELASHES. All other brands have weighed down my eyelashes. YSL mascra keeps my eyelashes curled after application!!!!! and the curl stay!! I LOVE IT..... PLUS .... NO SMUDGING NO SMEARS!!! I GET COMPLEMENTS AT WORK : ) Feb 14, 2015
Chevon H: This mascara had great reviews, thought I would check it out! Feb 10, 2015
Carlena M: Good Reviews Feb 9, 2015
Carrie J: Love product! Excellent waterproof mascara! Feb 1, 2015
Liza L: I like volume and the brish they use really works! Feb 1, 2015
janet y: i did a search online for best waterproof mascara and this came up so i thought i would give it a try...i have tried many, many that have not worked so i am keeping my fingers crossed that this is truly a water proof mascara and will stay on my lashes and not run or smudge like so many other so called water proof mascara have done.... Jan 29, 2015
MARTINE V: the best color Jan 20, 2015
vanessa s: this mascara does not weigh down my lashes and gives great volume! Jan 14, 2015
miri s: best waterproof ever Jan 10, 2015
deborra h: saw it in Fitness magazine Jan 4, 2015
Carol B: Your mascara is the best mascara I have ever used! It is the only mascara that keeps my lashes looking great from morning til night. Truly waterproof! Dec 30, 2014
Thu Phuong D: I've been using it for the last 3 years and I haven't found any thing better Dec 14, 2014
Tammy G: Gift Dec 13, 2014
Andreea B: Love this mascara! Have been using it for a long time! No clumping, full effect and truly stay on! Dec 13, 2014
Valerie S: It is my holy grail mascara with the perfect thin brush for my short almost non-existent eyelashes Dec 7, 2014
Rujun W: Looks great in the drama. Nov 30, 2014
daniel u: i just love your brand i know i will love it i shop at nordroms store i got me 3 lipsticks on your brand ysl and i love them so much... Nov 22, 2014
Christine A: lovely mascara - does not "clump" and stays on through rain and tears Nov 21, 2014
Marilyn B: Voted best waterproof mascara Nov 11, 2014
Beverly W: I've purchased it before and I LOVE it. Nov 9, 2014
Sandra M: This waterproof mascara is fabulous! Nov 1, 2014
James H: Familiar with this product - extremely satisfied! Oct 24, 2014
Melanie F: Although I consider this mascara pricey, it is the best lash lengthening mascara I have ever used. Sep 16, 2014
Cindy C: My mascara tends to smear after a few hours at work, so I am hoping this will have the same lovely effect as the non-waterproof. The reviews seem to indicate that it will. Aug 7, 2014
Pam F: I love mascara's and this is also something I wanted to try! I don't mind spending the money if I've found a favorite new product! Jul 28, 2014
Jolanta K: I do like a quality of this product, it works for me. May 11, 2014
Charlotte D: It really stays on in water and makes my lashes look a lot bigger May 11, 2014
Lee R: The best mascara I've ever tried! May 7, 2014
Avery G: used it before, it's great Apr 15, 2014
Matt T: Because I heart victor Apr 15, 2014
Trupti P: Love the shock effect of this color on tan skin! Apr 12, 2014
testFN t: because of... Mar 17, 2014
Cavelle H: Does not smudge, truly long lasting! Mar 16, 2014
Lanxuan J: I LOVE IT! Mar 4, 2014
Vyachelav B: My wife likes it. Feb 11, 2014
Ashley N: Color is very vivid; stays on all day Jan 26, 2014
Deiadra A: Makes your eyelashes appear so long! I have tried many many different brands and this is the best hands down!! People always ask me if I am wearing fake eyelashes! Jan 20, 2014
Monica C: I received a sample and I love it Jan 14, 2014
Louise T: I tried a sample of YSL Mascara and I thought it was really amazing so I wanted to get a waterproof version that would last through my workouts. Jan 6, 2014
Isabel B: It makes my lashes look thick and lush and does not smear. Dec 12, 2013
Yang F: I have used it before, and I like it Nov 30, 2013
Caitlynn P: I love the fact that it is a beautiful blue shade and waterproof Nov 21, 2013
cindy/rayz of lite f: unbelievable false lash look!!! absolutely the BEST! Oct 22, 2013
Jane J: Trying out a product new to me. Oct 1, 2013
Jacqueline L: It's Yves Saint Laurent! Why wouldn't I? Sep 13, 2013
Korina C: On line reviews Sep 5, 2013
Darline P: This waterproof mascara is great! It does not bleed into my eyes and it is easily removable at the end of the day. Aug 16, 2013
Tara M: the color; I am a redhead w/fair skin and cannot wear black or brown mascara Jul 21, 2013
connie l: have purchased before and loved it ! The color is the best ! Jul 9, 2013
Allison M: Great to have around in the summer for the pool or beach! Jun 28, 2013
Audrey S: i absoultel love love this mascara, my favorite Jun 27, 2013
Sue C: have been usingn faux cils and decided to try the waterproof version because I use eye drops quite often May 19, 2013
nuria v: hoping this product will replace the aquaresistant product Apr 24, 2013
Amanda S: It is simply the best waterproof mascara I have found. I'm Asian, so my eyelashes are on the shorter side, thin and straight. This mascara goes on easily and thickens lashes without clumping (easy to comb through with an eyelash comb for a very natural look). It has vitamin B complexes in it to keep lashes from getting brittle. Great staying power (stays on until I want to take it off) and removes easily with eye makeup remover. Jan 26, 2013
Kellee K: I chose this mascara because it is waterproof and there is a variety of color choices. Now, I am very curious as to how well the mascara works. This is my first purchase from Yves Saint Laurent Jan 7, 2013
JILL M: IMPULSE Dec 17, 2012
Stephanie S: Simply the best mascara of all the brands. Dec 13, 2012
Cindy H: Great colours! Wears well, makes lashes thicker and longer. Dec 6, 2012
channing f: just returned from a trip to hawaii, and purchased this mascara beforehand. i was so excited when i was able to spend time in/under the water without my mascara running. perfection! Nov 23, 2012
Victoria S: I love YSL shocking blue, it wears better then Dior, and it does not bother my dry eyes and contacts. I was told at Saks counter to always make sure the cap is fully turned so the logo lines up to prevent it from drying out the way Dior does. I am looking forward to trying on your bright purple and jade black on my green eyes to compliment a new mauve lipstick wardrobe. Nov 22, 2012
Greta L: like your brand, and friend's recommendation Nov 19, 2012
dong g: from friends that shes is using it Oct 21, 2012
Lisa D: This is the best mascara I have ever bought- it does not clump and really makes my lashes look longer and thicker. It is worth the money. Just wish it didn't dry out so quickly. Oct 16, 2012
ann s: need something that doesn't clump Oct 9, 2012
Boris S: See my other feedbacks Oct 3, 2012
Ioana D: Waterproof property, and the YSL brand. Sep 28, 2012
Janice T: Saw demo on youtube Sep 16, 2012
BLAIR S: for the color Aug 16, 2012
BLAIR S: for the color Aug 16, 2012
Virginia T: I like a mascara that actually adhers to my eyelashes and is brown. Most brands flake off and do not come in brown shades Aug 9, 2012
Lisa A F: Waterproof needed - I wish waterproof was available in "SHOCKING" Jul 16, 2012
Lisalee W: You make the best waterproof mascara on the market, and I both love eye makeup and have a condition that requires me to use eyedrops several times a day. I cannot walk around with raccoon eyes. Jul 11, 2012
Laraine Z: It sounds interesting and I would like to try it Jul 8, 2012
Sarah R: Regular Effet Faux Cils is fabulous. Just need the waterproof for summer Jun 28, 2012
Caroline H: Interested in trying this out. Jun 27, 2012
Rachel B: Mentioned on the show "How to look good naked" as a great mascara to use. Jun 6, 2012
sam h: great thickness and color Jun 2, 2012
A shopper asked: do you wear mascra all the time? Dec 21, 2013
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BLAIR S: Yes for about 95% of the time I wear makeup. It's the one thing that makes the most difference on my face. Dec 21, 2013
Reply to BLAIR Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
betsy l: Put it on every morning and take it off every night. Dec 22, 2013
Reply to betsy Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Amanda S: Yes, every time I wear makeup. Dec 23, 2013
Reply to Amanda Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
fdg d: -8098098 Jul 1, 2014
Reply to fdg Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Nicole A asked: Will this mascara (the waterproof one) stay put in 90 degree water? Apr 28, 2015
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Courtenay A: I used the mascara at the beach and loved it.
I used it throughout my daughters' graduations, cried happily (I do that), and never gave my eyes a thought.
I've never tried it in 90 degree water but in my experience this is the best waterproof mascara I've tried--with my oily eye lids and all!
I have tried very good mascaras that are MEANT to be removed with warm water and come off like rubber lash coverings, if that is what you meant.
This is the traditional waterproof mascara that comes off best with the YSL remover (tried the Neutragena remover with it and was a mucky mess).
It's worth the try!
My only complaint was the rubber stopper at the top of the tube came loose one day and product wasn't distributed evenly after that-- it was unusual. I'd had the mascara for a month by then. I bought another tube and never experienced it again.
Apr 28, 2015
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Nicole A: I'm trying to determine if it will last through a therapy pool session. I know many "waterproof" mascaras come off with warm water. I want to know if this is one of them. Apr 28, 2015
Courtenay A: No. This is the old fashioned waterproof mascara that needs help coming off.
You'll be ok. Apr 28, 2015
Darline P: I have worn this mascara in hot tubs before and it has always stayed on and has never run off of my lashes. It will also stay put during a swim or a workout. When I wear eyeliner I use YSL's waterproof eye pencil as well. Apr 29, 2015
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Debra O: Yes! Just returned from trip to Cuba where humidity and temperatures were in the 90's. Play tennis and run in the southeast year round. Only mascara I wear. May 1, 2015
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Sari C: I have found this to be an excellent mascara which is long lasting and yes.. Even in water! Apr 28, 2015
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Robert N: Really? Apr 28, 2015
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cassie s asked: do your eyelashes look any different when using the waterproof compared to the original? Dec 6, 2012
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Cindy H: I haven't noticed a difference in how my eyelashes look when using the waterproof formula compared to the original. I do like the Faux Cils line in general. My lashes look longer and fuller and the product is long wearing and am preferring this brand to other mascaras that I've worn in the past. Hope this helps! Dec 6, 2012
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Amanda S: No, but the waterproof formula stays on better for me. Dec 23, 2013
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cassie s: Thank you so much! Dec 7, 2012
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A shopper asked: a girlfriend of mine, loves and swears on your makeup and loves the 40 HNOO volume effect faux mascara, I'm trying to order it but not sure whicth one to other on line, please help! I really want my eye lashes to shine and to look like they are mine and last all day????? Jan 30, 2013
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A shopper asked: also looking for Artliner Lancome Noir Eye liner, do you have it? Jan 30, 2013
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Customer Reviews

Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Waterproof

Overall rating

I was so disappointed when I found out that Mascara Aquaresistant was discontinued. To my surprise, you replaced it with Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Waterproof. This new mascara lengthens and volumizes my lashes. My lashes are stick straight and this formula keeps them curled. I'm very happy with this product!!

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 91 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

I am constantly looking for a mascara that lengthens without being clumpy or weighing down my lashes. I am in heaven now! This mascara goes on smooth and remains light all day. I tried this mascara for free but all my opinions are my own and I am thrilled to have discovered it

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 21 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

I got this because I love the original effet faux cils, but it always ends up on my brow bone, so I don't wear it. This brush is not the same as the original. It separates the lashes more and does not give the fluffy look that the original does. Even with makeup remover I can't get all of it off, so I imagine that it would be great at the beach. It is deceptive that it's called "effet faux cils" because the look and feel is nothing like the original.

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 95 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

I have purchased several tubes of this mascara. EVERY tube I have used has a defect in the mechanism that cleans the applicator for application. The mascara seems to thicken after a couple of weeks and begins to look clumpy on my lashes. I loved the old formula and applicator that was available 5 years ago.Please just bring back the old waterproof formula and applicator.

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 85 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

I love my new YSL mascara. I love the color and I love how it elongates my lashes. It doesn't clump up like cheap mascaras. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 18 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

I Love this mascara! I hate wearing Faux lashes! they are such a hassle to apply, then you can see them in your peripheral vision! This mascara takes care of that! I love using this everyday! Its also doesn't cause irritation like most fiber mascaras. it creates so much volume i can finally throw my falsies out!

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 6 people find this review useful. Problem with this review