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Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Karen F: never heard of this. May 28, 2015
Brandi M: Smelled in the store and it smelled really good May 25, 2015
Yelena K: Trying a new parfum. May 24, 2015
Lisa F: Nice color packaging. May 23, 2015
Edith A: Wanted to try it May 17, 2015
debra w: have not tried this before, but everything they make is nice. May 15, 2015
Wendi B: I love perfum. I want to try a new smell.....and the reviews for this are great. May 13, 2015
Ireti O: i want to check this sample May 11, 2015
Lourdes G: Want to try a new fragrance May 8, 2015
Prudence C: Thought I'd try it. May 8, 2015
GENIE GENEMATAS Ê: wanted to see what it is like May 5, 2015
Veronica U: just to try it Apr 29, 2015
pj e: Thought I would try new scent have not like any YSL since 70's . Apr 28, 2015
Qianwen A: i've tried before. Apr 26, 2015
Charles O: First try Apr 26, 2015
Ying L: like Apr 26, 2015
Vinati M: Looks like a lovely product Apr 23, 2015
Karen H: Liked the name Apr 22, 2015
Nicole C: Nicest spray I've ever come across Apr 20, 2015
L M: Have never tried and very curious to find out how I like it. Apr 19, 2015
Sarah R: I like Jasmine so I wanted to try it Apr 16, 2015
Frederick B: Travel sized sample Apr 13, 2015
Margaret M C: Did not know how to get two of the Opium 1.5ml / 0.05 fl. oz samples on the internet. So will see if this is scent is good??? Apr 13, 2015
Austin J: Good reviews- wanted sample. Apr 13, 2015
janet w: See what it smells like. Apr 11, 2015
Nerica S: not really interested in the other stuff Apr 10, 2015
Samantha T: Curiosity Apr 6, 2015
Monica W: I want to know it Apr 5, 2015
Dawne C: There are a few YSL perfumes that I like but I haven't tried this one yet. I wish you had a few more women's perfume choices as there are a few more I'd like to try. Apr 4, 2015
S H: I wanted to try it out to see if I like it. Apr 4, 2015
Michelle P: I wanted to experience it ! Apr 2, 2015
june b: ive never smelt it Mar 31, 2015
Harlequin M: Wanna try some from YSL Mar 31, 2015
Jill S: like to try different scents Mar 30, 2015
June W: Wonderfully delightful scent! Mar 29, 2015
linda o: Try sample Mar 29, 2015
Shirley L: Just want to try it. Mar 28, 2015
Cary G: Excited to try Mar 28, 2015
Toni G: Trying something new Mar 27, 2015
Lynice S: Love smells Mar 26, 2015
Lim S: cuz i want to use this someday. Mar 26, 2015
Kelly G: I Ant to see how it smells bc it's on the must have list Mar 24, 2015
Kathy B: I have been wanting to try this fragrance. Many people like it and say it is well done. Mar 20, 2015
Elizabeth P: smell wonderful on everyone Mar 20, 2015
Helen O: Curiosity Mar 18, 2015
Jennice S: just wanted to try something different Mar 17, 2015
Carolyn S: Just trying Mar 16, 2015
Janice W: I wanted to try it. I have worn rive gauche and love it. Mar 16, 2015
MARTHA P: Only other perfume sample available Mar 15, 2015
DIXIE A U: Just want to try it Mar 13, 2015
Cynthia L C: Curious to try scent. Mar 12, 2015
barbara l: never tried before Mar 11, 2015
Xiaotian T: I am interested in! Mar 10, 2015
Zehua S: Good Mar 9, 2015
marina g: Because i Wanna try it. Mar 8, 2015
Jane C: I liked the gold lettering on the purple background color Mar 8, 2015
Theresa P: Curious Mar 8, 2015
Kimberly C M: Curious Mar 4, 2015
Robin C: I love Opium, thought I'd try this one. Feb 28, 2015
Michelle S: Love the scent. Please don't discontinue!!!!!!! Feb 26, 2015
Donna G: yolo Feb 21, 2015
Marla H: I have heard a lot about this fragrance but never tried it. I chose this sample so I could see if it is something I will order next. Feb 13, 2015
Lisa B: daughter likes it and I want to try it Feb 5, 2015
Alexandra C: I wanted to try this scent. Feb 3, 2015
sandra b: Want to use it in my closet. Feb 2, 2015
romilia d: interested in trying out new scent Jan 26, 2015
Rebecca L T: I want to try this. Jan 23, 2015
Charlene D: Something new! Jan 22, 2015
Hannah A: Curious about the fragrance Jan 16, 2015
Nga T: I love the beautiful smell of this one and handy to carry in evening clutch when go out Jan 7, 2015
Mercedes M: I wanted everyone I know to experience this so I picked this one so that i can give this one away Jan 3, 2015
Sheela C: giving it a try... Dec 18, 2014
Juliet A: Would like to try it Dec 16, 2014
Maria C: I want to see Dec 16, 2014
Debra B: Curious Dec 12, 2014
isangozi o: Sample it Dec 11, 2014
Yuchen S: For Try On. Dec 8, 2014
govi r: trial Dec 8, 2014
barbara d: wanted to try Dec 7, 2014
Andrea Hudson P: Experimenting with a new scent with Manifesto. Dec 7, 2014
Jiaqi X: just randomly choose it Dec 7, 2014
Patricia O: Not sure how this smells, so the sample has been chosen! Dec 5, 2014
Yinghua W: Want to try. Dec 5, 2014
ZHENNAN W: LOVE IT Dec 4, 2014
Deidre S: Just sent to try something new Dec 3, 2014
Rhonda M: Trying something new. Dec 2, 2014
Debra S: I want to know what it is all about. Dec 2, 2014
Eric E: To sample it Dec 1, 2014
Pamela P: Something new to try. Nov 30, 2014
Kisha M: I'm interesed in trying this scent. Nov 30, 2014
Samara K: Couldn't figure out how to get 2 opium samples so chose this as default for second sample Nov 29, 2014
Marisol A: Try Nov 28, 2014
Pawel K: I check if that will be nice and my girlfriend loved it Nov 27, 2014
lisa s: something new. Nov 26, 2014
ceri e: Wanted to try something new Nov 26, 2014
Lan P: I have this one and like the smell. Nov 26, 2014
Audrey Hong N: Sample for my clutch. ;) Nov 26, 2014
Andzhela T: To try and if I will like it,I will buy it Nov 23, 2014
dominique m: wanted to try it Nov 23, 2014
Pamela S: Want to try requested this sample Nov 21, 2014
Azra T: Curious. Nov 20, 2014
Susanne B: Have been using for several years and like it a lot. Doesn't look too heavy, but stays for most of the day. Prefer it over pencils or liquids. Nov 19, 2014
Barbara M: Curious about the scent, hoping it will be something I can add to my favorites. Nov 18, 2014
Patricia D: I have been wanting to try this fragrance, and believe all YSL fragrances are a great value and beautiful scents. Nov 18, 2014
Alice W: Not familiar with fragrance. Wanted to try it. Nov 17, 2014
Kathy R: Wanted to try something new Nov 14, 2014
ZYB S: good Nov 10, 2014
Bernice M: Wanted to try something new Nov 9, 2014
LuAnn T: Wanted to try this fragrance. Nov 5, 2014
Tamara B: I wanna try it. Nov 5, 2014
Yixiao C: I always ask for perfume when selecting samples. I never know if I like the product after at least five times of wearing. Oct 24, 2014
Martha W: Wanted to try this Oct 23, 2014
Yu C: I want to try it. Oct 15, 2014
Donna B: I thought it would be a good purse size. Oct 7, 2014
Dawn F: I have never tried any YSL perfumes other than Opium so I want to try something new. I hope I like it! Sep 27, 2014
Mary Jane M: Wanted to try. Sep 22, 2014
DeeAnn H: want to try it Sep 20, 2014
Marcia T: to try something new Sep 14, 2014
Natalie P: I saw an advertisement for Manifesto and was curious how it smelled. Aug 29, 2014
Rebecca J: I absolutely love this fragrance. I felt like a goddess when I first sprayed it on me. Aug 21, 2014
Barbara L: Wanted to try it. It,s the only YSN that I',ve not tried. Aug 14, 2014
Laura P: I have never tried this fragrance. Jul 25, 2014
Helen O: Wanted to try something new Jul 22, 2014
sandra b: Curious about the scent Jul 21, 2014
Sis O: Was a sample Jul 11, 2014
Anna F: Because I saw it in a actress magazine Jul 5, 2014
Faith K: Free Sample Jul 2, 2014
Jo Lynn C: This is a fabulous scent. I love it. Jun 28, 2014
songmei q: so good Jun 21, 2014
Fatima C: I love a soft scent and this fragrance is amazing Jun 19, 2014
Nevine M: no reason May 29, 2014
Tracy P: Such a wonderful scent! I'm a Marriott GM and get many compliments each day! Nov 23, 2013
Verena E: Free gift with purchase. Jun 4, 2013

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