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L'Homme Libre

Limited Edition Art Collection

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Edition Art L'Homme

Magnetism & Charisma

  Yves Saint Laurent prepared special bottles and packages for its three fragrances under the collection of Yves Saint Laurent Edition Art. This is done in collaboration with the famous Norwegian artist Gardar Eide Einarsson. The artist hopes that the owners of these editions will experience them as something between scents and small works of art:

"I think these limited edition flacons can be considered as halfway between fragrances and works of art. For most men, it will just be their usual fragrance, but I think it could also have a secondary function, like a sort of miniature sculpture."

A more dynamic graphic and a vibrant blue symbolize the reach for freedom.

A woody aromatic fragrance where Basil and Violet Leaves bring a touch of nature in the middle of a woody masculine, sexy accord.


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Limited Edition Art Collection

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