La Nuit De L'Homme Eau De Toilette Spray

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La Nuit De L'Homme Eau De Toilette Spray

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A Fresh Oriental fragrance, made of tensions and olfactory clashes, for a darkly handsome man who sweeps away everything in their path. A night full of promises...




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La Nuit De L'Homme Eau De Toilette Spray
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Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Store asked: Why did you choose this?
mayra b: my boyfriend loves it! Dec 18, 2014
Jeanne W: Type of fragance my husband would wear. Dec 14, 2014
Porfirio G: Gift for my son Dec 12, 2014
Jessica R: Love the smell! Dec 7, 2014
david d: My brother had it and I thought it was awesome. I like it very much. Dec 1, 2014
Lance O: Great reviews Nov 28, 2014
Colin L: So I can smell like a walking legend. Nov 24, 2014
Ernesto R: I've been hearing a lot of good things about this cologne and i thought it was about time i tried it out Nov 1, 2014
Austin H: I have heard numerous good things about this fragrance around the Internet and wanted to add this "God of fragrances" to my collection Oct 29, 2014
julius o: Sexy, seductive, awesome Oct 7, 2014
Rebekah S: This cologne is my absolute favorite for my boyfriend and he loves it too. We may never buy another fragrance. Sep 29, 2014
Brad P: Ladies love it Sep 11, 2014
Joel W: Reviews Aug 4, 2014
shannon l: I love the smell. If it wouldn't of been in the magazine I would of never heard if it Aug 1, 2014
cheryl t: Best smelling men's cologne on the market!!! Jun 23, 2014
Oshine N: Amazon reviews Jun 22, 2014
Carol H: Love the smell on my husband May 25, 2014
Mike B: Its an awesome scent, many compliments from others Mar 22, 2014
jim w: because of a sample fragrance Jan 16, 2014
Mary P: We received a sample of cologne and my husband liked it---so samples do work Dec 15, 2013
Pamela F: My nephew was looking for a different type of cologne other than AXE and this is one which I liked the scent of. Dec 9, 2013
sidney j: love the smell Dec 8, 2013
Lemond A: This is for me because my wife liked the scent Dec 5, 2013
Taylor A: Smelled a sample in Maxum magazine Dec 5, 2013
Laura B: Because you did not have the set I bought before and my son likes it. Dec 2, 2013
john v: Female Request Nov 29, 2013
Yosef A: I always use this product, I like the good smell and the good feeling when i use it Oct 13, 2013
Eleith M: I heard such wonderful things about this cologne/spray I decided to get it as a gift for my son-in-law.

I am sure he will like it.
Sep 24, 2013
joseph c: I liked the smell of the fragerance. Nice smell, very different but manly and with upscale scent about it Sep 16, 2013
Anwar A: I have on Jul 25, 2013
Emily I: It was in my People magazine and the smell of this stuff is AMAZING! I can't wait for my husband to smell like this! Jun 14, 2013
Parker S: My ex-girlfriend got this for me for Christmas last year, and since we broke up, I've gotten compliments from every woman I've gotten close to. If the women love it on me, then I love wearing it. Jun 13, 2013
Timothy E: Received brosure in the mail Jun 7, 2013
Tia D: yum! Love it! Mar 28, 2013
Detrick H: smelled good in magazine Feb 26, 2013
L. David W: Because I have L'Homme and like it. Feb 5, 2013
Pete B: i find the aroma attractive & have had numerous positive remarks Jan 21, 2013
pamela k: sample in magazine Dec 19, 2012
Thomas M: It smells good. Dec 14, 2012
Bj k: Great scent is great. Dec 8, 2012
Eric A: I've always enjoyed Yves Saint Laurent products! You can always expect good quality! Sep 30, 2012
nicolas g: Read lots of reviews, this one seemed to stand out as clean and enjoyable to wear. Aug 30, 2012
John H: It smells amazing and the ladies love it! :) Aug 21, 2012
AJ M: It was based upon reviews and acquiring sample, which lead to a compliment and Que Sera, Sera. Jun 26, 2012
JOHN W: My only cologne I will ever wear. Females love the smell of it, it drives their senses wild. Jun 24, 2012
Bewketu A: I like their other fragrances May 11, 2012
Sule W: as a gift Apr 9, 2012
Allen L: Add and sample scent was In a magazine. Impressive scent. What I want to wear. Mar 8, 2012
Lauralee M: Makes my boyfriend smell AMAZING!!! He absolutly loves it! It's something that we can both agree on! Mar 5, 2012
Donnel D: Love the frangrance because it last long Mar 4, 2012
Lynda C: Christmas gift for the boyfriend. I liked the smell. However, he does not use it often at all. I assume it's not up to his taste. Feb 21, 2012
A shopper asked: What is the English translation of La Nuit De L'Homme? Jul 27, 2013
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Eric A: The Night of the Man!! Jul 27, 2013
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Ali D asked: To YSL what happen to the 6.7 ounce bottle? Dec 29, 2013
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JOHN W: idk, but I just buy the larger bottle cause I absoultly love the reactions I get from wearing it. Dec 30, 2013
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A shopper asked: Hi, I was just wondering if this fragrance would be suitable to wear during the day? as I'm thinking of buying it for a gift my friend would like this as it is a little sweeter than the original.. May 20, 2012
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Jeffrey W: Hello, I wear both the original and La Nuit. My favorite is certainly La Nuit but I will not wear this fragrance during the day too often. I certainly would not reccomend wearing this fragrance during a warmer afternoon. I experimented once and the fragrance intensified too much with the heat. However, I wear La Nuit anytime I have and evening obligation or dinner. I wear the orginal to work as it is a more suttle fragrance that isn't especially overpowering in the office. May 20, 2012
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Harold M: I love it! And it's good during the day, however if you live in a high humid place, youll sweat it off...hope this helps. May 21, 2012
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yvette B asked: Does the content of La nuit De L'homme comes larger than oz? Feb 8, 2015
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Brian H: Love the smell , there are people come up to ask what do you have on ,than I tell them ! Apr 14, 2015
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Giani Z asked: how to recognize if a YSL perfume is original? Nov 7, 2014
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Jeff P: I too cannot tell Nov 8, 2014
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A shopper asked: is this La Nuit De L'Homme Eau De Toilette Spray the perfume that has vincent cassel signature ? Feb 8, 2013
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Vignesh G: What do you mean by signature ?
Vincent cassel is in the advertisement that features this cologne if thats what your trying to ask.
Feb 8, 2013
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Tyler G asked: What women's perfume would go with this? Sep 13, 2014
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A shopper asked: i d like to have one , what are the conditions for shipping it? Aug 15, 2013
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shafi k asked: Hi
Can you sent this perfume in india? iam intrested to buy La Nuit De L'Homme Eau De Toilette Spray
Thank you
Jan 18, 2013
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A shopper asked: I am a single woman. Smelled this fragrance in a magazine and fell in love with it -- for myself. Would this be too much for a man to smell on me? Jul 27, 2013
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Johann A: That's a tricky question. Everyone's chemistry works differently with different fragrances, so I'd say the best advice would be to get a sample if you can and see what kind of reaction you get.

La Nuit is a little heavier on the woody notes that L'Homme Libre, which is more citrusy and fresh, but the reason I love La Nuit is because it is still fresh and light without being overly heavy and musky.

I have had many female friends, and strangers, compliment me on La Nuit - the last time, it was two older ladies at the theatre, who swore up and down they were going to get it for themselves they loved it so much - no cares about what men might think!
Jul 30, 2013
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Patrick M: La Nuit De L'Homme will smell GREAT on you. Do not be afraid to wear it. The original L'Homme is also beautiful. Yves Saint Laurent will introduce a new flanker to the original L'Homme on August 26th called L'Homme Parfum Intense. You may want to get a sample of this before you make your final decision. Jul 27, 2013
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Mike B: Yes, I believe this is a masculine fragrance. Jul 29, 2013
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Kathy D: I agree with you! This is a fabulous fragrance...very sensual and alluring and yet clean and refreshing. I think it is a perfect fragrance for women as well, but apply with a much lighter touch. Jul 29, 2013
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Pete J: I don't think it would be a problem. I kind of think of the fragrance as a "unsex" fragrance. Jul 27, 2013
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