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La Laque Couture

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La Laque Couture


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New Spring Shade Noir Premitif.

A new generation nail lacquer that’s both elegant and practical is presented in a sleek elongated glass bottle imprinted with the timeless YSL logo. A pantheon of fashion-inspired shades, from subtle and natural to vibrant and dramatic provide a high-shine finish for an instant touch of glamour. Long wear formula with Chil Rose Oil strengthens, moisturizes and protects nails from chipping and cracking. Dries fast and applies evenly without streaking. La Laque Couture is equipped with a new custom-made brush that allows an easy and fast application. The nail lacquer perfectly adheres to the brush that pulls the drop instead of pushing it for a flawless and intense result.


1- Base: Apply one coat of N°30, Base et Top Coat and let dry.
2- La Laque Couture: Apply a first coat of the chosen color and let dry, then apply a second coat.
3- Top coat: Apply a coat of N°30, Base et Top Coat.


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La Laque Couture
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Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Jordan R: Love the gold foil effect and the formula May 9, 2015
Lynn H: Fabulous color, brush and finish. Apr 27, 2015
linda w: The reviews are the best I. Have ever seen for nail polish, lasting a full 5 to 7 days without chipping. Apr 27, 2015
Jingchen L: I like the color Apr 16, 2015
Lauren S: nice sophisticated color. Mar 30, 2015
Christine N: Love the colors Mar 25, 2015
Marian W: My last choice for new Easter make up. It's bright blue. Hopefully Easte
weather will bright blue skies too.
Mar 24, 2015
Ashley P: quality and color Mar 23, 2015
Dorota P: This is the best nail color :)) i love ysl Mar 16, 2015
Katherine D: To get my order up to free shipping Mar 15, 2015
amy p: BEST brush of any of the high-end brands. Staying power exceeds all others. Saturated color like no other, as well. HANDS DOWN BEST POLISH! Mar 7, 2015
Katherine M: Free Gift Mar 2, 2015
NAN W: could be matched with any clothes colors Mar 1, 2015
Alena V: I would like to try it Feb 28, 2015
Reg K: Beautiful color and textures Feb 28, 2015
Sarna D: Latest color statement Feb 20, 2015
Lucie H S: Love the colors Feb 14, 2015
Pia C: Chanukah color! Feb 13, 2015
Anna B: Heard good reviews, liked colors, decided to give it a try Jan 21, 2015
Priscilla S: Looks nice for winter, I love dark nailpolish Jan 15, 2015
Elizabeth R: I picked these colors because they are timeless and classic; and work for all seasons and skin tones. Jan 13, 2015
Tracey B: Love to use the colour, it makes a really unusual French manicure Jan 12, 2015
Ruth W: Good reviews, great colors Jan 11, 2015
ELENA D: because that's the color i'm looking for Jan 3, 2015
Gloria M P: Been looking for a pretty nail polish..since I took off my acrylics I choose to use lighter colors and this one seems really pretty...thank you.. Jan 3, 2015
Shawanna J: A very pretty blue polish.can not wait to see what it looks like in person. Jan 3, 2015
Andrew H: Gift Dec 25, 2014
Connie L: Simply because they match with most of my winter clothes/ color jeans. Dec 14, 2014
tina c: love the color very unusual Dec 7, 2014
Diana M: Beautiful colors and had excellent reviews! Dec 7, 2014
SANDRA B: I have used YSL nail coat in the past and I have found it to be a superior product. Dec 3, 2014
Melodye W: The red color looks like a classic! Nov 28, 2014
hengjie j: Beautiful Nov 27, 2014
Kristen S: Never tried it before. Love the color. Nov 24, 2014
è?? è: It is good color. Nov 19, 2014
Nena L: Yves Saint Laurent # 53 & #52 nail polish is very chic and some thing you will not see on everyones nails but fashion forward.
Nena LaLumia
Nov 18, 2014
Karrie W: Always wanted a red polish, loved the shade of red online so I wanted to try it! Oct 23, 2014
Susan R: I just started using YSL nail polish. Absolutely love it for application and wear. Color was only available on this website. Aug 14, 2014
Mona K: Unique colors & formula is so creamy and long lasting Aug 6, 2014
Philip W: I find that all YSL nail polishes to be of high quality. In particular, their shades of red are quite beautiful! Jul 20, 2014
Catherine R: like ysl nail polish. it was for my pedicure for my wedding! Jul 5, 2014
Sepali V: Beautiful color! Jul 4, 2014
Marina P: Gorgeous color! My friend told me that it wears well. Jul 1, 2014
Nancy M: I got the base because it really makes a difference in the lasting effects of your manicure Jun 30, 2014
ANNE M: like to color - never tried this before Jun 28, 2014
annette b: Love the wider brush to apply polish, takes less time!! Jun 27, 2014
Hillary H: This color is a must for summer! Jun 27, 2014
Di S: Just like it! Jun 24, 2014
Angela H: unique color Jun 21, 2014
Nikole S: needed a new black nail polish. Jun 20, 2014
Gina H: Saw a nice review online and wanted to try it for along time now. Jun 20, 2014
Mary R: I like this delicate pink color, and I like the texture of this polish. Jun 20, 2014
Orly K: Color Jun 14, 2014
suzanne s: fab color! May 28, 2014
Patricia S: Saw it in a magazine May 24, 2014
Dolores G: LOVE YSL nail lacquer! LOVE the color! May 10, 2014
Cathy R: It does not chip even after a week. This is the first polish I could ever say that about. It is worth every penny. May 4, 2014
Sandra G: Love YSL nail polish! Beautiful colors with incredible shine! May 4, 2014
Susan K: Saw the brand and shade recommended in Good Housekeeping Magazine Apr 26, 2014
Anne G: I love the color. Mar 23, 2014
Marina S: best nail polish ever. Good shine and easy to apply. Mar 8, 2014
Niaja S: it gives a good shine to your nails. Mar 6, 2014
Vickie M: It was in the Better Homes and Gardens April 2014 issue! Mar 5, 2014
Lisha P: i lIKE Mar 3, 2014
Lisa K: beautiful color Feb 5, 2014
Irina S: Love it! Jan 14, 2014
Anita B: Glamour magazine Jan 1, 2014
Yachira S: I love the color Dec 26, 2013
Allison C: liked this nude color Dec 1, 2013
SHARON J: I'vd used this product and am very happy with it. I chose to buy another because I think your color selection is wonderful Nov 29, 2013
Leslie L: Trying noir primitif for the first time. Think I'll love the edgy black. Oct 26, 2013
shu w: friend recommended Oct 25, 2013
Michele A: Color! Oct 22, 2013
Eileen M: Loved color. Sep 10, 2013
buzz W: I love this nail polish! It goes on very thinly and evenly so the coats dry quickly, and the brush is perfect. It is a really long lasting formula; I always use YSL for vacation mani/pedis because it lasts! Sep 8, 2013
Huiyu Z: good Aug 24, 2013
Emily: Really love La Laque Couture unique color Aug 23, 2013
Elena N: Like all shades of red Aug 16, 2013
Kristie C: Awesome red for the birthday gift! Aug 5, 2013
Cathy L: My favorite nail polish. Amazing! Jul 31, 2013
Lisa h: Love YSL Nail Lacquer. This color looks pretty. Jun 27, 2013
Cynthia H S: I've been using YLS clear red nail laquer for years! It goes with everything, stays on, and looks very classy. Love it! Cynthia Jun 25, 2013
eppy h: Good quality, pretty, easy to use and quick dry, what more I have to say. Jun 23, 2013
fabiola m: is pretty color Jun 12, 2013
Bing Z: i just wanna try this May 14, 2013
Katrina S: Love this polish (#18) - definitely a must have! May 13, 2013
Carlea D: Purchased Bleu Majorelle and Premiere Niege because they are eye catching colors with high quality formulas. May 10, 2013
Christina C: It looks like snow! May 6, 2013
CINDY N: This polish is exceptional. Ease of application, superior color, classy. May 3, 2013
Sarah Rose F: Its a beautiful top coat and I have been eyeing it for awhile. Apr 25, 2013
Jannette S: I purchased a shimmer to coat because I'm a manicurist and it is beautiful over plain nails or color. Apr 23, 2013
Karen L: I love the fabulous colors for spring from YSL. This purple color will be wonderful for spring and summer. Love the bold colors the best. My granddaughters love them as gifts. Mar 27, 2013
Tianwei H: 18 looks so beautiful Mar 21, 2013
christina s: because i'm fabulous. Mar 21, 2013
rachel n: I love polish and need base colors for my tie dyes! Mar 20, 2013
Grace J: I like the quality of YvesSaint Laurent products.
The colors are beautiful
Mar 6, 2013
Margarita P: I heard a lot about how great the new polishes are and I was looking for the fall color. Khaki Arty was right up my alley - the quality is superb and the color is very original. Feb 4, 2013
Paul R: It is just the right colour for my wifes feet Jan 29, 2013
Theresa D: This is hands down the best nail polish I have ever used ! I usually use Chanel but once I tried this I knew I would buy more. Just wish they had more colors to pick from. I bought the # 24 and the #15. I have not used #24 as it is for summer but the #15 is heavenly shade of pure sophistication. Dec 20, 2012
Yifei C: This color is beautiful Dec 1, 2012
lauren a: It was on 'Ophra's' favorite things list Nov 26, 2012
Hasmik M: gorgeous swatch on google search Nov 22, 2012
Yinghui D: Because it looks gorgeous! Nov 10, 2012
Rose B: Loved the color and had to have it. Oct 28, 2012
Sally K: Color --had something like this in the 1980s! Love the smouldering gilt effect! Oct 26, 2012
Sasha M: I loved Rose Abstract that I purchased at Nordstrom, lovely glossy, long lasting, the best quality I have ever experienced so far. That is why I decided to buy the next color that I need now again from YSL. Oct 19, 2012
Manohar B: I really like the color and never tried nail products from YSL so I wanted to give it a try Oct 17, 2012
Tonya C: fabulous color for summer Aug 7, 2012
Apryle L: The color is so rich and on point! Jul 18, 2012
A shopper asked: Is this lacquer three-free, as in free of the big three toxic chemicals? Sep 26, 2012
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (16) No (2)
Shuofei Y: I think it is...3-free is "No Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde", and 5-free is no "No Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor"..I don't find these ingredients in "what's inside" section, so I assume it is 3-free and 5-free....... Jan 25, 2015
Reply to Shuofei Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
A shopper asked: Are you guys going to sell color Orange Afrique anytime soon? Love this color Jul 26, 2012
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (3) No (0)
GERI M asked: DO THEY NO LONGER MAKE #82 RED?? Feb 20, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (1) No (0)
Apryle L: Bought it in July of 2012- can't find it now! Saw it on ebay... Feb 20, 2013
Reply to Apryle Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
A shopper asked: When are u guys going to get back nail laquer 32? Feb 17, 2014
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Marsha B: Thanks very much for inviting me to answer this question YSL. However, it's not one I am able to answer, since there is no way I could possibly know when you are bringing back a particular color.

You are in a much better position that I am to assist this customer with their query.

If I may suggest it, perhaps you can make this past customer recommendation service more useful by actually reviewing the questions new customers ask before forwarding them to existing customers to be answered.
Feb 17, 2014
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A shopper asked: When is la laque couture spicy collection coming to the stores in usa? Feb 6, 2014
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Michelle M: How would I know this answer? Also, I just bought the nail polish shown; not in 2012. Feb 6, 2014
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A shopper asked: ? Jul 31, 2012
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Angelica L: I found lal laque couture rouge pop art 1 as the best red color for me, needless to say that the quality of the item get 5 out five

thank you
Aug 1, 2012
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A shopper asked: What's the size of this nail polish in oz./ml?
Jul 19, 2012
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YSL B: Hi... the La Laque Couture bottle size is 0.34 fl oz. Jul 26, 2012
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Myra S asked: When is the YSL la laque color collection back in stock ? And how much does it retail for in the US Feb 26, 2014
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Customer Reviews

La Laque Couture

Overall rating

Hello My name is chelle yes I'm a nail polish junkie!!! I tried almost every nail pilosh out there from Chanel,doir ,butter London ,Zola . Nothing was long lasting till I tried your nail pilosh .this is no joke I painted my nails with khaki arty .which is such a great fall/winter color ... But a week later I look down at my nail it didn't chip at all . Super happy I finally found such great nail pilosh !!!! Can't wait to buy more !!!!

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Useful NOT useful 444 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

This is my fifth La Laque Couture nail polish and definitely my favorite shade so far. Bleu Majorelle is as gorgeous on, as it is in the bottle. I only used two coats to achieve a no streak, opaque look. It is a blue that is not too bright or dull, a perfect in between. I always apply a top coat and my manicure lasted a little over a week with very little chipping.

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Useful NOT useful 436 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

this nail polish has a wide brush for easy application. the polish dries quickly and retains a shiny look even without a top coat. the color fidelity is great. you won't have to worry about devoting a lot of time to doing your nails, just to have them get messed up (my usual routine) because the polish goes on evenly and does not take long to dry. your top coat can even wait until the next day. it is absolute perfection!

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Useful NOT useful 445 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

A beautiful gold polish that glides on effortlessly.

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 429 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

Love the new YSL La Laque Couture formula. I was in Las Vegas when I discovered the new formula and bought 5 colors. I noticed the packaging is smaller and $5.00 cheaper than the former packaging. I miss the old packaging. I didn't mind paying more for more product. Nevertheless, the new formula is great and the colors are vibrant and very classy.

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Useful NOT useful 429 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

beige color is the best one i found so far. goes with every outfit . might keep stocking it up until i'm too old to put nail polish on

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Useful NOT useful 449 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

I have been using YSL nail polish since it came out , the colors and wearability are superb like no other, that said I just received the #42 ,47,and 44 , this are some of the most beautiful colors I have seen in my life ,they really are breathtaking, I certainly am going to get more and hopefully will become permanent colors.

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Useful NOT useful 423 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

This is hands down the best nail polish out there. Gorgeous pigments, great wear and fabulous coverage that lasts for a good week if you let the coats dry properly, apply the base/top coat and make sure your nails are clean and dry (not I just washed my hands dry, dry for at least 15 min--and try to avoid touching your face during that time). No chipping, minor wear around the edges, and I cook and bake a lot, so my nails have it rough. Also, they don't get gummy with time. I recently dug out a bottle that I had forgotten in a box when I moved 10 years ago, and believe it or not, the Polish was a smooth and fluid as the day I first used it. Try that with a cheapo brand. Yes, they are expensive, but it's really worth the investment.

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Useful NOT useful 424 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

goes on without any streaks and stays true to color and on my nails for a long time.

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 425 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

I really like this color. Elegant and long lasting

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 411 people find this review useful. Problem with this review