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Kouros Eau De Toilette Spray

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A timeless scent of triumphant masculinity, inspired by iconic Greek sculpture of ideal young manhood. First notes of chypre, coriander and cove exhibit an impetuous spirit yet reserved nature. Manly grace and maturity arrive with refined oakmoss and ambergris… for a warm, inviting presence and classic character.

The Eau de Toilette Spray is available in two sizes.


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Kouros Eau De Toilette Spray
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Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Kalsang L: I love it. I have been wearing it since 20 years May 9, 2015
Wanda G: I bought this years a go at Duty Free in airport in Belgium. Purchased many bottles over several business trips. Have depleted my supply and thank goodness you still have it available. Little more expensive plus the shipping and taxes, but my husband loves it and so do others, especially women. Wanda May 5, 2015
Charles O: Using it for years Apr 26, 2015
Dennis S: I met a girl from London, she bought this for me. I always get compliments. Standing at an exhibit a girl next to me recognized it, complimenting me. I think this fragarence is not over powering, and very flattering. Apr 18, 2015
Meekail A: Best Masculine Smell Apr 1, 2015
Nicolas L: My fever Mar 24, 2015
Mary A: I love this scent, timeless. Mar 15, 2015
Patrick P: Can't find in department stores and don't trust fragrance purchases at a place like Perfumania. Mar 11, 2015
Waqas A: BEAUTY Mar 10, 2015
Greta B: I can not find Kouros in stores anymore and I love this scent on my husband! Mar 4, 2015
PEDRO T: Because it's favorite one Mar 1, 2015
Melody Q: i have been buying this perfume for my brother for the past fifteen years and he is madly in love with with Jan 10, 2015
Jenni C: This is the first man cologne I found that so sexy yet gentle. Others are just ok. I love this one so much. I bought this for my brother since he likes cologne. Jan 4, 2015
marjorie w: My partner uses it for years Jan 4, 2015
Shirley N: My husband loves it and Macy's use to carry it, but not anymore Nov 30, 2014
Dominique D: For my husband Nov 28, 2014
Suthiwanvadee T: Smell that I love. Nov 16, 2014
Kanthicha S: My friend tell me, it good Nov 13, 2014
Steven C: Long term fragrance. 25 yrs Nov 4, 2014
Jose G: this is the best eau de toilette I ever use. I have been using since 1991 Oct 26, 2014
Raymond B: Having been using Kouros since the 1980s. LOVE IT!!! Oct 22, 2014
Art R: Have been using this for decades. Was shocked when could not purchase in stores anymore, but elated when found still sold online. Thanks. Oct 17, 2014
paul t: This is my favorite scent. Oct 17, 2014
Kirk R: I have been wearing Kouros since 1988, and it is a defining scent. A scent of accomplishment, pride, and confidence with a hint of wonderment on what tomorrow may bring. Oct 1, 2014
Ariston O: Classic scent Sep 22, 2014
Oleksii K: I know this product Sep 21, 2014
agnes t: it is product witch work even after 12 hours drinking parrying cleaning a pig house whoever is still working is one of not to many classics stores don't sell it because is to good other cologne you have to spray every 2 hours so kouros is 6 times more effective and off course have one of the best sexy smell thank you ysl Sep 10, 2014
Maria elena S: i have used this essence for many many years i still do not understand why it is not in the regular stores any more (if i ordered from the discount on line outlets they say it is the more frequently ordered clone ) but i am pretty sure it is not the original Sep 8, 2014
shireen z: its nice not too strong male perfume, Sep 5, 2014
JOSE V: it is my favorite perfume for many many years. the best... Jul 3, 2014
Adnan K: Cause of all the great review this product has Jun 30, 2014
Gregory M: I have worn this fragrance for over 30 years! Jun 27, 2014
ivy G: love,love,love this scent Jun 25, 2014
annette b: smells so wonderful a signature fragrance for my Husband Jun 24, 2014
DANIEL M: my favorite fragrance of all time for 26 years. I though it was discontinued and have bought it on ebay. Jun 21, 2014
William F. W: I've used it for 20 to 30 years although I think you changed the formula, to my dismay. Until someone tells me it doesn't suit me, I'll continue. Jun 20, 2014
Edward S: It was the best cologne I ever used for many years. Thanks for bringing it back Jun 12, 2014
Harold B: I have used this love it could not find it. Jun 6, 2014
Matthew H: I've worn this since it very first came out. Even then I still get compliments about what a nice scent it is. There is no better as far as I'm concerned. May 29, 2014
ahmad c: i have used kouros for over 20 years. my father has been using it since the 80s. May 27, 2014
David G: This was my signature cologne in college, I continue to get compliments from others and most importantly... ME!! May 1, 2014
Jose L: Kouros Eau De Toilette is the iconic man's fragrance for me for the past 25+ years. It's subtle sweet upper notes elicits positive comments from both women and men... I hope YSL continues this line of product forever. Thanks. Apr 18, 2014
Norman K: I love this fragrance. Have used it for years. Mar 17, 2014
Daniel S: I have been using Kouros for 29 years. I love it. Feb 28, 2014
Ommar D: I have been using this for more then 10 years now, and I have to say that it is the best spray I have used. The scent lasts for days and is really attracting. a lot of people ask me what I am wearing. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Feb 10, 2014
arnold m: it turns my girl on Feb 7, 2014
Glenda T: This scent is so fresh and manly. I love it when my husband wears it. Dec 16, 2013
lakara s: best mens fragrance ever Dec 15, 2013
fatima a: my husband been using this Eau de toilette for almost 20 years ,and i love it very sweet Eau de toilette ,and provocative . Dec 12, 2013
Mary P: My husband was wearing this fragrance when we first began dating in the late 1980s and I love the smell. It's difficult to find these days, but worth looking for. Smells very masculine, but not overpowering. It's the only fragrance that does not bother my perfume allergies. Dec 4, 2013
Juvenal H: I have been using it for a long time Dec 4, 2013
Celeste W: This is my husband's favorite cologne and I am not able to find it in local stores. Nov 12, 2013
John M: I have used Kouros for years but it is no longer available in any Sacramento store. I have always had very favorable comments from people about the smell. Nov 3, 2013
Darren T: I've been wearing this cologne since 1987 when I was in the military overseas in Turkey. To this day, women love the way I smell but don't know what it is...and I keep it that way. This is my secret! Thanks for this unmatched scent and please do not stop making it. Oct 19, 2013
Billy G: I have been wearing this fragrance for approx. 20 yrs. it's a unique scent and my wife love it. It is getting hard to find in stores except around Xmas time. Also I get a lot of compliments every time I wear it . Oct 15, 2013
Debra F: try something new for my husband Oct 10, 2013
Fatima C: Amazing fragrance for young men Sep 27, 2013
Mohammed A: Good Sep 27, 2013
paul y: My favorite spray Sep 3, 2013
Carlos V: for its good flavor Aug 24, 2013
william p: i love it Aug 23, 2013
Jad K: Good scent hard to find in stores Aug 23, 2013
Maria R: My husband refuse to use another cologne, I am glad I found it. Aug 6, 2013
JOSE V: One of my favorite perfume for 24 years. Aug 5, 2013
KEVIN M: because it's simply the best. never met a lady who didn't love it. Jul 24, 2013
Eric P: Best scent ever made for a man! Jun 25, 2013
gotowa a: this is the best of men spray ever Jun 16, 2013
darrell d: have been using this product for 20 years and will use nothing else Jun 14, 2013
Jill F: I love the smell as well as my husband. They are no longer selling it in the stores in our area. Every woman that has smelled my husband with it on has also loved it May 29, 2013
Nick R: This was my father's favorite cologne. May 20, 2013
Anthony W: I have always liked Kouros Apr 25, 2013
Andrew T: As a young man growing up in Europe, I wore this fragrance for many years. I moved on to new fragrances and perfume houses as I grew older. However, this is still an amazing scent. Strong, analimalic and smoky incense. It's a great fragrance and it reminds me of Europe. If you love scent, L'Homme by YSL and Kouros are two worth having a bottle in your collection. Apr 21, 2013
karawa j: BEST EVER Apr 18, 2013
Carol C: Everyone that meets my husband (the ladies that is) always tell me how wonderful he smells. He has been using Kouros for years, it's the only scent he will wear. Apr 14, 2013
Mark G: This is my all time favorite and I can not find it in any store. What you do find are fakes and they do not smell the same. Apr 4, 2013
George J: used years ago and still like. Apr 4, 2013
John T: It is my favorite. Apr 1, 2013
Etta T: It is a very pleasing scent. Very huggable! Mar 28, 2013
Karen L: I love this fragrance on my husband. There just is not any other fragrance quite like this, and it is very hard to find in stores. It just melts my heart everytime he wears this fragrance. Love it, and cannot say enough great things about it. Mar 27, 2013
Mary Lou B: I have loved this smell since it was Eau Savage Mar 26, 2013
JACKIE B: Only cologone my husband uses and has used for the 19 years we have been married. Mar 19, 2013
wannida p: My daddy love this Mar 18, 2013
Rebecca W: Long time favorite! Mar 17, 2013
karawa j: This is my all time spray but it got missing from the website for a while. Feb 11, 2013
Daniel S asked: Please start selling the original cologne, do you all agree? Mar 31, 2014
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Ali M: Yup Apr 16, 2014
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Ali M asked: Ali mahmood..
I want that old chrome shoulder and bottom back..
I love that fragrance.
Ive been using this for the last 15 years.. I want it back??
Apr 15, 2014
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Andrew T: Your not alone there, I have a hard time finding the original Kouros, been using it for years and although the new formulation is ok, it's not the same. Apr 16, 2014
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Mohammed A: ur talking about Body kouros, it's the same now but they changed the bottle.

Apr 19, 2014
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Ali M: No,, I'm not talking about the bottle only,,
They have changed the fragrance as well as the bottle...
I bought it 3 months ago,, and the fragrance in being changed May 24, 2014
John T: The bottle with white shoulders and bottom is the same fragrance. Apr 15, 2014
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A shopper asked: The Old Kouros (Vintage) are better then new Kouros. Why YSL? Nov 4, 2013
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Mark G: The old was a different smell the second is close but when I use the old people always told me how great I smell. It says a lot when the dry cleaners say they love doing my shirts.since the early 80's I've used nothing but kouros it would great to see it back. Nov 11, 2013
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Andrew T: I understand why a lot of perfume houses dialed down there formulas as tastes do change over time. I agree with you that the original formula was better, I would prefer a bottle of the old formulation as it had a much more "character". This new formulation is dialed down a lot, but is still good. I have always have a bottle around, but I am always on the lookout for one of the old formulations on ebay or whenever I go shopping.

All in all though, it's still a good purchase.
Nov 15, 2013
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d j asked: why don't you bring back kouros fraicheur?…it is incredibly popular and when I was able to use it in the past, I ALWAYS was asked what I was wearing by both men and women.

Mar 1, 2014
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Rich M asked: I have been using Kouros cologne for over 40 years. I recently purchased a bottle of Kouros and was disappointed in that I believe the formula has changed. Has anyone else experienced a change with their Koouros?. .Please let me know of your experiences. Aug 26, 2014
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Urbano L: Dear customer
I had a similar issue when I purchased a bottle at a store at a mall and the product was a counter fit did not smell at all like it is suppose to, so I complaint to the mall's management office and got my money back so then proceeded to order directly on line from the Ives saint laurent oficial web site and was very happy I did! Product was wonderful as always. Hope this helps.
Aug 27, 2014
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Rich M: Thanks urbano Aug 27, 2014
Naisha S: Hi. I purchased this cologne for my boyfriend. He also has been wearing this same cologne for decades and has stated that he believes that it is different from packaging to scent.

Hopes this helps.
Aug 26, 2014
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David G: I did not notice a change in formula since my recent purchase in May 2014, although I continue to receive plenty of compliments for Kouros. Aug 27, 2014
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Daniel S: Yes it is entirely changed. I am very disappointed. Aug 27, 2014
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Jose A asked: hi i've heard about the so called reformulated Kouros. Is what they're selling here the reformulated ones?
These are supposedly the ones without the silver on the shoulder and bottom. And if these are the new version, how's the scent itself?
Apr 21, 2013
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Andrew T: These are the new ones, the picture is misleading. Its less intense compared to the Original, however, I find the new formulation is still very good and wear it daily. Sep 27, 2013
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gene m: This is the classic Kouros, they have had other versions in the past. Eau de sport, Eau fraichier and body. This is the best! Hard to find in stores! Jun 3, 2013
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gene m: This new one with the white shoulder is the new formula. Not as rich as the original. My comment above is based on the original. Feb 12, 2015
Inamul H: I juss love this amazing fragrance... No one dare to compare with ysl kouros...!!! Jun 22, 2013
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Parfume: Old are better Nov 4, 2013
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A shopper asked: Is the item sold in fact the 2YF02-2 formulation?
This "2YF02-2" would be listed at the end of the ingredients on the back of the box, following ISOEUGENOL.
It would also be distributed under the name "Yves Saint Laurent Parfums", & not "YSL Beaute"

Most importantly does the bottle itself look identical to the photo? Or is this the new L'Oreal formulation that is missing the chrome shoulders and base plate?

Thank you for your help!
Sep 1, 2013
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Eric P: No it is not the formula and Yes it is missing the chrome shoulder and base! Sep 1, 2013
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gotowa a: This product is the best everybody asking me about this and like to know what's the name of it Sep 1, 2013
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Andrew T: It's not the old formula, and the image is misleading. Sep 27, 2013
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William B.: Thank you very much!!! I really appreciate your help!! Sep 1, 2013
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Thomas K: Yes. The ingredients list "2YF02-3" The bottle looks identical with the chrome base and cap. And it is listed as a YvesSaintLaurent product. Sep 1, 2013
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A shopper asked: did you change the formula it is not the same it fade in one hour??? Aug 13, 2014
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manuel d: The shopper us correct! The formula as been changed drastically! Aug 13, 2014
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Andrew T: It's different to the original formula and not as robust as it used to be. It's still a good fragrance though, less body to my mind. I prefer the original, but it's still good. Aug 13, 2014
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Adnan K: Not happy at all Aug 13, 2014
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Ralph M: Loved it Aug 13, 2014
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A shopper asked: Is this the original Kouros or is this a reformulation? If reformulation, how does it compare? May 17, 2014
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Cathy D: If it is a refoemulation I sure can't tell. It smells and wears like the original May 18, 2014
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Carol C: Smells the same. May 18, 2014
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John T: Original. May 26, 2014
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Andrew T: The image is misleading, this isn't the original formulation.

I bought a bottle fairly recently and in my mind it's still the kouros I remember, although it's not as full bodied as it used to be and I would love to get an old bottle in, but if you love Kouros, its still a great scent.
May 17, 2014
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Jonathan A: I don't know for sure but it does seem slightly different.
I don't know that I like it quite as much but it's still one of my two favorite colognes.
May 18, 2014
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L. Thomas asked: Yes, PLEASE BRING BACK KOUROS FRAICHUER!! I had SOOOOOO many people hooked on it and/or introduced them to this cologne and it was ridiculous the amount of people who ALWAYS asked what I was wearing. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don't you re-introduce this special awesome cologne? Apr 12, 2015
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Darren T: I've been wearing this cologne since I first purchased it in Turkey while in the military. There has never been a fragrance more distinct and pleasing to women.
The current version is not as concentrated as the original but this is by far one of the best....please continue to make this and bring back the concentrated mix.
Apr 12, 2015
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Donny S: I have worn this exclusively for about 20 years. Always positive reactions. Apr 13, 2015
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Maria elena S: We second mr lyton's request Apr 14, 2015
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John M asked: Where can Kouros be purchased iin the Sacramento area? Oct 12, 2013
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Cathy D: The only place I have found to buy kouros is online. My father has worn it for years and I have combed Houston. I have only found it from Ives st Laurent. Oct 13, 2013
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John T: I live in Texas and I have to buy it on line Nov 7, 2013
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mithu m: try ULTA Beauty Store Oct 12, 2013
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A shopper asked: Does the current reformulation of kouros still have oakmoss in it? Jan 18, 2015
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Andrew T: It's still listed as an ingredient, it may be toned down due to the fact that it's commonly seen as a alergen. Most perfumes recomend toning it down to around 1% so it complies with IFRA regulations. If they use the synthetic version where the offending molecule is removed. Synthetic can go to 5% generally. Considering the ingredients say "extact" I would make the assumption it's not the synthetic and probably around the 1% mark.

However, I am no chemist and don't work for YSL, so this is a guess at best. Hope it answers your question though.
Feb 5, 2015
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Billy G: No! The fragrance has significantly changed. I will no longer purchase this again. Jan 18, 2015
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A shopper asked: ive recently bought a new eau de toilette spay but bottle does not have the ead de toilette printed above the yves name at bottom is this a fake ? Feb 22, 2015
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gotowa a: Is not fake Feb 22, 2015
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Ron P asked: does this cologne smell of a light nature more of a summer smell of you will then the other that is too heavy ? Dec 11, 2013
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Martyns K: You could say that it smells more of A classic and funky work of art, actually long lasting work of ART…I am not good at describing things but can only say that it is a totally original smell depending on the person.…as to me it means CLASS, CONTROL and something that announces your presence. I have been sold since the 80’s…LOL…
One more thing, your body chemistry plays a huge factor in how a scent will smell on you. Just know that one scent does not always smell the same on everyone...

Good Luck...
Dec 13, 2013
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Jennifer F asked: The formula has changed for this cologne, and the newer formula doesn't smell as good. Do you have any of the original available? Feb 14, 2015
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Gregg S asked: i just polished off 6.6 FL OZ. of Kouros. Can I get exact replacement size? Feb 28, 2014
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Customer Reviews

Kouros Eau De Toilette Spray

Overall rating

I found KOUROS in 1986 and have tryed many other colones and always go back to KOUROS! There is nothing smelling better or lasting longer to me out there period. My wife melts every time!

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Useful NOT useful 40 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

Since my days in the military during the 80's, this has been the one scent that drove women crazy. One smell you will be remembered forever!!!

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Useful NOT useful 8 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

I have been using this since the 80's and always get compliments. The cleaners tells me that everyone loves the smell of my shirts when they arrive for cleaning and pressing. Will never use anything else.

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Useful NOT useful 68 people find this review useful. Problem with this review


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Useful NOT useful 65 people find this review useful. Problem with this review

Timeless although for a lot of people a forgotten classic. Kouros has been one of my main scents since it came out in the 80's. It has a powerful and distinctive scent. Ranging from animal musk to sweet incense. Don't miss out on this classic.

Review is:

Useful NOT useful 65 people find this review useful. Problem with this review