Forever Youth Eye Serum

Forever Youth Eye Serum

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Forever Youth Eye Serum
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Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Carla J: Did not like the other choices May 17, 2015
Lana M: To take care of fine lines around my eyes. May 16, 2015
Kathleen B: Wanted to try! May 10, 2015
Jean L: I believe the YSL eye serum is the highest end in dark circle care. May 10, 2015
Delma V: because i'm 47 years old, and I think its going to work and make me look beautiful :) May 7, 2015
GAIL S: didnt want perfume May 5, 2015
Kuniko V: I want to purchase this, and sample allows me to see if it will work Apr 29, 2015
Maricela T: Always interested in a youthful eye! Apr 28, 2015
pj e: Not another fragrance that I wanted, I would have like fragrance but not opium. Apr 28, 2015
Xiang L: I would like to buy some skin care products. Apr 27, 2015
Charles O: First try Apr 26, 2015
Victoria D: I hope it helps my aging eyelids. Apr 26, 2015
Alma B: I am getting of the age where my eyes are needing some help. I feel like a YSL product just might be the one to help me. Apr 21, 2015
Gabriela H: Want to try new product. Apr 20, 2015
mari b: Thought I would try it Apr 8, 2015
Nanette W: I would like to diminish the dark circles under my eyes! Apr 7, 2015
Cynthia A: Works very well for the eyes. Apr 6, 2015
Debbie W: I thought it might help the puffiness of eyes. Apr 5, 2015
Jane H: need it Apr 3, 2015
Grace J: I'm starting to see lines around my eyes Apr 2, 2015
Barbara H: Interested in eye products Mar 30, 2015
Karen W: To try it Mar 29, 2015
Ran Z: Heard of it Mar 28, 2015
Ann L B: Eye serum is so important for. Mature skin! Mar 27, 2015
Caroline D: Takes away the dark circles. Mar 26, 2015
Paula V: wanted to try it Mar 25, 2015
Marian W: baggy eyes Mar 24, 2015
Elizabeth P: it really helps to keep your eyes looking young Mar 20, 2015
Cynthia C: Circles, dark under eyes hope it will help. Mar 19, 2015
Margo A E: to see if it will improve overall health of complexion Mar 18, 2015
LISA S: need to look younger. Mar 18, 2015
Soleck M: I would like to try if this works, in the event I like to purchase it later. Mar 15, 2015
Carol I: Needed something for the circles under my eyes and I hope it works Mar 14, 2015
Lisa B: I'm anxious to try it Mar 14, 2015
Linda K: To try it out Mar 3, 2015
James L: Want to try Mar 2, 2015
Alena V: Would like to try it Feb 28, 2015
Sumitra T: Would like to try the eye serum Feb 27, 2015
Verlene T: I'm starting to see visible signs of aging under my eyes, and I'd like to find a lightweight serum to reduce puffiness and firm. Feb 26, 2015
Kristina O: Interested in trying youth serum Feb 24, 2015
Kathleen J: Fine lines under eyes. Feb 20, 2015
Charlene M: see how compares to currently used products Feb 16, 2015
Kirti S: Want to try how effective it is, since i have a super dry skin.... Feb 13, 2015
Alba F: im looking for a good eye age treatment Feb 13, 2015
Karen P: Wanted to try a new eye serum because I am currently looking for a new product. Feb 4, 2015
Cydney B: undereyes getting dark & puffy Feb 3, 2015
Tehnia A: Wanted to try this. Feb 1, 2015
Patricia C: Every woman needs this for her eyes! This really works for your eyes. Feb 1, 2015
Brita B: Would like to try. Feb 1, 2015
Jennifer D: Wanting to try Jan 31, 2015
Ashley B: I wanted to try it Jan 31, 2015
Sheila B: Wanted to try it Jan 31, 2015
Jill L: Just wanted to try Jan 30, 2015
Feroza A: I wanted to try a new eye serum, and YSL seldom disappoints so I am looking forward to trying it. Jan 28, 2015
Donna G: Would like to try. Jan 26, 2015
Jiahui L: Want to try before purchasing Jan 23, 2015
Agustin C: I wanted my mother to try this. Jan 21, 2015
MaryAnn H: I don't have any lines around my eyes but I like to keep them hydrated - & since I had the opportunity to try this as a gift I took it Jan 14, 2015
Bonnie K: try it out Jan 13, 2015
Janice J: I am looking for a good eye serum. I thought I would try this. Jan 11, 2015
Irina K: Love to try new things. Jan 8, 2015
Yukiko M: Heard good things about it and want to give it a try. Jan 8, 2015
BJ K: I like this product Jan 5, 2015
Patricia C: Anything that might make me look younger is a blessing...I thought I would try this. Jan 4, 2015
R L: by luck was investigating new eye treatments. have high hopes for a new go-to treatment Jan 2, 2015
BERTHA V: It helps with puffiness I love it! Jan 1, 2015
Margrit M: want to try Dec 18, 2014
Connie L: After hitting age 30. women starts to look old from her eye area. Dec 14, 2014
isangozi o: Sample it. Dec 11, 2014
Kate C: Like serums Dec 10, 2014
Yosie D: Need an eye treatment that works wonder Dec 8, 2014
Tina S: want to try Dec 8, 2014
Beverly: I haven't purchased this product bc of the cost. I've been able to get samples to use. Great product. Dec 8, 2014
Gerry C: My wife wanted to try it. Dec 7, 2014
Yi H: Chinese fashion magazine Dec 5, 2014
å®?æ½? è: Good Dec 4, 2014
Sara T: Getting crows feet Dec 3, 2014
april s: wanna try it Dec 3, 2014
Ruben P: for my wife Dec 2, 2014
Lucy R: Have tried before and I liked it. Dec 2, 2014
linda c: As i age the skin under my eyes seems dryer and more fragile, I wanted to try and eye product to see if I like it. Dec 1, 2014
junghee l: I wanna try Dec 1, 2014
Elizabeth H: I read good reviews on this product & I wanted to try it Dec 1, 2014
Mary L: always looking for good eye cream. Dec 1, 2014
PANYUWEN S: I LIKE Nov 30, 2014
Shirley A: I'm always looking for a good eye cream so I thought this would be worth a try. Nov 29, 2014
David K: Random choice. Nov 29, 2014
Stephen P: Free Nov 29, 2014
xiaolu z: like Nov 26, 2014
Hope P: I am 70 years old, and my eyes need this product. Nov 25, 2014
Jun L: want to try it out Nov 25, 2014
Xiaoling L: curious about it Nov 25, 2014
Meiling z: I want try it Nov 24, 2014
Jeannine T: Wanted t try and see if made a difference to the eyes Nov 23, 2014
sandra b: want to try it out Nov 23, 2014
Mark G: Trying get rid of dark circles and puffiness. Nov 23, 2014
angelina t: I would like to try this eye serum and see how it works since it is a free sample. Nov 21, 2014
Christine A: keep eyes young -trial the product Nov 21, 2014
Dan W: good cream Nov 20, 2014
Janet V: I'm getting old Nov 20, 2014
Tiffany D: I am looking for eye cream Nov 20, 2014
Azra T: Dark circles Nov 20, 2014
Yuanjun Z: just try Nov 20, 2014
Osmara L: want to try Nov 16, 2014
Suthiwanvadee T: Want to try. Nov 16, 2014
Cynthia N: Fine lines around eye area . Nov 8, 2014
Nichola D: Always interested in a good eye serum, good to take on a short trip. Sep 7, 2014
MaryLou C: Searching for a good product. Aug 19, 2014
Pam F: Always wanting that miracle skincare. Can't wait for it! Jul 28, 2014
Judy S: No particular reason Jul 3, 2014
Lisa L: I wanted to try this out. Jun 27, 2014
TAO B: good Jun 21, 2014
Mary S: To try it. May 27, 2014
caroline c: Wanted to try it. May 13, 2014
Frances H: to try it Apr 19, 2014
Rebecca S: Took a chance Apr 13, 2014
Patricia P: I need to address wrinkles around my eye and wanted to give this a try! Jan 30, 2014
Susan K: Changes in the area around my eyes and I want to see if this will help. Jan 19, 2014
Donna A: I'm old, and my eyes are not what they used to be. Jan 18, 2014
KANYAMART E: I want to try to use it Jan 15, 2014
Denise B: I am trying this line so why not have a sample, as well? Jan 9, 2014
Patricia A: I am not familiar with this product, but want to try it. Dec 13, 2013
Julie T: Great for skin tone Nov 25, 2013
Rosemary S: Wanted to try this again. Nov 23, 2013
Chun W: Want to give it a try Nov 22, 2013
Taryn D: Gift Nov 18, 2013

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Forever Youth Eye Serum

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