Belle D'Opium Eau De Parfum Spray

Eau de Parfum Spray

Belle D'Opium Eau De Parfum Spray

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The new addiction by Yves Saint Laurent. A mysterious woman, a powerful and unsettling seductress, ingenuous but dangerous. Her perfume is a bewitching and luminous new Oriental fragrance. An overdose of rare and precious ingredients: Casablanca Lily, Incense, Jasmine Absolute. 

Nargileh Accord
Heart of Peach note
Casablanca Lily

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Belle D'Opium Eau De Parfum Spray
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Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Store asked: Why did you choose this?
debra w: i first bought this perfume on a cruise and i love it. i use it for special occasions, or when i want to feel special. May 15, 2015
Sandra G: It's one of my favorite perfumes and it was not available for so long I'm very excited May 11, 2015
Virginia B: I wanted to try a new version of Opium. I've been using Opium for a very long time. Not disappointing either. May 2, 2015
Melissa P: I have been a Opium user for over 20 years and like when a new version comes out ....It has not disappointed me yet" Apr 28, 2015
loulo a: it's My Favorite and i like it . Apr 9, 2015
Karen W: I love the Opium fragrance, and hoping this one is just as nice. Mar 29, 2015
Marie F: I have tried out the sample to see how the scent would change on my skin. I found it as a great match and I love the beautiful scent, not too sweet, not too obnoxious. So I chose this fragrance. Dec 29, 2014
Kathryn S: tried a sample and it is lovely Dec 20, 2014
Bernadette M: i love this perfume the smell is full of seductive notes Dec 16, 2014
Olivia I: Momma's favorite! Dec 16, 2014
Corey S: liked the scent Dec 2, 2014
Rhonda M: Because I have been using Opium for 30 years now, I decided to venture and try a new scent. I have never been disappointed by Yve Saint Laurent. Dec 2, 2014
Elena g: Tried it in a sample at an airport duty free and loved it. Feminine, sophisticated and sexy Nov 28, 2014
Mary Alice H: I have used this for 2 years and I love it. I always get compliments when I have it on. Please don't discontinue this fragrences. Nov 23, 2014
sepideh h: I love the bottle and the perfume. Nov 22, 2014
Heidi W: I've been using this perfume for one year now, and cannot find another one as good as this one! Nov 10, 2014
Anjanee p: I LOVE IT Oct 26, 2014
EvaMaria J: I went yesterday to the military shop were I buy my perfumes and they told me that this perfume were not on sale anymore, is my Favorite Fragrance since I tried it in 2011, so I made a search online to be available to get the perfume with the idea that if it was discontinued at least enjoy the fragrance once again for the time the bottle last. I love this perfume because is so different from others. Some time ago I lived in Germany and the first thing I did was buy a bottle of this perfume. Oct 23, 2014
Eileen R: I just love it! The scent is soft and subtle and it lingers. Sep 29, 2014
Reg K: Enjoyed the scent Sep 1, 2014
Poonam B: I love the smell of this fragrance. It stimulate my brain and body! I am surprised that this is not widely available. Aug 21, 2014
Toni T: My absolute favorite fragrance since they changed Opium several years ago. I receive more compliments about how great I smell!!!!!! I have also turned more people on to Belle since they love the way it is on me!!!!!!!!! Aug 20, 2014
Reg K: Love the scent Aug 9, 2014
Laura P: This is a beautiful fragrance. I like the original but this is one of the few flankers that I prefer over the original. It really can stand on it's own. This one should NOT be discontinued. Jul 25, 2014
Katarzyna G: i love it and price is good Jul 17, 2014
Maureen O: Great scent Mar 1, 2014
Silvia O: I like me. Feb 17, 2014
Maria C: It was included on a Christmas List. We do not want the auto replenishment Jan 2, 2014
Everett C: My daughter told me my wife liked it. Dec 11, 2013
Cheryl P: This perfume drives my husband wild! Dec 7, 2013
Melinda W: Like the smell! Dec 2, 2013
Susan F: I wear Opium almost every day. It will always be my favorite, but I would like to have some other YSL fragrances to enjoy. Oct 8, 2013
Tamiko K B: this is my ultimate scent! no one carries up here and they say that it's been discontinued. I almost cried! i am so glad i can purchase this online!! Oct 3, 2013
Angela B: I discovered this scent last year and fell in love with it! However, it is difficult to find so that's why I ordered it from this site directly. I'm so glad I did. Sep 8, 2013
Margo D: Love the fragrance! Jul 20, 2013
Pauline E: I really didn't care to much for this one on me,,,it smelt manly Jul 19, 2013
Cynthia B: I am back to using this fragrance as the Manifesto does not last. This fragrance lasts for days, especially on clothing, which is a definite plus. I am also re-ordering the body cream as Manifesto does not have that option. Jun 9, 2013
Sheryl L: I wanted to try another YSL fragrance. Mar 30, 2013
Barbara C: Again, my daughter liked mine so well, I decided to get some for her. Feb 8, 2013
YING J: i looked for this perfume for a long time, one day found in norstream, very great gracefull smell. Nov 26, 2012
Tracy P: I received this fragrance as a sample and loved it!! It make me feel sexy which in turn maked me behave differently. Attracting the attention of a certain hubby the first day I tried it. I looked in the mall stores for this but they didn't have it. Thank you online service!!
You rock!
Nov 21, 2012
David B: My wife has always liked Opium perfume and wants to try this product. Nov 9, 2012
Margaret C: Reviews. I have never tried this scent- I hope its as good as the claims. Sep 26, 2012
Tara C: Fantastic Winter fragrance. Very rich and sensual, my absolute winter favorite, makes you feel and smell rich! Complicated notes of fragrance, yet simply warm and sexy and inviting. A must try.... Sep 20, 2012
Patrick W: To try another product by Yves Saint Laurent. Sep 11, 2012
Carolann A B: I like it! Jun 15, 2012
Melissa B: I tried a spritz on at the Mall of Millenia s Neiman Marcus this first spritz I did not care for the fragrance at all....however, 30 minutes later I was surrounded by a scent that very nearly transported me to a beautiful afternoon! Jun 9, 2012
Margaret P: just because is the best perfume fragrance so far !! Jun 9, 2012
Patricia G: I was given a sample when I purchased another YSL product and I loved it. It's hard to find now! May 10, 2012
Barbara C: Also gift for daughter who loves the fragrance Apr 13, 2012
Karen S: First time to try and was curious. So far I like it alot. Mar 29, 2012
Bette S: I admired the scent on someone else. Mar 25, 2012
lavena m: got a free sample of this in my last order and it smells great so i am ordering it today Mar 18, 2012
Beth A: This parfum is amazing! I always liked the smell of the original Opium but could never wear the scent on me. However, with this one It has more of a floral/sweet scent that isn't quite as heavy as Opium. Feb 23, 2012
Betina Nokleby asked: Why shops are informing that this product Belle D'Opium will be discountinuate?
Is this true? I would like to buy all items in the word!!!!!! It's SOOOOOO GOOD, oh.....
Can I still buy it on line with you yslbeautyus??
Betina Nokleby
Mar 28, 2013
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A shopper asked: Are this fragrances made in France or US??
Im interested in Belle Opium.. If it says made in FRANCE
No, it is not the same.. Made in France is the "real" thing.. Beleive me.. There is a huge difference!!
Oct 7, 2014
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A shopper asked: do you also have this in a travel size? Apr 28, 2012
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Barbara C: I am not sure what size you refer to as a travel size. However I bought one 1.6 oz size for myself at home, but another recently, a 1 oz. size for my daughter (who loves it) and plans to take it with her on an overseas trip in a week from now. She apparently considers that a travel-OK size since it meets airline standards for bottles etc. If you are looking for something the size of a lipstick tube or there-abouts, only YVESS can help you with that. I hope I was of some help. BRC Newberry Florida Apr 28, 2012
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Charlotte F: Yes, it comes in a travel size in a gold case to fit in your purse. Apr 30, 2012
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connie b: no i did not buy this in travel size.
Apr 29, 2012
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mohammed a: how can i make order Jun 21, 2012
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A shopper asked: how different is this from the regular Opium I have bought? Aug 23, 2012
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LINDA S: Belle D'Opium has a distinct scent that's very different from Opium. Opium is heavier and I tend to use it more in the winter. I like them both. Aug 24, 2012
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Suzanne R: very different. much more of a white floral scent than the original Opium. Aug 23, 2012
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A shopper asked: did anyone got god reviews? Oct 15, 2014
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Ludmila K: Yes, amazing perfume!! I get compliments on this sexy, smoky scent all the time. Get it while it's in production. Love YSL fragrances, still need to get Parisienne. Oct 15, 2014
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A shopper asked: Is there a small carry around size? Jun 20, 2014
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Betina Nokleby: Sorry, but I couldn't understand your question. You want to know if the small size is good for carry on? It's a great size, i had a few already and is perfect. An enigmatic arome that i love it. And for sure at home I have always the big size.
Hope i could help you with the info.
Betina Nokleby
Jun 20, 2014
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carol d asked: do you still carry the original opium? Dec 3, 2012
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mohammed a asked: how can i make order to qatar? Jun 21, 2012
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Customer Reviews

Belle D'Opium Eau De Parfum Spray

Overall rating

This version of Opium is my favorite. It's sexy, sultry, but still appropriate to wear everyday anywhere. I wish they would bring the shower gel back. I like to layer my fragrances and that made for a great base.

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I just love it now it one of my favorites.

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Bell D'opium - absolutely wonderful! Always receive compliments when I wear it. Question - Can a talc or powder be made in this fragrance? That would definitely add to it's wonderfulness!!!

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